Thursday, June 30, 2005

A Holiday Weekend

Sherm and I want to wish everyone a very Happy Fourth of July. May it be fun and safe!

We'll be at camp relaxing and enjoying the nice weather. They're calling for cooler temps than what we've been having. Anything that isn't over 90 will be cooler in my book!! I hate to think about what August is going to bring us in the way of hot weather. Ugh, I can't even think about it right now. I guess though that since we have camp we can always hop in the car and take a dip in the lake anytime we want.

My sister is coming up to camp on Saturday and we're going shopping for food for Sunday. She'll be spending the night with us Sunday night and we're thinking of having sweet corn, salt potatoes, hamburgers or BBQ'd chicken or both. I want to make a nice fruit salad to have on hand for the whole weekend too. Maybe I'll take my crock pot and make some baked beans. My sister picked up some big chocolate chunk cookies that she's going to make into ice cream sandwiches to bring up.

Oh and we paid for our new(new to us) camper this afternoon. The guy offered us a "deal". Pay in full by July first and he'd knock $400 off the price. Thank you very much. We won't pass up a deal like that! Paid in full!! and we may get the camper as soon as next Tuesday, but probably more like Wednesday. I'll go more into my fears about this deal later. I want to give the folks we're dealing with the chance to hold up all of what they have promised. ok ok ok...(confession time!!) we're biting our nails on this. We've been told 3 different dates already, but they've signed a paper stating no later than August 1st. I just wish they'd stop saying "this week" or "next Thursday" or "Could be any day now". Just tell us it won't be until August 1st or don't say anything at all. UGH! lol

Ok... Off to get some sleep. See ya on Monday!


Hi Everyone! Thanks for updating your bookmarks. Sherm and I are thinking about our new domain name. We really want something that reflects the family and who we are. Each of us will have our own section on the new domain with a main entry page so you can visit all of us if you want. In the mean time you can keep up with my blogging here and as soon as our new domain is ready I'll let you know here.

This weekend is going to be filled with fun, good food and camping. I'll be updating later tonight with our plans for the Holiday.

Have a good day!