Thursday, July 28, 2005


Ketchup-Day! Catch-up Day!
This should be an official day of the week. Honestly, I never seem to be able to blog for a full week straight sometimes and it just drives me nuts. I'm sure once Summer winds down I'll get back into the swing of posting everyday, but it seems like I can't get on the computer when thoughts of blogging hit me and by the time I get on what I wanted to blog about has left me or just doesn't seem blog worthy at the time anymore. *shrug*

I have an idea!

I kinda like ketchup...ok... I love ketchup!
So, why don't we Ketchup? I mean... why don't we talk about ketchup?

  1. Do you like Ketchup?
  2. What's your favorite brand of ketchup?
  3. Will you go to the store in a blinding snow storm/severe weather event just so you can have your favorite ketchup?
  4. Most folks who love ketchup put it on some pretty strange things. What's the strangest thing you put your ketchup on?
  5. Is ketchup more than a topping in your house? I mean, is it also a cooking ingredient?
  6. Is there anything you don't like ketchup on that most people normally put ketchup on?

ok here we go...

  1. Yes I love ketchup!
  2. Has to be Heinz only!! I'll eat store brand only when I have to.
  3. I've done it.... snow storm.. just so I could have ketchup for some fries.
  4. Cooked carrots and I love bologna and ketchup sandwiches.
  5. Yes. When I make my homemade baked beans I add a good squirt of ketchup and I also use it in my meatloaf.
  6. I hate ketchup on fast food fries. I think it's something to do with the fries being pre-salted.

Feel free to copy this onto your blog and do some "ketching-up" of your own :)

Saturday, July 23, 2005

A plumbing we shall go...

Wish us luck. We're off shortly to tackle the plumbing problems in the new camper. We will have running water this weekend. Somehow... we'll have running water. I'm not concerned with it, but my sister seems to be obsessed with it. *rolls eyes*

Friday, July 22, 2005

Friday is gone...

It's official... I have deleted Friday!

Actually I deleted a post here for today so I guess it wasn't suppose to be. It posted twice for some reason and I could only find one of them in the files to delete. I had to do something, so I got rid of it hoping it would only make one of them go away. I was wrong. Friday is officially gone! Hope this doesn't screw up anyones weekend plans hehe :)

We're staying home from camp tonight and heading up for the day tomorrow to work on the plumbing without the dogs being there. It will be so much easier. If we get it all fixed we'll spend Saturday night up there. We're also under a thunderstorm advisory for today and tonight so staying home is no biggy tonight. I can't wait to just hang out with the fam' and chill. Money is tight this week, but I'll eat 2 nights of beanee weanee so we can rent a movie tonight. I haven't head of anything new and exciting coming out lately... anyone have any suggestions? PG13 though and not too scary. Something an 11 year old would like, but that won't put Mom and Dad to sleep! lol

Have a great Friday (oppps forgot I deleted Friday) Have a great weekend... eerrr have a a good time with what little I left of the weekend.

Wednesday, July 20, 2005


The full moon tonight was the best I've seen in awhile! I had to snap a pic of it and even though it's a bit on the bright side I love the effect that happened with the pine tree!

I've got to find some time to sit down and mess around with the settings on this camera to get better night pictures. I tried tonight, but I was starting to become a mosquito buffet!!

While I'm showing off things I might as well show off our noisey neighbor at camp. This isn't you're average neighbor though. This neighbor is one we like even though it can get annoying from time time and it's not like this neighbor is really close to us either, but in a way it is right on top of up

Wayyyyyyy up.....


upThere....Over our camper in this dead tree is a ...

hole....Actually there are many holes in this tree, but one has really caught our eye.....

If you look close you can see the woodpecker

I haven't checked out what kind of woodpecker it is, but it's noisey as all get out. Not pecking at the wood, but calling out for something. I'm guessing it's calling for it's mother.

Sharing Pictures and crafts

Here's what kept me busy yesterday and my mind off other things.

The first thing I did was feed the birds and snap a few pic's of the flowers in my garden.

The first one is a close up of my calendula plant. I hope be able to get enough peddles off it this year for a small batch of soap.

The next two are a great example of why I love digital photography and the ability to manipulate photos. It almost brings me back to being in a dark room once again.

Uncropped... I like the bug on the leaf, but watch what bringing the subject into it's own frame can do for the overall look of the picture.


Now here's my crafting for the day.
I was in Wal-Mart Friday night with Sherm and ran into these beads in the craft department. They were just too pretty to pass up and the price was fantastic. $1.88 for 5 of the flowered beads the all of the white spacer beads. They were hanging on a hang card just as I've used them here (I used 2 cards of the beads). I just restrung them on some Tigertail and added a clasp that I had here at the house. I also picked up the watch at Wal-Mart too for $6.88 also in the craft department.

While I had my beading supplies out I also made this bracelet and matching earrings. I love the look of these beads.

Off to get ready to go to camp for the day. I can't wait to finally get the new camper set up with all of our stuff in it! Have a great day.

Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Doing better

Thanks for the e-mails and comments. I got busy and with some crafting and kept my mind busy on something other than my whoas. We just got sitting down watching the news from being up to camp this evening working on the plumbing. I also took some pictures of flowers in my garden. I'll get a few pic's of my crafting from today and try to get them posted in the morning before we head back up to camp to finally get everything transfered from the old camper to the new camper.


My anixety is kicking my butt today!

I didn't sleep well... could not slow down my brain, I can't cool off, my eyes are goopy (alergy-ish?), I'm taking things Mikey says the wrong way so then I almost yell at him which makes him yell at me which makes me really yell at him, the puppy is on my nerves today, I need to call to see if my step Mom needs a ride to the dentist and I hope she doesn't because if I have to spend any more time in my car without the A/C working I'm liable to get road rage at any moment, I have to do laundry, but can't stand the thought of running the dryer and I can't hang things out because my clothes line is about to fall over, I over spent at Wal-Mart yesterday and I have no idea how we're gonna pull ourselves out this boo boo I made. We just can't seem to get ahead and then I have to go and do something stupid. We didn't need a fan for camp this week. We aren't even going up until Friday... I could have gotten it then. We got notice yesterday that our NiMo is out of the loop on our payment agreement and they could come shut off the power any day now. UGH! My mind just won't stop. now I'm crying.... what a rotten day :(

Saturday, July 16, 2005

Jumbled thoughts....

It's one of those days. I woke up totally confused and lost. Course I had just been made a race track by a cat in four paw drive with her studded tires on!! I'm so glad the nail marks will be hidden by the back of my shorts!!LOL Until I started this post I didn't realize it was Saturday either. I hate waking up like that. Glad too I finally figured out why my normal shows aren't on right now lol

Mikey is camping with Matt and his family. We have to take Matts bed frame apart and bring it over here for Mikey. I guess they didn't want to try and get it on the truck or something. It's a really cool loft bed with a desk underneith. It'll make such a difference in Mikey's room. The poor kids room is tiny.. the width of a twin sized bed and not much longer either. I hope to work his dresser into his closet to open up his room even more too.

Matt did end up spending the night Thurdsay night. The kids showed up here at 11:30 and I'm glad I let them and glad Teresa gave the "ok" for Matt to stay over. They only have this weekend together and at this point if they wanted to go to London I think I'd try and make it happen for them. We have to pick Mikey up at Chinooks Marina near Fair Haven tomorrow morning. I dread the good-bye's. The last time they said good-bye they knew Matt would be back here this weekend so it wasn't that bad. This is the first time Mikey has ever had to say good-bye to a best friend.
I hope I can hold it together :(

Shopping today and of course I have to pick up our copy of the new Harry Potter book. We should be at camp, but I think I don't need to be out in the heat. Not the way I'm feeling and there is no way I'm driving my un-A/C'd car anywhere. I took the puppy out a few times already this morning and it's like walking into a bowl of pea soup out there. My chest is heavy feeling. I wonder if I might have a touch of a chest cold or something.... maybe it's just the heavy air. I'll be waiting for Sherm to get home from work... that's another thing that had me confused. This is the first Saturday Sherm has had to work in a very long time.

Pork steaks and mashed potatoes for dinner. Instant mashed potatos though.... I know... yuck, but I refuse to boil water in the house. I don't think the A/C compresser has turned off in the past week. No need to over tax it more.

ok... I need more coffee. Have a great Saturday!

Thursday, July 14, 2005

Knock, knock, knock

8:27 pm and there's a knock at the door. Guess who? It's Mr. Mathew! 27minutes after his plane hit the ground and he was over saying "Hi" to Mikey. LOL Now that's a friend! Mikey is over helping them load the truck right now.... Matt asked if he could spend the night. I'd like to say yes, but I have a feeling they're going to be loading that truck until almost midnight. I won't be letting Mikey stay out that long because I know he'd be totally miserable for the rest of the weekend. Besides I talked to Matts mom earlier today and she wasn't too keen on the idea of him spending the night.

We went up to camp today to just have lunch and see how things were doing up there. Looks like Mary O. may owe Kathy a real Philly cheese steak sandwich. Dave and Laurie still had no camper. Mary has until Saturday for one to show up, but it's looking like she may have lost the bet. We had lunch in the new camper and it was so nice to be able to sit at the table without feeling like sardines all rubbing elbows and not having room to get your food to your mouth. lol We really were quite the site to see at our old table. We aren't exactly a small family LOL

I've been sleeping late in the mornings for some reason. Only thing I can think of is the heat is getting to me. It always makes me really tired, but I haven't been out in it too much. I just wish this heat would break. My Dad had a reading of over 100 here today. UGH! at that time we were in cool Barnes and Nobel getting in a supply of books and magazines! (it was an awesome excuse to soak up some of their A/C! our local B&N was almost too cold, but we didn't complain one bit! :) LOL)

Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Catching up

I've got so much to catch up on I thought I'd just list everything...
*see below list for details
  • We finally have our new camper. It all happened Sunday afternoon. We had help moving it by 2 of our fellow road campers (Brian O and his friend Brian lol) We owe them a few 12 packs for their work. Shoots, I might even crack one with them! We didn't get the camper without more lies*, but it's on our lot and already up on blocks. Our old camper is still there too just waiting for us to move things out of it. By the time we got done getting the new camper in place it was too dark to see in the old camper without power... DOH! We should have boxed everything up while we waited, but didn't.
  • Where have I been? Well... seems I've been denied access to our computer by.... Mikey! LOL He's been busy on-line playing RuneScape with his buddy Matt who's now living in Arizona. I declaired the computer mine this morning so I could catch up a bit on blogging.
  • Home front.... we mowed like crazy yesterday and got all 3 lawns done (our, my sisters and my Dads) Mikey and I had tried earlier in the day to get a good part of them done, but the mower decided it was going to act up and wouldn't start once we had to add gas. Sherm came right home from work so he could get it running again. Wouldn't it figure he got out of the truck and pulled the cord and it started!! UGH! Maybe I flooded it or something. He also got another mower of ours running so we double teamed the lawns and got everything looking spriffy around here. I so love the look of our front yard when the grass is all trimmed up and looking perfect.
  • Mikey is becoming a Clayton this weekend lol. His buddy Matt is flying in from Arizona for their family reunion this weekend and his mother asked if they could steal him and take him camping for their family reunion at Fair Haven State Park. It'll be the last time he see's Matt for probably a long time. On Sunday they are planning on hitting the road to drive the whole family to Arizona. I guess the moving van will be packed by the time they leave for the family reuntion on Friday afternoon. I sure wish they could spend a little more time here in NY before they leave.
  • The weather... can you say Hot? Holy heat wave Batman? It's 3 H out there! (Hazy, Hot and Humid) We're in the 90's right now and they're saying it's going to last through the weekend...maybe until Tuesday. Our little A/C unit in the livingroom is getting a work out for sure. We aren't planning on going to camp this weekend, but we may head up to go swimming. We had thunder this morning and it sounded so cool. I was drifting in and out of sleep listening to the rain pound our metal roof with distant rolls of thunder and it was just dark enough to see faint flashes of lightening. What a great way to wake up.

*The latest lie was he totaled their car on Friday morning. ummmm I don't think so Bob! He said he got hit at the corner of Rt's 10 and 12 in Oswego county. Well guess what Bob! That's public information and anyone can call and ask if there was an accident there and guess what? There wasn't a single accident there at all on Friday!! *gasp* Imagine that! No accident! We're not sure what happened to their car... my guess is they needed cash (they were told either pay up or Roy the camp grounds owner was going to cut off their electric) so he sold the car. It was an older car, but was in super good shape and a convertable so they could get more than what it was worth in the long run. Anyway I'm sure selling the car got changed to the car got totaled for the pity factor. Ohhhh pity me because all this crap is happening to me even if it's my own fault!

Ok the kid is hovering over me, wanting to get on his game. Actually I think he just wants to get online and talk to his wife *giggle* A few days ago in the game he plays on-line he married a 10 year old girl, KA1770 from Minnesota. Awww Mikey has a wife.... Mikey has a wife. Hehe It's part of the game I guess. Now he just corrected my spelling..... I think he's going to do anything to annoy me to get the computer faster... now he's poking me and giggling. Owwwww!!!

Mom just got him back with a full rib tickle.... Mom rules!!


Friday, July 08, 2005

Oh yes... We're...

Still waiting!!

On Tuesday Laurie said she'd call me on Wednesday morning to let me know what's up. We'll Wednesday morning came and went and here it is Friday morning and I still haven't gotten a call from her.

Let me back up a little here.... On Wednesday I posted that I couldn't bring myself to go to camp. Wrong! LOL We went to camp. We drove in...No one was around at Dave and Laurie's camp site. The car was there though. We had lunch and played Skip-Bo. While my sister was in the camper (in the potty hehe) Dave walked over and wanted to talk to her. I said she was busy and he said he'd come back in a few. Well "a few" never happened. So we went for a ride.... not just any ride, but a ride to where they said their camper was being bought from. Now to make a long story short and I have to be very vague about the details here as we don't want to get anyone in trouble for anything. We found out they don't have a camp purchased. Dave got all kinds of quotes, but never put a dime down on anything! So....*clears throat*... we're headed up to camp today to hang out and wait for them to come talk to us. If they don't come over by the time we're ready to leave we're gonna go have a little talk with them. *grin* We want the camper by August 1st. No later or we'll be standing there with my sisters friend.... an Oswego county sheriff deputy!! All this talk about "getting a better deal" on the new water heater is going to end. We do not want him to get the deal on the water heater. We'll install it after we get the camper and we'll be buying it through Roy, not some "buddy". It'll be a price we can trust to be a price for a new water heater. And before we have our little talk with them we'll be having a little talk with the owners of the campground to fill them in on what we found out and what our plan of action is. The owners are really cool and they'll back us on anything just about. These liars have met their match. We will not be taken advantage of and we will get our new camper. No more lieing to us... no more jerking us around.

Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Waiting, waiting, waiting....

I'm at home waiting on our new camper. I can't go back up to camp until I know for sure we're really getting it on the day they say we are. I'm about to tell this idiot off and I don't want to before we have camper in hand. My sister is being way too cool about it, but I guess someone has to. If I hear one more time that it will be "sometime this week... we'll call you when we know" I think I'll scream. The guy is a pathalogical lier. We've checked up on some of the things he's told us and I simply can not believe why he would say some of things he does when it's so clear that he's lieing. UGH!!
Like this one....

"You know Roy made Brian take down that fence that he just put up" I said "No way, not that fence that was keeping people from walking through all the lots on our side of the street"? He said, "Yep, that one he just put up that he had at his other lot" I was stunned... didn't know what to think. After all, folks walking through the lots is one of the major rules that Roy tries like heck to enforce. You would think that he'd want the lots a little more blocked off and then he wouldn't have so much patrolling to do on our quiet little dead end street. So on the way out of the campground yesterday we looked at where Brian had just put up the fence.... it was still there, just like when he installed it!!! UGH!! I hate, hate, hate, HATE!!!! when people lie like that. We all lie.. little white lies and what not, but when every sentance out of someones mouth is a lie there's a problem. He's probably making up for something in his life I guess, but he's hurting every one around him. Not to mention looking more and more like campground trash.

Moving on.....

::Our Weekend::
Our 4th of July weekend was great! A little scattered, but all in all it was great. Saturday night the camps around the lake set off their annual illegal display of fireworks. The lake is surrounded with private camps all leading off a few private roads so if the cops were to ever try and figure out where the fireworks were coming from they would get lost. It's hard to tell which side of the lake you need to be on to access some of the camps. The fireworks are usually very nice and very well done with almost a duling banjo type of display. One side of the lake will set off some and then the other side will try to out do them with their display. It goes back and forth for almost 2 hours. From our new campsite we could see a good majority of them, but the kids like to watch from the beach.

Lets see..... My sister stayed with us Sunday night. Nothing major to report there. Oh wait. We had to go out and buy a snow cone machine at Wal-Mart Sunday evening. Well let me tell you.... I never knew making our own snow cones could be so much fun!! We sat all day Sunday playing cards and making snow cones in 90 degree heat. What a riot! It didn't feel so hot out with shaved ice at our finger tips. I put some lemonade over a big glass of the shaved ice and my sister even tried some wine. It was all great!

My sunburn is funky looking. On Friday the puppy decided she was going out for a stroll without a human attached to her. I could have killed the little s**t! She snuck out as Mikey was headed out from a bathroom break while mowing the lawn. I was out in the woods for almost 2 hours in over 90 degree temps. I had to call Sherm to come home to help. I can't even go into the whole story about being in the woods without getting the creeps. I was covered from head to toe by mosquitos. I got turned around and somehow lost my direction and almost got lost while swatting bugs off me. In the mean time the puppy met up with a squirrel that I thought might have been playing dead, but I found out later that squirrels don't play dead so it was sick. The puppy nosed it and it would jump up on the tree it was laying against, but it would fall right back on the ground onto it's side. I couldn't grab the puppy because I was never able to get where the damn squirrel wasn't between us. I didn't want to get too close to it because I didn't want it thinking I was a tree!! and I didnt want to get bit or maybe scare it so it attached itself to the puppy. So anyway back to my sunburn.... It was an aweful day in the woods. The temps were over 90 degrees and I was sweating something bad. When I got home my chest and shoulders where I was sunburned were all little water bumps (sweat under a layer of skin). Mikey said I looked like I had toad skin!! It was gross. The skin started peeling, but the skin under the peeling layer is like a fine wrinkly dry scab. YUCK! I can't get enough lotion on it. It's all itchy too, but I know that's a good sign that it's healing. I won't be going out on the lake to float again without sunscreen!!

Have a great Wednesday!