Wednesday, July 20, 2005


The full moon tonight was the best I've seen in awhile! I had to snap a pic of it and even though it's a bit on the bright side I love the effect that happened with the pine tree!

I've got to find some time to sit down and mess around with the settings on this camera to get better night pictures. I tried tonight, but I was starting to become a mosquito buffet!!

While I'm showing off things I might as well show off our noisey neighbor at camp. This isn't you're average neighbor though. This neighbor is one we like even though it can get annoying from time time and it's not like this neighbor is really close to us either, but in a way it is right on top of up

Wayyyyyyy up.....


upThere....Over our camper in this dead tree is a ...

hole....Actually there are many holes in this tree, but one has really caught our eye.....

If you look close you can see the woodpecker

I haven't checked out what kind of woodpecker it is, but it's noisey as all get out. Not pecking at the wood, but calling out for something. I'm guessing it's calling for it's mother.


Blogger Lisanne said...

OMG, that moon shot is GORGEOUS!!!!! Terri, that is SO cool!

4:53 PM  

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