Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Catching up

I've got so much to catch up on I thought I'd just list everything...
*see below list for details
  • We finally have our new camper. It all happened Sunday afternoon. We had help moving it by 2 of our fellow road campers (Brian O and his friend Brian lol) We owe them a few 12 packs for their work. Shoots, I might even crack one with them! We didn't get the camper without more lies*, but it's on our lot and already up on blocks. Our old camper is still there too just waiting for us to move things out of it. By the time we got done getting the new camper in place it was too dark to see in the old camper without power... DOH! We should have boxed everything up while we waited, but didn't.
  • Where have I been? Well... seems I've been denied access to our computer by.... Mikey! LOL He's been busy on-line playing RuneScape with his buddy Matt who's now living in Arizona. I declaired the computer mine this morning so I could catch up a bit on blogging.
  • Home front.... we mowed like crazy yesterday and got all 3 lawns done (our, my sisters and my Dads) Mikey and I had tried earlier in the day to get a good part of them done, but the mower decided it was going to act up and wouldn't start once we had to add gas. Sherm came right home from work so he could get it running again. Wouldn't it figure he got out of the truck and pulled the cord and it started!! UGH! Maybe I flooded it or something. He also got another mower of ours running so we double teamed the lawns and got everything looking spriffy around here. I so love the look of our front yard when the grass is all trimmed up and looking perfect.
  • Mikey is becoming a Clayton this weekend lol. His buddy Matt is flying in from Arizona for their family reunion this weekend and his mother asked if they could steal him and take him camping for their family reunion at Fair Haven State Park. It'll be the last time he see's Matt for probably a long time. On Sunday they are planning on hitting the road to drive the whole family to Arizona. I guess the moving van will be packed by the time they leave for the family reuntion on Friday afternoon. I sure wish they could spend a little more time here in NY before they leave.
  • The weather... can you say Hot? Holy heat wave Batman? It's 3 H out there! (Hazy, Hot and Humid) We're in the 90's right now and they're saying it's going to last through the weekend...maybe until Tuesday. Our little A/C unit in the livingroom is getting a work out for sure. We aren't planning on going to camp this weekend, but we may head up to go swimming. We had thunder this morning and it sounded so cool. I was drifting in and out of sleep listening to the rain pound our metal roof with distant rolls of thunder and it was just dark enough to see faint flashes of lightening. What a great way to wake up.

*The latest lie was he totaled their car on Friday morning. ummmm I don't think so Bob! He said he got hit at the corner of Rt's 10 and 12 in Oswego county. Well guess what Bob! That's public information and anyone can call and ask if there was an accident there and guess what? There wasn't a single accident there at all on Friday!! *gasp* Imagine that! No accident! We're not sure what happened to their car... my guess is they needed cash (they were told either pay up or Roy the camp grounds owner was going to cut off their electric) so he sold the car. It was an older car, but was in super good shape and a convertable so they could get more than what it was worth in the long run. Anyway I'm sure selling the car got changed to the car got totaled for the pity factor. Ohhhh pity me because all this crap is happening to me even if it's my own fault!

Ok the kid is hovering over me, wanting to get on his game. Actually I think he just wants to get online and talk to his wife *giggle* A few days ago in the game he plays on-line he married a 10 year old girl, KA1770 from Minnesota. Awww Mikey has a wife.... Mikey has a wife. Hehe It's part of the game I guess. Now he just corrected my spelling..... I think he's going to do anything to annoy me to get the computer faster... now he's poking me and giggling. Owwwww!!!

Mom just got him back with a full rib tickle.... Mom rules!!



Blogger Colleen said...

Some people are just insane. LOL, but you know that! Glad the camper is finally yours. We got a snow cone maker & it died the 2nd time John used it. I took it back & got a different kind, but I'm not happy with this one. I think we might spring for the $25 one!!!

3:20 PM  
Blogger me said...

I know how it is with sons playing games. If it weren't for me having a laptop, I'd never get online. Mitch is always playing World of Warcraft. And now that Dustin's living here, too, he's started playing!

10:55 AM  
Blogger Terri said...

Colleen aka CJ (Why haven't you done anything on your blog woman? LOL) Go for the higher priced one. If you're gonna use a sno cone machine like sno cones are going out of style you have to have the higher priced one. Our Rival is awesome.

Kim - I've already been bugged about getting World of Warcraft. He heard about it from the kids at camp. My luck he's made friends with a gaming geek at camp this summer! lol

11:39 AM  
Blogger Colleen said...

Yeah, we're on the 2nd $14 ones. We've tried both styles. I think when I return this one, we're gonna get the big one. I think we have every flavor that they make too! Blog, what blog? LOL! I don't have time for it & I just don't get how to change things. I can't even get links to show up as links. I gave up!

3:23 PM  

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