Thursday, July 28, 2005


Ketchup-Day! Catch-up Day!
This should be an official day of the week. Honestly, I never seem to be able to blog for a full week straight sometimes and it just drives me nuts. I'm sure once Summer winds down I'll get back into the swing of posting everyday, but it seems like I can't get on the computer when thoughts of blogging hit me and by the time I get on what I wanted to blog about has left me or just doesn't seem blog worthy at the time anymore. *shrug*

I have an idea!

I kinda like ketchup...ok... I love ketchup!
So, why don't we Ketchup? I mean... why don't we talk about ketchup?

  1. Do you like Ketchup?
  2. What's your favorite brand of ketchup?
  3. Will you go to the store in a blinding snow storm/severe weather event just so you can have your favorite ketchup?
  4. Most folks who love ketchup put it on some pretty strange things. What's the strangest thing you put your ketchup on?
  5. Is ketchup more than a topping in your house? I mean, is it also a cooking ingredient?
  6. Is there anything you don't like ketchup on that most people normally put ketchup on?

ok here we go...

  1. Yes I love ketchup!
  2. Has to be Heinz only!! I'll eat store brand only when I have to.
  3. I've done it.... snow storm.. just so I could have ketchup for some fries.
  4. Cooked carrots and I love bologna and ketchup sandwiches.
  5. Yes. When I make my homemade baked beans I add a good squirt of ketchup and I also use it in my meatloaf.
  6. I hate ketchup on fast food fries. I think it's something to do with the fries being pre-salted.

Feel free to copy this onto your blog and do some "ketching-up" of your own :)


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