Saturday, July 16, 2005

Jumbled thoughts....

It's one of those days. I woke up totally confused and lost. Course I had just been made a race track by a cat in four paw drive with her studded tires on!! I'm so glad the nail marks will be hidden by the back of my shorts!!LOL Until I started this post I didn't realize it was Saturday either. I hate waking up like that. Glad too I finally figured out why my normal shows aren't on right now lol

Mikey is camping with Matt and his family. We have to take Matts bed frame apart and bring it over here for Mikey. I guess they didn't want to try and get it on the truck or something. It's a really cool loft bed with a desk underneith. It'll make such a difference in Mikey's room. The poor kids room is tiny.. the width of a twin sized bed and not much longer either. I hope to work his dresser into his closet to open up his room even more too.

Matt did end up spending the night Thurdsay night. The kids showed up here at 11:30 and I'm glad I let them and glad Teresa gave the "ok" for Matt to stay over. They only have this weekend together and at this point if they wanted to go to London I think I'd try and make it happen for them. We have to pick Mikey up at Chinooks Marina near Fair Haven tomorrow morning. I dread the good-bye's. The last time they said good-bye they knew Matt would be back here this weekend so it wasn't that bad. This is the first time Mikey has ever had to say good-bye to a best friend.
I hope I can hold it together :(

Shopping today and of course I have to pick up our copy of the new Harry Potter book. We should be at camp, but I think I don't need to be out in the heat. Not the way I'm feeling and there is no way I'm driving my un-A/C'd car anywhere. I took the puppy out a few times already this morning and it's like walking into a bowl of pea soup out there. My chest is heavy feeling. I wonder if I might have a touch of a chest cold or something.... maybe it's just the heavy air. I'll be waiting for Sherm to get home from work... that's another thing that had me confused. This is the first Saturday Sherm has had to work in a very long time.

Pork steaks and mashed potatoes for dinner. Instant mashed potatos though.... I know... yuck, but I refuse to boil water in the house. I don't think the A/C compresser has turned off in the past week. No need to over tax it more.

ok... I need more coffee. Have a great Saturday!


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