Friday, July 08, 2005

Oh yes... We're...

Still waiting!!

On Tuesday Laurie said she'd call me on Wednesday morning to let me know what's up. We'll Wednesday morning came and went and here it is Friday morning and I still haven't gotten a call from her.

Let me back up a little here.... On Wednesday I posted that I couldn't bring myself to go to camp. Wrong! LOL We went to camp. We drove in...No one was around at Dave and Laurie's camp site. The car was there though. We had lunch and played Skip-Bo. While my sister was in the camper (in the potty hehe) Dave walked over and wanted to talk to her. I said she was busy and he said he'd come back in a few. Well "a few" never happened. So we went for a ride.... not just any ride, but a ride to where they said their camper was being bought from. Now to make a long story short and I have to be very vague about the details here as we don't want to get anyone in trouble for anything. We found out they don't have a camp purchased. Dave got all kinds of quotes, but never put a dime down on anything! So....*clears throat*... we're headed up to camp today to hang out and wait for them to come talk to us. If they don't come over by the time we're ready to leave we're gonna go have a little talk with them. *grin* We want the camper by August 1st. No later or we'll be standing there with my sisters friend.... an Oswego county sheriff deputy!! All this talk about "getting a better deal" on the new water heater is going to end. We do not want him to get the deal on the water heater. We'll install it after we get the camper and we'll be buying it through Roy, not some "buddy". It'll be a price we can trust to be a price for a new water heater. And before we have our little talk with them we'll be having a little talk with the owners of the campground to fill them in on what we found out and what our plan of action is. The owners are really cool and they'll back us on anything just about. These liars have met their match. We will not be taken advantage of and we will get our new camper. No more lieing to us... no more jerking us around.


Blogger Colleen said...

Geez, the nerve of some people! I hope all works out for you & you don't have to resort to drastic measures. :)

12:53 PM  

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