Tuesday, July 19, 2005


My anixety is kicking my butt today!

I didn't sleep well... could not slow down my brain, I can't cool off, my eyes are goopy (alergy-ish?), I'm taking things Mikey says the wrong way so then I almost yell at him which makes him yell at me which makes me really yell at him, the puppy is on my nerves today, I need to call to see if my step Mom needs a ride to the dentist and I hope she doesn't because if I have to spend any more time in my car without the A/C working I'm liable to get road rage at any moment, I have to do laundry, but can't stand the thought of running the dryer and I can't hang things out because my clothes line is about to fall over, I over spent at Wal-Mart yesterday and I have no idea how we're gonna pull ourselves out this boo boo I made. We just can't seem to get ahead and then I have to go and do something stupid. We didn't need a fan for camp this week. We aren't even going up until Friday... I could have gotten it then. We got notice yesterday that our NiMo is out of the loop on our payment agreement and they could come shut off the power any day now. UGH! My mind just won't stop. now I'm crying.... what a rotten day :(


Blogger Colleen said...

Sorry you're having such a yuck day! I hope things turn around for you soon. :)

2:29 PM  

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