Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Waiting, waiting, waiting....

I'm at home waiting on our new camper. I can't go back up to camp until I know for sure we're really getting it on the day they say we are. I'm about to tell this idiot off and I don't want to before we have camper in hand. My sister is being way too cool about it, but I guess someone has to. If I hear one more time that it will be "sometime this week... we'll call you when we know" I think I'll scream. The guy is a pathalogical lier. We've checked up on some of the things he's told us and I simply can not believe why he would say some of things he does when it's so clear that he's lieing. UGH!!
Like this one....

"You know Roy made Brian take down that fence that he just put up" I said "No way, not that fence that was keeping people from walking through all the lots on our side of the street"? He said, "Yep, that one he just put up that he had at his other lot" I was stunned... didn't know what to think. After all, folks walking through the lots is one of the major rules that Roy tries like heck to enforce. You would think that he'd want the lots a little more blocked off and then he wouldn't have so much patrolling to do on our quiet little dead end street. So on the way out of the campground yesterday we looked at where Brian had just put up the fence.... it was still there, just like when he installed it!!! UGH!! I hate, hate, hate, HATE!!!! when people lie like that. We all lie.. little white lies and what not, but when every sentance out of someones mouth is a lie there's a problem. He's probably making up for something in his life I guess, but he's hurting every one around him. Not to mention looking more and more like campground trash.

Moving on.....

::Our Weekend::
Our 4th of July weekend was great! A little scattered, but all in all it was great. Saturday night the camps around the lake set off their annual illegal display of fireworks. The lake is surrounded with private camps all leading off a few private roads so if the cops were to ever try and figure out where the fireworks were coming from they would get lost. It's hard to tell which side of the lake you need to be on to access some of the camps. The fireworks are usually very nice and very well done with almost a duling banjo type of display. One side of the lake will set off some and then the other side will try to out do them with their display. It goes back and forth for almost 2 hours. From our new campsite we could see a good majority of them, but the kids like to watch from the beach.

Lets see..... My sister stayed with us Sunday night. Nothing major to report there. Oh wait. We had to go out and buy a snow cone machine at Wal-Mart Sunday evening. Well let me tell you.... I never knew making our own snow cones could be so much fun!! We sat all day Sunday playing cards and making snow cones in 90 degree heat. What a riot! It didn't feel so hot out with shaved ice at our finger tips. I put some lemonade over a big glass of the shaved ice and my sister even tried some wine. It was all great!

My sunburn is funky looking. On Friday the puppy decided she was going out for a stroll without a human attached to her. I could have killed the little s**t! She snuck out as Mikey was headed out from a bathroom break while mowing the lawn. I was out in the woods for almost 2 hours in over 90 degree temps. I had to call Sherm to come home to help. I can't even go into the whole story about being in the woods without getting the creeps. I was covered from head to toe by mosquitos. I got turned around and somehow lost my direction and almost got lost while swatting bugs off me. In the mean time the puppy met up with a squirrel that I thought might have been playing dead, but I found out later that squirrels don't play dead so it was sick. The puppy nosed it and it would jump up on the tree it was laying against, but it would fall right back on the ground onto it's side. I couldn't grab the puppy because I was never able to get where the damn squirrel wasn't between us. I didn't want to get too close to it because I didn't want it thinking I was a tree!! and I didnt want to get bit or maybe scare it so it attached itself to the puppy. So anyway back to my sunburn.... It was an aweful day in the woods. The temps were over 90 degrees and I was sweating something bad. When I got home my chest and shoulders where I was sunburned were all little water bumps (sweat under a layer of skin). Mikey said I looked like I had toad skin!! It was gross. The skin started peeling, but the skin under the peeling layer is like a fine wrinkly dry scab. YUCK! I can't get enough lotion on it. It's all itchy too, but I know that's a good sign that it's healing. I won't be going out on the lake to float again without sunscreen!!

Have a great Wednesday!


Blogger Colleen said...

Holy blogging!!! Did you know these people you are trying to buy the camper from? Sounds like a nut! Glad you got your puppy back. John has been wanting a snow cone machine!

6:54 PM  
Anonymous Lisanne said...

My grandpa has one of those sno-cone machines! He loves it! The syrup is so sickening sweet, but I love sno-cones a LOT!!!

3:44 PM  
Blogger Terri said...

Colleen - The people we're buying the camper from are "seasonal's" on their second summer there. We knew they were a bit "odd", but never knew it was like this. Wally World has the sno cone machines for $14. and change. Well worth it if you ask me! lol

Lisanne - Your grandpa is way cool!! I think I'm going to try Crystal Light Iced tea mixed with half the water to put over the ice. Yum! I can't live without my iced tea in the summer :)

8:42 AM  

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