Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Katrina watch

I'm just sitting here watching CNN about the hurricane Katrina. oh my.... I can't keep my eyes off the news. Those poor people. I know the media is playing the story up a bit... disease, sickness, fires, homeless, looting, 100's dead...blah blah.... this isn't like the tsunami... we aren't a 3rd world county. We have disease control mastered. We can handle things like this. The national guard is already in place and more being called in. The coast guard is doing their thing and it looks like the police and fire people are doing what they can too. FEMA is already holding news conferances... meaning they have already started work. I wish the media would give it to us real.... not pumped up.(course that dosen't keep people watching their news channels) It would have helped if people had listened to authorities and gotten out of the area. *shrug* Think I'll surf the TV for more news.

Here's a cool blog about the storm. http://dancingwithkatrina.blogspot.com/

Oh and when I went to the New York state fair I got my hands on a drop spindle and a really nice lady in the wool barn gave a bunch of wool to practice with. I'm spinning wool!!! I'm excited to take my knitting to a new level. I can't wait to share a few pic's of my first balls of yarn.

Off to spin and watch the news. Chicken patty sandwiches and noodly stuff for dinner!

PS.... posting to my blog from Mikey's computer while he plays a game on the other computer. We are not a techno family at all ROFL!! This is too cool!!! and it's great to be able to just jump on a machine and blog when something hit my brain!

Monday, August 29, 2005

Two computers are better than one!

I'm sitting here on our computer while Mikey is sitting next to me on his computer and both of us are on the internet at the same time! It's been a few months since his computer was hooked up like this... disconnected to try out a web cam for the park manager and even when his computer was hooked up before, we never really had need for all of us to be online at the same time. Well now that he's into the online game Rune Scape it's like pulling teeth to get any computer time to ourselves. We don't mind him being online so much... he's typing and working on keyboard skills at the same time and he's talking to his buddy Matt out in Arizona who also plays the game with him.

I think though we might need to shuffle a desk to the side a little bit or something. We have to change computer chairs and I have to sit in this little one sideways! LOL

Thursday, August 25, 2005

I'm here....

Just had a blah week. Didn't feel like doing much of anything. No reason really... guess I was in a lazy mood is all. Nothing is wrong. Just felt like "hangin' out".

::Things Found::
So... how many of you have been wondering where my "Things Found" topic is? Well it's lost. Not really lost, but I never did find much of anything this week. Thirty five cents in the washing machine, a screw stuck in the bottom of Sherms work boot and a screw from one of the many computers we have floating around the house(it's one of the case screws). Nothing to major. Hope it changes this coming week... I'm out of "mad money" LOL

I'm off to The Great New York State Fair tomorrow (Friday) with Mikey and my sister. Sherm has to work, but he doesn't mind us going without him. He totally hates the fair.... can't stand crowds at all. We live about 6 miles from the fair grounds and we decided to take the bus in the morning and have Sherm pick us up at about dinner time. My sister is all freaked out about taking the bus, but I'm insisting. It beats paying for parking, finding a parking spot and then walking to the car at the end of the day when your beat. This way we're dropped off at the main gate and when we're ready to come home... we pull up a piece of grass near the closest gate and call Sherm on the cell phone to come and get us.

I better run... we've got an early morning.

Thursday, August 18, 2005

Yay, my boy is home!

My boy is home again!! Woo Hoo!! He needed to see his Dad and I wanted him to go for a visit, but I'm so glad he's home again. I missed ya Kid-O!! (((Mikey)))

The trip down and back was totally uneventful! Thank goodness! The weather was perfect and no rain this time. We also made it back during daylight too.

Tomorrow we're going to camp for the weekend and even though I said I was going to do my "Things Found" on Fridays, I'm going to hold off until Monday. I found very few things this week. Strange. Could be now that I'm looking for things I'm not finding anything. Go figure huh? lol Think I'll go out exploring in the campgrounds and down around the lake. Bet I find a few things there.

While you're here, check out this site... http://www.goddammo.com/ The guy who runs it works at Sherms shop. Kinda cool if you ask me! I'm also going to add him to my links on the right.

Have a great weekend everyone!

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Searches and a bit of a rant

Used to be I'd get all kinds of hits on various topics from all over the net, but lately I'm just not getting search hits. Could be the move from my own domain to a blogspot address. A change like that always brings new changes on how a site propagates through search engines. Since the move I've only had one hit from a search engine. The search term.... "catching and cooking squid" Sorry folks.... no catching or cooking squid here *gets queasy with the thought*. I'm MrsSquidley because MrSquidley, aka squidley, aka Sherman, is a motorcycle rider, aka a squid, aka he rides squid like... in other words... without bones. Scary yes, but he's a safe driver.
::Start Rant::
And speaking of motorcycles... the other day my sister and I were stopped talking to a lady who is opening a little shop here by the park. Down the road comes the big group of sport bikes that has been racing up and down this road since the start of good weather. The rider out front was completely missing the front cowl of his bike including the headlight and I'm pretty sure one of his mirrors. Now this was a few days ago. Just last night as I was pulling into the Big-M for some ice cream behind me is the same group of motorcycles.... missing headlight guy and all. He's still missing his headlight! But... right behind them is an Onondaga County sheriff with his lights a running! *YES!!* I can't believe this guy has been running around without a headlight! The other day when we saw them we thought maybe he laid the bike down doing one of the wheelies he's been doing up and down our road here, but who knows now how long he's been riding without a headlight. It just goes to show how brainless this guy is. A motorcycle is suppose to have a running headlight at all times. This is so other vehicles on the road can see the motorcycle... it's for the safety of the motorcyclist *DUH!*!!. If this guy has so little concern for his own life, he doesn't need to be on a road that I allow my son to walk on.
::End Rant::
So, how are you spending your Wednesday?

Monday, August 15, 2005

Catching up and sharing a project

Well Mikey is down in Virginia visiting his Dad. It was a semi-uneventful trip down. I say semi-uneventful because there is now a motorcyclist in PA that might think twice about riding in a cars blind spot for 10 miles! I almost hit him. He had been in my blind spot... I thought he got off the highway at the last exit 10 miles back. If it weren't for my hearing I would have had him against the wall, but I could hear as I'm changing lanes something that shouldn't have been in my left ear. I still don't understand why he never blew his horn or backed off... there was no one behind him! UGH!

So... Sherm and I have had a quiet house to ourselves *giggle* actually Mikey doesn't make that much noise. It's been strange. I miss my boy! I talked him yesterday on the phone and asked him if he missed us and he said "no". UGH! Kids! I'm sure he's just messin' with me! We've been hanging out watching TV and enjoying some "us" time :) I got into some jewelry making last night and even thought the bracelet was a big pain in my butt it came out quite nicely. It has 2 strands of wire that have fixed placements of beeds and then a third strand that has floating beads on it. My Sister already snagged it from me. Gone.. bye, bye... see ya! I didn't even get it out of my hand and she had it on hers. LOL The earrings are mine though. They have sterling silver ear hooks and the head pins are also sterling silver. I have enoough beads left to make a matching bracelet.... tonights project!

Thursday, August 11, 2005

Things Found...

So here it is.... my new topic for once a week. "Things Found"

::Where I got the idea::
Over the weekend my sister and I went to the Super Walmart up in Central Square NY. It's not that far from camp so if we need anything we don't pass up the chance to go. Going there from home we'd be passing a regular Walmart and it just seems like too far to go, but if we're up at camp... well... we're past the regular Walmart and closer to the Super Center. So... anyway...
As we're getting a cart my sister looks in the cart and finds a shopping list. She holds it up and says she should send it to the guy she just heard about that saves things people find. All you have to do is send it to him. It didn't hit me at first, but how can someone save things that people find? Wouldn't you need like a huge place to store them? What a mess! What would stop someone from sending you things like found used baby diapers and found dog doo? I'm not sure what she heard, but I "found" this site.. Found Magazine Sure enough.. you can send them "found" things and they'll publish them.

Now I'm not into stealing ideas here, but you know... I sometimes have a lack of ideas for posting on my blog and it just so happens that the day after we found the list in the Walmart shoppping cart, I found a handfull of other things too. So why not make my own "found" topic on my blog once a week of all the things I find. Now I'm not talking about finding my lost shoe or earring. I'm talking about finding things that I didn't know I had or things that come into my life all on their own or with the help from another person known to me or a strange as in the case of the list at Walmart.

Feel free to use this idea on your own blog. It'd be cool to see what other people stumble upon in their week. Things noone really pays too much attention too. If you do this, let me know so I can check out your finds.

So without saying more, here is my first post with this weeks finds....
look below the pic for an explaination of the "things"
::Things Found::
::Week 1::

From the washing machine - A handfull of wrappers(from Mikey's shorts pockets that he wore swimming), 2-1 dollar bills (that's Mom's fun money now!) and a nut (I hope it's not actually from the washing machine! lol)
From the Walmart shopping cart is the "need list" hope the person who lost it, doesn't "need" it :)

Monday, August 08, 2005

Come along kids...

I was out hanging clothes this morning and as I was coming around the side of our house something caught my eye down in the field where the kids in the neighborhood often have kickball games.....

I dropped the clothes basket and ran to the door, opened it and yelled for Mikey to get my camera and to come with me quick.... he did and thought this was pretty darn cool in our neighborhood.

They were all different sizes, but you could tell one of them was older and appeared to be the leader. The rest made sure to follow wherever the older one went. There was even a tiny, iny one that was having a hard time keeping up with the rest. Speaking of the rest... what is a group of turkeys called anyway? Right after I snapped this photo they all took flight and crossed the road, even the littlest one.

Moving on.....

I had a wild idea hit me today for something new I'm going to start doing on my blog. I won't change the way I'm doing everything, but once a week I'll be posting a special topic. I don't want to let the cat out of the bag yet, but I'm thinking that because I have a hard time answering the question for Lisanne's Friday Forum that maybe I'll do my new topic on Fridays instead of the Friday Forum for now. It's not that I'm not interested in the Friday Forum... it's a great meme, but I just find myself thinking too much sometimes to come up with the answers.

[UPDATE... I just remembered... I'm driving down to Harrisberg PA. this Friday to meet Mikey's Dad to drop Mikey off with him for a weeks visit. Harrisberg is about the half way point between here and Roanoake VA. So look for my new topic on Thursday morning.]

Going to camp for the day tomorrow with my sister, cousin Colleen, her step son Travis, Mikey and I'll have to take Lucy with us so she doesn't bark too much while I'm gone. I won't go into the dog barking thing here... if you know me and want to hear all the juicy details, e-mail and I'll fill you in on yet another neighbor issue *sigh* Anyway.... the day looks to be a fun filled day of hanging out playing Left, Center, Right. If you haven't played this game before, you should give it a try. I picked it up at Spencer Gifts in the mall.

Ok off to relax. It was a crazy day.... 5 loads of wash and I'm not totally done *shrug* oh well. There's al;ways Wednesday.

Thursday, August 04, 2005

Playin' around

I got playing around with paintshop the other day while I was resizing some pic's from the camera and came up with a few cool takes on one of the pic's.

Here's the original.. a Rose of Sharon blossom from my Dad's house...

Same pic in black and white...

And finally my take on a Warhol inspired multi image, image lol

It's going to 95 or higher today. We're suppose to get a little break in this heat over the weekend, but then it's right back into the heat next week. I can't wait for it to be over with! I'm off now to boil up some spaghetti and toss in the fridge for dinner so it won't be such an oven in here at dinner time. I'll re-heat it in the nuker later.

Wednesday, August 03, 2005


Anyone out there?

While you figure out if you're here, take a lookie at this...