Monday, August 08, 2005

Come along kids...

I was out hanging clothes this morning and as I was coming around the side of our house something caught my eye down in the field where the kids in the neighborhood often have kickball games.....

I dropped the clothes basket and ran to the door, opened it and yelled for Mikey to get my camera and to come with me quick.... he did and thought this was pretty darn cool in our neighborhood.

They were all different sizes, but you could tell one of them was older and appeared to be the leader. The rest made sure to follow wherever the older one went. There was even a tiny, iny one that was having a hard time keeping up with the rest. Speaking of the rest... what is a group of turkeys called anyway? Right after I snapped this photo they all took flight and crossed the road, even the littlest one.

Moving on.....

I had a wild idea hit me today for something new I'm going to start doing on my blog. I won't change the way I'm doing everything, but once a week I'll be posting a special topic. I don't want to let the cat out of the bag yet, but I'm thinking that because I have a hard time answering the question for Lisanne's Friday Forum that maybe I'll do my new topic on Fridays instead of the Friday Forum for now. It's not that I'm not interested in the Friday Forum... it's a great meme, but I just find myself thinking too much sometimes to come up with the answers.

[UPDATE... I just remembered... I'm driving down to Harrisberg PA. this Friday to meet Mikey's Dad to drop Mikey off with him for a weeks visit. Harrisberg is about the half way point between here and Roanoake VA. So look for my new topic on Thursday morning.]

Going to camp for the day tomorrow with my sister, cousin Colleen, her step son Travis, Mikey and I'll have to take Lucy with us so she doesn't bark too much while I'm gone. I won't go into the dog barking thing here... if you know me and want to hear all the juicy details, e-mail and I'll fill you in on yet another neighbor issue *sigh* Anyway.... the day looks to be a fun filled day of hanging out playing Left, Center, Right. If you haven't played this game before, you should give it a try. I picked it up at Spencer Gifts in the mall.

Ok off to relax. It was a crazy day.... 5 loads of wash and I'm not totally done *shrug* oh well. There's al;ways Wednesday.


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