Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Katrina watch

I'm just sitting here watching CNN about the hurricane Katrina. oh my.... I can't keep my eyes off the news. Those poor people. I know the media is playing the story up a bit... disease, sickness, fires, homeless, looting, 100's dead...blah blah.... this isn't like the tsunami... we aren't a 3rd world county. We have disease control mastered. We can handle things like this. The national guard is already in place and more being called in. The coast guard is doing their thing and it looks like the police and fire people are doing what they can too. FEMA is already holding news conferances... meaning they have already started work. I wish the media would give it to us real.... not pumped up.(course that dosen't keep people watching their news channels) It would have helped if people had listened to authorities and gotten out of the area. *shrug* Think I'll surf the TV for more news.

Here's a cool blog about the storm. http://dancingwithkatrina.blogspot.com/

Oh and when I went to the New York state fair I got my hands on a drop spindle and a really nice lady in the wool barn gave a bunch of wool to practice with. I'm spinning wool!!! I'm excited to take my knitting to a new level. I can't wait to share a few pic's of my first balls of yarn.

Off to spin and watch the news. Chicken patty sandwiches and noodly stuff for dinner!

PS.... posting to my blog from Mikey's computer while he plays a game on the other computer. We are not a techno family at all ROFL!! This is too cool!!! and it's great to be able to just jump on a machine and blog when something hit my brain!


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