Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Searches and a bit of a rant

Used to be I'd get all kinds of hits on various topics from all over the net, but lately I'm just not getting search hits. Could be the move from my own domain to a blogspot address. A change like that always brings new changes on how a site propagates through search engines. Since the move I've only had one hit from a search engine. The search term.... "catching and cooking squid" Sorry folks.... no catching or cooking squid here *gets queasy with the thought*. I'm MrsSquidley because MrSquidley, aka squidley, aka Sherman, is a motorcycle rider, aka a squid, aka he rides squid like... in other words... without bones. Scary yes, but he's a safe driver.
::Start Rant::
And speaking of motorcycles... the other day my sister and I were stopped talking to a lady who is opening a little shop here by the park. Down the road comes the big group of sport bikes that has been racing up and down this road since the start of good weather. The rider out front was completely missing the front cowl of his bike including the headlight and I'm pretty sure one of his mirrors. Now this was a few days ago. Just last night as I was pulling into the Big-M for some ice cream behind me is the same group of motorcycles.... missing headlight guy and all. He's still missing his headlight! But... right behind them is an Onondaga County sheriff with his lights a running! *YES!!* I can't believe this guy has been running around without a headlight! The other day when we saw them we thought maybe he laid the bike down doing one of the wheelies he's been doing up and down our road here, but who knows now how long he's been riding without a headlight. It just goes to show how brainless this guy is. A motorcycle is suppose to have a running headlight at all times. This is so other vehicles on the road can see the motorcycle... it's for the safety of the motorcyclist *DUH!*!!. If this guy has so little concern for his own life, he doesn't need to be on a road that I allow my son to walk on.
::End Rant::
So, how are you spending your Wednesday?


Blogger me said...

My biggest search comes from 'Hillbilly golf'. How thrilling. I think I only blogged about playing it at a family gathering once or twice, and yet it's the top search term, so now my site is near the top of the list when people search for it. Which of course, means I get more hits. Maybe I should start selling the things on my site...

8:31 AM  
Blogger Colleen said...

The thing that bugs me about bikes here in SC, no helmet law. I think that's too dangerous! LOL, but who am I! Kids went back to school 8/4, ah, the peace & quiet!!!

9:09 AM  
Blogger Terri said...

Kim - I think I've searched for hillbilly golf after you blogged about it! lol I wanted to know what it was... never found anything, but this year at camp it's being played so I get the idea of the game. I just couldn't imagine the game without actually seeing the ladder thingys!

CJ - Mikey is home tonight! I missed the heck out of him, but I'm looking forward to school starting back up too.

10:46 PM  

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