Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Yarn part 2

Well here they are... the final product from my first yarn pictured in the post below.
They are a bit short, but will be nice with a long sleeve shirt or sweater this fall. oh and speaking of fall... the weather man mentioned that horrid winter cuss work.... well... 2 horrid winter cuss words... LAKE EFFECT!! I think it's lake effect rain, but it's still lake effect. It'll be a cold rain coming in over Lake Ontario. Brrrr..... hey... that's not a bad name for this yarn..... lake effect. The blue is the same color blue you see when sun light shines through a snow bank.

Friday, September 23, 2005

Yarn, crime and things...

::Project Report::
Well here it is... my first yarn! Dyed with 1 packet Flavorade Berry Punch and 1 packet Mixade Berry Punch... there was a differance in the colors and they mixed up cool. The pic shows it a bit bluer than it really is. To me it's a bit more robins egg color than the pic. I can't wait to finish Sherms house socks so I can knit this up into something. I'm not sure how much I have here, but I should be able to get a nice thin scarf out of it. This afternoon I'm going to dye up the remaining roving I have here for my next spinning project. That too will probably become a scarf, but this next one I plan on spinning a lot thinner so I'll end up with more yardage.

This didn't make the headlines and was a big pain in the butt to find again on the newspapers website. Here we go again with shootings being burried and forgotten in Syracuse. Guess they're waiting for all the gang bangers to just shoot each other for the problem to go away..

Passenger in car shot outside Syracuse school
A Syracuse man was shot in the abdomen shortly before 1 p.m. Wednesday outside Frazer Elementary School, city police said.

Kamar Boatman, 20, of Melbourne Avenue, was a passenger in a car on Richmond Avenue when a dark-colored vehicle pulled up next to it. Occupants in both cars were arguing and then someone fired several shots at the car Boatman was in, said Sgt. Tom Connellan, speaking for city police.
Officials said Boatman's injuries are not considered life-threatening.

(story from pasted here because they burried it!!)

This archived story has been shortened from the origianl that was published the day after the shooting took place.... whats missing is the info about the school going on lockdown! It was that close to the school!
Frazer Elementary School is K-8th grade with a total of 824 students. If it were up to me to punish this shooter... he would be charged with 824 counts of endangering the welfare of a child!!!
*bites tongue*
That's all I have to say about that...

::Today Is::
Friday September 23, 2005
Native American Day
Chocolate Day
Checkers Day
Dogs In Politics Day

Yay for Chocolate Day!!! :P

Yesterday was the first day of Fall.

Sorry I missed posting yesterday. Mikey had his first 1/2 day of school (the teachers needed a break already?? lol) He got into playing a game and I took a nap. lol Honestly. I took over a 2 hour nap yesterday afternoon. I was out in the sun mowing the yard most of the morning and harvesting the last of my sunflowers. It was hotter than heck and just after Mikey got home the puppy decided to break her lead and take off in the woods again. I think I was a bit tired out!

My plans for the weekend..... talk Sherm into going to the Dr. to have his back checked *whistles a little 5 note tune* ok... that's how long that conversation will last with me still needing to talk him into going. UGH! MEN! I refuse to push his your butt around in a wheel chair just because he's you're a stuburn old poop!! (So there :P)

Grocery shopping tonight. Laundry over the weekend and at some point we need to get a few areas of the driveway recoated because there are a few thin spots in the sealer. That's about it. Maybe rent a movie or something. I'm feeling the need to kick someones butt in UNO.

What are your plans for the weekend?

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Tee's, News, Peace and a question...

I was sitting here wondering what I should blog about this morning. I can imagine some of you are getting tired of reading how I cleaned this or did that, or washed clothes or chased the puppy... blah, blah BLAH! Sometimes I get tired of writing about those things so BLAH to blah, HA!

So I was surfing the net and checking out the craftster forum when I remembered I wanted to find a tee shirt for Mikey and there it was.... a tee shirt for Sherm! HA! Then I found a tee shirt for me! And this one would be funny for Mikey, but wouldn't be allowed at school! :O

Here's a link for Colleen.... Something you might not have heard about. It's not exactly the kind of news family might pass on.

Teresa... what's up with your house? Did your mom sell it for you or did the neighbors just decide to move in. They have an extension cord running across the yards for power.

Moving on....

::Today is::
Internation Day of Peace
Miniature Golf Day
World Gratitude Day
The last full day of Summer

ok off to dye some of my handspun yarn
Have a great Wednesday!

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

What a crock...

Crock... pot....that is...
Over at Lisanne's she is sharing an awesome sounding dessert crock-pot recipe today and that reminded me about my recent crock pot cooking over the weekend. Ok it's not all that special, but it was a milestone in my book. For the longest time I couldn't get Mikey to eat my stew. He hated it which really sucked because when I make stew it's a 2 day meal and it's so darn cheap to make. Well after several talks about me cooking stew and him finally agreeing to try it we came to the agreement that I wouldn't cook it with tomatoes and what do you know... I got 2 thumbs up! WOO HOO! Success! Another cheap meal I can serve every other week to make our food dollars go a bit further!! So check out that recipe at Lisanne's sounds like a winner.

We're finally feeling a bit Fall like here today. Ths morning we had some thunder storms roll through and now the sky is clear and cool dryer air has moved in. On the news last night they showed our weather for the next 10 days and there were a few days next week where we aren't going to get much over 60! Fall falls this thursday and I guess it's right on time! I can't wait to wear sweaters and hand knit socks. Bundle up in the evening and cuddle up in bed.

Off to see what I can dig up for lunch. What are your plans for the day?

Monday, September 19, 2005

Tired, laundry.. tired of laundry LOL

It's wash day! Yee ha! NOT! I didn't realize that all last week Mikey was putting on his new school shirts while he was home sick instead of his older grub/play shirts. Now I have to wash all his good shirts so he can have something to wear the rest of this week. UGH! kids LOL

I couldn't get to sleep last night. When I finally drifted off I felt like I was still awake. I hate that feeling. I couldn't stop my brain. It was like a pinball machine. Pinging and binging thoughts around and then just when I thought it was about to slow down something else would catch my brain and set off another round of thinking. Sleeping tonight should be a breeze.

Off to run a load of wash. Happy Monday everyone!

Sunday, September 18, 2005


Well after breaking blogger last night I finally was able to finish the updates here this morning. Sorry if you arrived and things looked really bad. I joke when I say I broke blogger last night... blogger had a few problems just as I was trying to change some colors and things kept giving me errors when I tried to republish my template.

I think I have things looking ok.... my color choices are a bit strange, but they work. I never would have put them together on my own before, but with the graphic's I chose for my banner above I had very little to choose from and very little went with them, but I wanted to go with them. In the past few years I've had a dark blog around Halloween and this year I wanted something that didn't scare you readers away.
I have one little image I want to add, but I have to find it first :)
***Image Update***
Spider web in place and looks good... only took about 6 minutes to locate one on the net, flip the animation in a program I have and find a place to put here on my page. Not as long as I thought it was going to take.
Off to watch the race!(GO MARTIN!!!!!)
Have a great day... the sun is out here and I'm going to knit.

Saturday, September 17, 2005

Not so blah today!

Feeling not so blah today. I hate when a funk comes over me and I can't shake it, but it's gone now and who knows what yesterday was about. For all I know it could have been a hormonal thing... YIKES!! I can't believe I typed that!! *SCREAM*

Today is going to be spent doing things around the house. The livingroom carpet needs shampooing. Had to have a little chat with our older dog this morning.... it's her fault the shampooer needs to come out. The machine known to her as "the water filled sucky machine". She hates it! She had big sorry eyes at the end of our chat. How can you be mad at big sorry eyes? *Sigh* they get ya every time! And the kitchen floors now feels funky too so I might as well mop it.... I hate cooler fall type humidity. It's so different from hot summer humidity. This feels like everything is sticky and dirty. *YUCK*

Over the weekend I'm going to be working on a new layout for my blog so if you arrive in the middle and things look a bit "off" just bear with me... it won't take me too long, but because I'm not on my own server anymore things have to be put in place and be made public before they are totally ready and while I work out the kinks.

What are your plans for the weekend?

Friday, September 16, 2005


Feeling a bit funky, strange, blah, sad, yucky, depressed, almost on the edge of crying-but can't! It's a general funky feeling day. Maybe it the lack of sunshine today. My mind hasn't slowed down too much in the past few days. Mikey has been home sick since Monday after school with pneumonia. Pour kid... his first full week of school and he's out sick. Now I've got a sore throat, ears feel plugged and my head feels like it's in a tin can and I have corks in my nose. lol I had to take my sister to the Dr. yesterday... she fell at the hairdresser the on Tuesday and has a possible broken thumb. They still can't tell for sure so they are going to xray again in a week and look for new bone growth. My mind is on the 3 lawns that need to be mowed, Sherms back in on the fritz, my sister can't mow hers and Mikey can't do any of them. I'm the only one left... and I'm getting sick. I'm holding this cold off though.... I want more than ever to actually be sick so I can get it over with and maybe have a decent winter cold wise, but I don't have the time or the help to do it. I also want to get my kitchen rearanged and soaping things put away as I'm no long using them on a daily basis like I did when I had my busness running. I want my kitchen back to normal and I want to make it so the puppy isn't jumping on the table to see out the windows all the time.
A slight anxiety day I guess....
Listening to the
new age music channel maybe that will relax me a bit.... though I think it's annouying the kid! lol

Sunday, September 11, 2005

Outside my window

Outside my window is the only way I'd get this close

I believe it's got dinner!

Saturday, September 10, 2005

Garbage and feces... Gimme a break!!




Over at the website they have a little photo gallery with some pictures from inside the convention center in New Orleans. One of the photos had this caption.
"Garbage and feces litter the floors and countertops of a kitchen in the convention center."
I've looked and looked at photos all over the net of the hurricane victims and how they were living after the hurricane... these people were living like pigs!!! Something tells me they didn't give one crap about picking up after themselves either. I'm sorry, but could you bring yourself to poo in a kitchen and leave it there? This was a convention center people... there had to be more than enough garbage bags for everyone to poo in!! I'm sorry to say this, but folks seemed to not want to do too much to help themselves. Do for me... take care of me when the big storm hits... I don't have a car so provide buses for me to get out of town on. I'm sorry again, but if a big ass storm was headed for my butt, sure as poo I'd get my poo out of there without having to be told twice!!! I keep hearing a lot of people down there were poor... didn't have cars. Did the ones walking around doing the looting only have energy in their legs to loot?? Walk your poo out of there if you have to!! When you get a shelter.... pick up your poo and don't live like the man is gonna come along and pick up after you. Seems to me that one group getting reduced handout checks for clean up of the shelter they stayed in is all it would take for everyone to be somewhat decent about their poo!! "Yes Sir Mr. B. We took $50.00 out of your check because you poo'd on the floor and left it for someone else to clean up." HA!

"Garbage and feces litter the floors and countertops of a kitchen in the convention center"
That's not FEMA's fault... it's not the Presidents fault, it's not the Mayor or the Governors fault... it's the fault of the pigs who put it there!!!

Take care of your poo cause no one else should have to!!


Friday, September 09, 2005

It's Friday...

Yep... it's Friday and I survived the first 1/2 week of school and getting up before dawn cracks. I'm looking forward to the weekend. We're planning on coating the driveway and hanging out relaxing. I also want to try and get some of my spun yard Kool-Aid dyed.

::Things Found::
I'm not sure what these things are. The first one was on my washing machine. I'm assuming it's something Sherm found in the washer when he ran a load of clothes. Maybe he knows what it is. The last thing I found was out in the road. Both of these are tiny. The botton one is a touch over a 1/4 inch wide. No idea what it is. I found it out in the road by my Dad's house when Mikey was mowing his yard.

Wednesday, September 07, 2005


Wow 5am is early! Especially since I've been sleeping 'til 10am all summer!
Mikey is off on his first day of middle school... he was out the door at 6:30. I don't remember getting up that early when I was in the same school. Maybe because I lived so close and I was a walker. I think I left the house at about 7:40am to be there for 8. We had a little moment this morning when we both thought he lost his postcard bus pass, but then I remembered he had brought it outside the other day to show Vickie and I put it in my knitting bag while I was outside. *whew*

Ok I have a little rant brewing inside me....

When will either the local government or the federal government say that neither were prepared for the hurricane in and leave it at that? For crying out loud. I don't know how any government could be prepared for something like that. This country has never been through a disaster of that size and until you have.... you can't be prepared for it!! Stop wasting time and energy on who is to blame and just get to work on cleaning up. There is only one thing to blame for this.... nature. One of the most unpredictable forces in our world. The president isn't to blame... the feds aren't to blame... the locals aren't to blame... just good old Mother Nature. We're lucky now... now that we fully see what she can do and we should take this as a learning experience so next time Mother nature roars her song we'll be ready and waiting for her!

End of rant...
Now I'm going to get ready to go to a craft store! Without a child! woo hoo! My first trip to a craft store since June that I haven't either had a child with me or I was in a hurry to get home because he didn't want to go.

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

I can't afford my gas

No this isn't a cry because I can't afford my gas.... not yet anyways. It's close, but I'm still ok lol

Sherm has been telling me about this song that the radio station he listens to has been playing like crazy. Well tonight on one of the message boards he hangs out at, someone posted a link to it. It's Flash and has a little video with it. Too funny!
It's called... "
I can't afford my gas"


Sunday, September 04, 2005

Welcome to the blogging world

Hey everyone... Stop over to Mrs. Geno's Place and say howdy to my old neighbor Teresa. She's Mom to Matt... Mikey's buddy and a gal I went to school with.

Teresa errr Sam... here's a link to the
Turkey's . Teresa... Call me and I'll talk you through putting the weather thingy on your blog.

Please welcome
Squidley63 (my hubby Sherman) and Little Squid Dude (my son Mikey) to the world of blogging too!!!

Relaxing and sharing pic's of our day...

Sitting here relaxing a bit, watching "School of Rock" and thinking back over the events of the day. I was able to stay away from the news pretty much most of the day. Finally this evening when Sherm and Mikey were on the computers and I sat knitting a sock, I clicked over to FoxNews. I'm so glad to see that the media is *finally* showing "good news" about the disaster. One gentleman had gotten a hold of (I refuse to say "looted" in this case) all kinds of things for babies. Diapers, formula, diaper wipes, powder, pedialite, etc and was handing the stuff out to Mom's with babies. What got me choked up was one lady who had 2 kids (1 year and 3 months old?) he offered her diapers and she took them and when he went to give her more she said "No, others need them too". You know.... all it takes is something like to make you smile.

So today we did some stuff out in the yard... I attacked my monster sunflower plants. I never expected them to get this huge. At one point they were taller than the house! Hidden in there is a garden arch, a metal bench and several pot of flowers! lol I want sunflowers again next year, but I'm going to plant them all behind the bench, not in front. These aren't the only ones I have either. I have 2 more down the side of the yard to the right.

The wind and rain from Katrina really gave them quite a ride and I had one plant break off at about head high. It was the plant that was taller then the peak of the house. I broke off the flowers that had been on the branched that broke and I piled them to dry...
Just a few of them....

While I was out in the garden I snapped a few pic's of my very late hollyhock. I'm not sure why only one plant produced a stalk and flowers.. my guess.. I may have damaged the main tap root in transplanting, but that's only a guess as the package of seeds warned about being becareful of it when handling the plant.

While I was in the front yard, the guys were in the back yard tackling a little project that has been looking at us all summer long, but we've been putting off. It's been Mikey's for 6 years.... bought used for $75.00 and I have to say that it was a great invesment. Not only did Mikey use it, but at one time there was 12 kids on it at once! Sherm and I used it too.
Please join us in saying good-bye to Mikey's swing set..

Here they already have the swing part down... it went to the right with a ladder overhead and a ladder on the end and had places for 3 swings...

Even Lucy wanted in on the action....

Here it's totally down before they piled the lumber by our shed. We're going to make use of a good portion of the lumber in a few weeks when we rebuild the little cover over our front steps.

So what are your plans for Sunday?

Saturday, September 03, 2005

No words needed

Thursday, September 01, 2005

Shopping with a boy

My sister and I took Mikey school shopping yesterday at . He got a new pair of jeans (those faded worn looking kind), 5 new t-shirts all with cool sayings on them, a black hoody, a pair of black Mack work boots complete with steal toes!, and a new messenger type book bag. The only thing we're lacking to complete school shopping is 2 IBM formatted disks with carry cases. I know we don't have any on hand so I'll have to grab those this weekend.
While were in the shoe department he was getting crabby because my sister was looking at shoes for her.... I couldn't see her in any of the shoes she was looking at, but that's besides the point. He was acting up and being a bit rotten. I told him to go sit down until we were done. Of course I think he called me a jerk in there somewhere too because he was "faking" a headache and I called him on it" SO he sat down for a few minutes, but then I guess he realized how he was acting and then started to try to make the best of being in the ladies shoe isle looking at shoes that would never be bought. My sister often looks at things that she'll never buy just to talk about how "in style" they are or whatever.. blah blah *rolls eyes* I usually stand and say "yes" "uh huh" " yep" and agree just so she isn't talking to herself hehe :) anyway....When my sister held up these shoes

What comes out of his mouth?
"Yikes!, hello... I have 5 toes, not one long pointy one!" ROFL!!

ok so what are the gas prices in your neck of the woods?

On Monday I put $20. in my car and it didn't take it up over half a tank! oh how I wish we still had our little 2 door Geo Metro!! It was one of the 3 cylinder ones and we could go almost 2 weeks on a tank of gas!! Sherms thinking of leaving the company truck at the shop and driving his motorcycle to work. He's getting 42 miles to the gallon with the cycle. The only problem with that is rain. I don't think his boss cares, but Sherm is looking to save the business a few dollars.