Sunday, September 18, 2005


Well after breaking blogger last night I finally was able to finish the updates here this morning. Sorry if you arrived and things looked really bad. I joke when I say I broke blogger last night... blogger had a few problems just as I was trying to change some colors and things kept giving me errors when I tried to republish my template.

I think I have things looking ok.... my color choices are a bit strange, but they work. I never would have put them together on my own before, but with the graphic's I chose for my banner above I had very little to choose from and very little went with them, but I wanted to go with them. In the past few years I've had a dark blog around Halloween and this year I wanted something that didn't scare you readers away.
I have one little image I want to add, but I have to find it first :)
***Image Update***
Spider web in place and looks good... only took about 6 minutes to locate one on the net, flip the animation in a program I have and find a place to put here on my page. Not as long as I thought it was going to take.
Off to watch the race!(GO MARTIN!!!!!)
Have a great day... the sun is out here and I'm going to knit.


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