Saturday, September 10, 2005

Garbage and feces... Gimme a break!!




Over at the website they have a little photo gallery with some pictures from inside the convention center in New Orleans. One of the photos had this caption.
"Garbage and feces litter the floors and countertops of a kitchen in the convention center."
I've looked and looked at photos all over the net of the hurricane victims and how they were living after the hurricane... these people were living like pigs!!! Something tells me they didn't give one crap about picking up after themselves either. I'm sorry, but could you bring yourself to poo in a kitchen and leave it there? This was a convention center people... there had to be more than enough garbage bags for everyone to poo in!! I'm sorry to say this, but folks seemed to not want to do too much to help themselves. Do for me... take care of me when the big storm hits... I don't have a car so provide buses for me to get out of town on. I'm sorry again, but if a big ass storm was headed for my butt, sure as poo I'd get my poo out of there without having to be told twice!!! I keep hearing a lot of people down there were poor... didn't have cars. Did the ones walking around doing the looting only have energy in their legs to loot?? Walk your poo out of there if you have to!! When you get a shelter.... pick up your poo and don't live like the man is gonna come along and pick up after you. Seems to me that one group getting reduced handout checks for clean up of the shelter they stayed in is all it would take for everyone to be somewhat decent about their poo!! "Yes Sir Mr. B. We took $50.00 out of your check because you poo'd on the floor and left it for someone else to clean up." HA!

"Garbage and feces litter the floors and countertops of a kitchen in the convention center"
That's not FEMA's fault... it's not the Presidents fault, it's not the Mayor or the Governors fault... it's the fault of the pigs who put it there!!!

Take care of your poo cause no one else should have to!!



Blogger mrsgeno said...

lol, would be nice to cut thier checks for cleaning up after them if they knew who it was, it would be a waste of time and money to do dna on it, wouldn't be surprised if it was the scum gangs that were beating,killing and raping people. what did you think of the pictures they had of the dead bodies that were mutilated, some of them people were just scum

11:34 PM  

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