Friday, September 16, 2005


Feeling a bit funky, strange, blah, sad, yucky, depressed, almost on the edge of crying-but can't! It's a general funky feeling day. Maybe it the lack of sunshine today. My mind hasn't slowed down too much in the past few days. Mikey has been home sick since Monday after school with pneumonia. Pour kid... his first full week of school and he's out sick. Now I've got a sore throat, ears feel plugged and my head feels like it's in a tin can and I have corks in my nose. lol I had to take my sister to the Dr. yesterday... she fell at the hairdresser the on Tuesday and has a possible broken thumb. They still can't tell for sure so they are going to xray again in a week and look for new bone growth. My mind is on the 3 lawns that need to be mowed, Sherms back in on the fritz, my sister can't mow hers and Mikey can't do any of them. I'm the only one left... and I'm getting sick. I'm holding this cold off though.... I want more than ever to actually be sick so I can get it over with and maybe have a decent winter cold wise, but I don't have the time or the help to do it. I also want to get my kitchen rearanged and soaping things put away as I'm no long using them on a daily basis like I did when I had my busness running. I want my kitchen back to normal and I want to make it so the puppy isn't jumping on the table to see out the windows all the time.
A slight anxiety day I guess....
Listening to the
new age music channel maybe that will relax me a bit.... though I think it's annouying the kid! lol


Blogger Colleen said...

Sorry everyone is sick! Hope you all get better soon.

4:13 PM  

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