Monday, October 31, 2005

Happy Halloween!

Ghoul Morning...

Vhere half I bean? Sick.. blahahahaha....
No, really... I was...

I had the most horrid night sleeping Saturday night. Fever, tossing, turning, chills, hot, couldn't wake up to take anything, strange dreams over and over and over, moaning in my sleep or at least I felt like I was moaning.. I could have been dreaming about it though. By the time I woke up and was able to think about getting something in me, Sherm was awake for the morning too and got things for me. I was so damn weak all day, but I am feeling a touch better today. I'm sure it's a really bad sinus/ear infection. Saturday night watching TV my ears were just ringing and ringing. I live in a mobile home and it truly sounded like the tin can mobile homes are often picked on about. I'm doing a no no... self medicating. I'm taking a script that Sherm got when he had an ear infection, but had to stop taking because he had a reaction to it. I've taken it before so I know I'll be fine. I just couldn't see going to the Dr. or immediate care this week. We don't have the money for the co-pay. Sure, I could have asked Dad for it, but I don't want to have to do that. We had stuff here and I'm feeling better already.

On to other things...

:::Today is::
October 31, 2005
Hallowe'en (from my scottish ancestors)
Samhain (for my Pagan brothers and sisters out there)
Also Remembering my mom who passed on October 31, 1983
This is probably why I love Halloween so much. It was also one of Mom's favorite holidays too.

::Some Fun Stuff::
Halloween from the History Channel
Some more really good info on Halloween at Wikipedia
Good Safety site for kids
I'll be relaxing today and playing Halloween Mahjong
Perhaps some Instant VooDoo is in order for the day as well

As of today there are only 18 days until the release

Thursday, October 27, 2005

Going once, going twice...

Ok knitters I have up for auction a small lot of sock yarn that I simply do not like. I know there are people out there that love this stuff, but it's just not my cup of tea.

Click the pic below to go to and read all about it at eBay

(hope that link works.. if not click the eBay button to the left)


Boxer Shorts Day!! Woo Hoo for boxer shorts! hehe

It's also Thursday... like one more day until the weekend and it's not getting here very fast. Not fast at all. This week has dragged. I can't wake up again. I've been napping during the day. A 2 hour nap yesterday. Totally missed the last part of All My Children yesterday. Woke up in a panic because of the phone ringing. I hate when that happens.

Three cheers for the White Sox! Woo Hoo! Woo Hoo! and Woo hoo!!
Way to go Sox!

::A note to Florida::
Rant warning!
You were warned to prepare! You were told to have at least 72 hours worth of supplies. The government can only do so much. Stop crying when you could have done for yourselves!
I'm so sick of people wanting the government to cover their asses. Whaaaaa.... "My baby needs milk" Hello? you should have had supplies enough before the storm hit... you live where hurricanes happen all the time.... take resposibiliy for yourself and get together an emergency kit. Don't stand there covered in bling and tell me you can't afford an emergency kit! UGH! Cash in some of that bling and take care of that baby you don't have milk for!

FEMA spokeswoman Nicol Andrews.... "...Obviously we can't put our supplies into harm's way (before a storm hits) because then our supplies and workers become victims themselves," she said.
Echoing Bush, she said residents had several days to prepare for Wilma and "it's really disappointing to see how underprepared so many people were."

I wish I could just shake some of these people sometimes. Only problem with that is the chance of shaking free the only few brain cells they have left... then the government would really have to take care of these no brain idiots!
End rant! LOL

I leave you today with....

Happy Thursday everyone!

Monday, October 24, 2005

Project Report

Another project to mark as done! I finished these up before bed last night... wanted to wait 'til today to get a pic of them though. I had to do my nails :P

These started out for Mikey and once again a project for him has ended up with a different owner. This time they are mine. His pudgie little fingers would have no way fit in the fingers. A total over stight in my book. I could have made adjustments if I had been thinking when I first started the fingers, but it never crossed my mind until I had one glove completely done and at that point I wasn't going to rip the fingers out. He didn't seem too mad about it though. I'll find him some at a store before winter really flys. He wants them to look ragged anyway.... course I didn't find this out until I had started on them.
So without boring you anymore.... here they are...
Black fingerless gloves.... wool acrylic blend... pattern is half made up by me... half from Family Circle Easy Knitting Holiday 2004.

What a day...

I'm tired already! The puppy.. Miss Lucy Loo who isn't such a puppy anymore... she's over a year old, but she's been a royal pain in the butt all day. Barking out the front window at nothing.... staring at nothing... growling.... again at nothing

Or so I thought... I finally caught her in mid growl and got a look at what she's been keeping me running for all day....
On full zoom so it's farther away from the window than it appears here.... I have no idea how the dog saw it....

Here's a closer look...

Yep.. it's a tiny chipmonk that's been driving this dog bonkers all day!
I am glad I found out what was going on.... I didn't have much to blog about today and this was perfect! I'm going to try knitting again and maybe this time the chipmonk will stay away long enough for me to get more than 8 or so rows of this scarf done.... I all the years we've lived here I've never seen a chipmonk... not even over in the woods. Something tells me we're in for one heck of a winter.... oh and speaking of winter... we're under a severe winter weather watch for tonight and tomorrow! LOL

Friday, October 21, 2005

It's Friday!

Yay! The weekend is here!
I want to thank everyone on their comments and emails regaurding my last post....which by the way is now deleted. I think it's best to delete it and leave it in the trash for now. I spoke my mind and now that I have I'm ready to get the goods on the freak and finally put him in his place. I'm having some panic type problems when I go to the store, but with some help from Sherm I'm sure I can get through it. I have to.... I won't let him win.

Please take a moment to fill out our poll! LOL I've always wanted to say that. Actually, I used to run polls on my blog. I called them F.T.P's (Fun Tuesday Polls) I'd post a new poll every Tuesday.. they were fun/funny questions with some pretty truthful answers. The service I was using changed and started adding popups in the coding and I hated it.. didn't want my readers to be forced into getting a popup from my blog... especially when I had a blog site without popups to begin with. So now I've found a new poll site that doesn't have popups. Now I just have to find out if you want me to run the polls again. It'd be cool to if you ran an FTP on your blog too.... it's be like a poll ring of sorts. We could all vote on each others poll..... *shrug* it's just a thought :)

This weekend is going to be rainy and cold here. They are calling for snow Mon, Tue and Wed of next week already mostly in the higher elevations, but it's going to be cold enough here to snow. I hope we can find some time to get a new roof over our small deck out front here before too much of winter shows up. I've also located and will be picking up this weekend the carb kit for our gas powered snow blower. I will not be busting my butt again this winter with that small electric snow shovel to do both driveways.

Sarhara showed up from Netflix the other day and we haven't watched it yet. It's on the list for this weekend though.... that and staying warm! Might even turn on the heater on the fireplace. Oh and getting a new furnace filter and firing up that bad boy.
What are your plans? Anything fun? Anything warm?

Sunday, October 16, 2005

Went for breakfast/lunch/dinner

After a really bad morning...Anxiety finally showed it's ugly face in a way that it hadn't in months... anyway no one had breakfast and that time ran into lunch time and dinner time was right around the corner... I was in bed until almost 2pm so we went out for dinner to the Old Country Buffet. The Sunday menu is much nicer than during the week or on Friday. I tried something I'd never heard of before.... Spinach Marie and it was just yummy! Of course I had to find the recipe on the net :) I'm going to have to make it soon... the guys won't eat it, but I bet I could share it with my step mom.


Saturday, October 15, 2005

Rest well camp

We closed up camp for the season today :(
Sleep well you wonderful camper.
It's sad to see it all closed up... It looks so lonely. Seems like only yesterday Mikey and Matt were helping open camp.... Matt you would have had fun today and we could have used the extra muscles. We have to tarp it still, but we can't do it until Tom's RV Service winterizes the pipes for us. We're going to spend more time up there next summer. We'll have to take Lucy with us, but we can handle it. I'm going to make it a point to go there more often during the week when Mikey is off school on summer vacation. Mikey was such a big help with everything today.... I'm so proud of him. He didn't mouth off to anyone or have any attitude about having to help out.

A note on my past few bad days.... this morning started out with feeling just as I did yesterday. I could feel my heart beating in my teeth. My anxiety hasn't been that bad in a long time, but I think I know what was going on. I was feeling sorry for myself.... I need a break so bad, but deep down I know it's not possible... I wanted so bad to have it possible though. I took a deep breath and made myself say it wasn't possible. I'll get a break one day..... I just have to be patient. There are other things that are more important. I have to focus on those things and not on me.

I may have just signed up a ton of spam mail.... DOH!!
I hate to admit this, but I clicked on one of those stupid banner ads... "Hit the mailbox and win a PSP..." Mikey wants a PSP so bad and I'm not sure if funds will allow it for Christmas so I thought maybe I could get one for free..... NOT! lol Once they reel you in with the offer of a free PSP they tell you all you have to do is take a survey and take up vendors on free offers and you'll get your free PSP. I went through all the vendors..... all but one of them had a hitch. "You can get a free trial of this if you just pay shipping" Yep well... every last one of these free offers became enrollments in month to month deals if you didn't cancel you free trial and return the product in 10 days!! And your credit card will automatically be billed... I think not! lol Of course I didn't find that out until after I signed up for Netflix through this site. Netflix was the only vender that didn't have a hidden fee. I was going to sign up with them anyway for the winter since we haven't found a decent video store to go to ever since our favorite place went out of business this past spring. I mean we've gone to BlockBuster in the past month, but the 2 times I went to rent a new release and the shelves were bare so I forked out the cash to buy the 2 movies. They were keepers anyway... we would have eventually bought copies after we rented them, but man... I bought them crossing my fingers all the way through the movies that they were really worth the money I put into them. I hate the little local store down the road and blockbuster is a bit further away than I care to travel in the winter.... the roads that lead there are not always the best maintained.

Friday, October 14, 2005

It's Friday...

and I can't seem to wake up again...
I went back to make the bed after Sherm left for work... layed across it to shut off my fan and fell asleep!
Woke up startled when I heard something being crunched in the livingroom by the puppy. One of Mikey's toy guns is now in the trash.... I just hope she didn't eat any of the lazer pointer that was taped to the top of it and is now shattered like a tree from the Golf Coast area *sigh*

I'm going to be doing some spiffy-ing up on this blog today, so if you've arrived here and things look a little out of place... no worries... I'll be tweaking things to make them pretty again.

So... to occupy some of your time why not check this out
On the quiz thingy I left the rating at that other site blank... you can leave whatever you want blank.
Have fun and happy friday..... I think I need a vacation *sigh*

Thursday, October 13, 2005

Now I'm messin' with them!

Bam.. slide... crinkle... ting... ting... crinkle..

Not a peep out of either dog.
Lucy had already been a running wild dog this morning doing figure 8's in the livingroom and kitchen and was tuckered out to the point of sleeping with her eyes open ... I hate when dogs do that!
I knew what the noise was this morning though and I half expected it because I hadn't been out to feed the birds yet. It's a cold rainy day here and there really hadn't been many birds to my feeder. What few have stopped by have stopped at my finch feeder.... squirrel proof finch feeder.

ting... ting... crinkle.... silence... looooonnng silence..
cRiNkLe! cRiNkLe! cRiNkLe! tinggggg!

uh oh... had it managed to do what I feared?
I never brought in the tin yesterday. I got busy and never thought about it until just now! *sigh*

Well..... guess what?

I knew it was just a matter of time and they would figure out how to get the tin open.

Well... guess what?

I don't want that tin in the house today... it's been raining out for a few days and the tin is just soaked (dry on the inside!)

Mess with my bird food will ya?
Then I'm gonna mess with you!
Take this you blasted squirrel!

It's going to be interesting to see what happens to that rock. I did go out and feed the birds so maybe the squirrel will leave the tin alone for a few hours. I moved the tin too over near the railing so I can see it from the window in the door. Maybe I'll be able to snap a pic of the little shit in action if it tries to get back into the tin :)

Hows your Thursday lining up?

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Heart attack...

Hold your shorts...I didn't have a heart attack, but I sure got a heck of a cardio work out that left me with a pounding heart that felt like I was going to have one though...

The event took place as follows....

Rattle... Rattle
Me: *gasp* mutes TV
Rattle... rattle...bump..rat... bump...slide... thump bump
Lucy: AROOOOO *stands up on couch*
Rattle... bump.. bump... bump
Me: *gasp* heart is racing
Front door: bam!BAM! creeeeek bam
rattle slide bam
Me: hair stands up on back of neck.... cold sweat hits me
Lucy: AROOOOO Woof Woof *tips head all the way sideways as if that will help her hear what the sound is*
Abby: Woof (the great protector dog! lol)
Thump! Bam bump!
Then silence again.... except for my heart pounding in my chest...

I walk to the door this time, peek out the small window and what do I see....

Why... it's one of the many squirrels from my front yard trying to get into the large tin I keep the bird seed in on the front porch. Not only was it trying to get in the tin, but it was knocking at the door as if to say..."Hey Lady, we ate all the food in the bird feeder and we want more damn-it!!"

Well Mr. Squirrel got a little surprise... We bring the dog run the door so all we have to do is hook a dog and open the door without having to step out and get wet or snowy etc. Lucy has been a squirrel freak since she got out this summer into the woods and if you tell her to go get the squirrel she knows what she has to do.... neither expected what they saw when I opened that door!! ROFL!!! I don't think that squirrel touched the ground between the front deck and the tree in the neighbors front yard!! Lucy had a great time running off the other squirrels in the front yard all of whom I assume were told to split by the squirrel that was on the deck! What a hoot! but I better bring in the bird food... it'll only be a matter of time before they figure out how to open that tin.... it holds almost 5 lbs of food at a time.... a drop in a bucket for a group of squirrels. It would be gone in a day!

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Me Time

From the book of Sherman....

Snuggled in bed last night, one dog on the bed and one on the floor, we lay watching a few minutes of the last quarter of the football game before drifting off to sleepy land when a commercial comes on that sparks an enlightening conversation....

The TV commercial was for Dr. Pepper... song on the commercial was "I would do anything" by Meatloaf... gotta love Meatloaf! Anyway.... as the commercial goes on it's about a relationship and how the guy would do anything for his gal.... even walk through a store carrying and then purchase tampons while the gal sits out in the car. I turn and ask Sherm if he'd buy me tampons and he replies "Only if I really had to... like if you couldn't go to the store" I think "ok... I'm cool with that", but then I push it and say "I'd buy you jock itch stuff if you needed it" "Well that's different... you have an interest in 'down there'"... I cut him off and say " and you don't have an interest in 'my down there'? He says.. "well not then... it's your 'me time' I have no interest during 'me time'.
Men! LOL
So now I know where I stand and atleast I can count on a week of Me Time every month.
Oooooh..... *grin* I feel a need to really milk this "Me Time"
*Evil Chuckle*

I gotta ask a fashion question here....
What is the deal with wearing those flannel pj bottoms/pants out in public? I'm looking at mine on me right now and I can't imagine going to the grocery store for the weeks food supply in my pj's! I mean mine don't have all those cute moons and sheep like I've seen in the stores (on shoppers of course) mine are basic blue and white plaid, but I still wouldn't wear them in public. Then last week one of the girls in the neighborhood that Mikey hangs out with came over and she was wearing hers. I wanted to turn her around at the door and send her on way telling her she was a little girl and little girls don't go to boys houses in their pj's. Then I wanted to call her parents and ask them why they allow their daughter out in public in her pj's. I didn't though.... but I really had to bite my tongue. It's wrong I tell ya.... wrong! Not only does it look frumpy, but it looks lazy.
Wrong...wrong...just plain wrong. I'm not into fashion and I really don't give a crap what people think about how I dress (tee shirts and jeans for me please) but I care enough to not wear my pj's in public!!!

::Today is::

Take your teddy bear to school or work day!

::On the tired note from yesterday::
I don't know what it was, but I'm feeling much better today and I"m looking forward to tomorrow when Mikey goes back to school and I can get up really early again. I know... if you know me in real life you'll be calling Sherm later to make sure I haven't totally flipped.

Off to work on the piles of clean laundry that I never touched yesterday.
Have a great Tuesday!

Monday, October 10, 2005


Angelfood Cake Day!
ok.. ok.. and Happy Columbus Day, even though the official Columbus Day isn't until the 12th. Today is just a day to extend the weekend.

How was your weekend? We didn't do much. Relaxed mostly ... I should be really rested and ready to go, but now I can't seem to wake up. Strange. Maybe I need to get up away from this computer and get going on making beds and doing laundry.

I did something really stupid yesterday. Sherm hates chicken... so what do I fix? Homemade fried chicken on our anniversary. DOH! It gets tough trying to pick a menu without including cheap chicken.

Ok off to make the beds.... I gotta wake up!
Have a great Monday!

Sunday, October 09, 2005

6 years ago today....

Two became one

Happy Anniversary Babe! I love you!

Saturday, October 08, 2005

Lazy day already

Yep... it's a lazy day already. We're just sitting here watching cartoons with Mikey. What a great family activity! LOL I'm only on my second cup of coffee for the day and we haven't been up that long.

Sherm's MRI went well last night. He had a closed one.... eek! It gives me the freaks just thinking about it. He said he actually had fun. Fun? I knew that man was strange when I met him, but this confirms it! No wait... this just shows that he's offically lost it!! His back trouble isn't in his back... it's in his brain!! hehe :)
j/k hunny..... love ya! Ya strange old poop *giggle* :)

I'm going to get started today listing some of our stuff on eBay. I'll toss up a link when I get things offically done. Mikey is even going to go through his toys and video games to see if there is anything he wants to get rid of. It's our virtual garage sale!

I might have posted this before, but I love it...

Knitting Blonde
A highway patrolman pulled up alongside a speeding car on the freeway. As the officer peered through the driver's window, he was astounded to find that the blonde behind the wheel was knitting.
The trooper cranked down his window and yelled to the driver, "Pull over!" at the top of his lungs. "No!" the blonde yelled back, "Scarf!"

Friday, October 07, 2005


Bathtub Day!! Woo Hoo!! Take a bath tonight and relax. Start your weekend out right!!

It's also.... FRIDAY!!! finally! UGH! this week dragged. At least it felt like it took forever for today to arrive. We all woke up late this morning. Even Mikey and that is so not like him. Usually he's the one waking me up and he'll have been up for an hour watching cartoons before I get up. Anyway... I can't wait to sleep in tomorrow.

Speaking of sleeping in...
The puppy is making a milestone tonight. We're going to try letting her sleep outside of her kennel and see how she does. She loves getting up on the bed with Sherm and I and snuggling. We'll see..... she may end up back in her kennel by morning. It all depends on if she settles down and sleeps all night. Of course we won't be able to open our bedroom door at all or else she'd be out in the rest of the house having a wild party :)

Sherm goes for his MRI tonight.... keep good thoughts for him. I hope his back problem is something that can be fixed with physical therapy.

Ok... off to get into something to wake me up.
Happy Friday Everyone!

Thursday, October 06, 2005

Knitting and stuff

As promised here's a pic of Sherm's house socks. Fuzz and all from being worn already. The yarn is Lion brands Lumber Jack Black. I love their sock yarn and wish they'd put out new colors. I have all that they make and though there are plenty of other brands out there I think theirs is just as good as any other brand without costing me a family meal. Though I have to say I tried Opel and I wasn't happy with the feel as I was working with it and in fact gave up and it sits in my sock yarn tote waiting for me to do something else with it. Not sure what... perhaps catnip mice?? *hears a knitter scream somewhere over the thought* There simply is nothing like the feel of handknit socks. I love all of mine and I have plenty of sock yarn waiting to be knit to prove you just can't have too many pairs of home made socks!

Work is slowly progressing on Mikey's
fingerless gloves. Here's a pic of the first cuff. My hands are killing me! Every time I have to do rib stitch (k2 p2) I end up with my hands hurting. I'm sure it's early signs of that hand problem I refuse to spell out here (I'm in denial!! ok? :P lol) but as long as it's only when I do rib stitch I don't and won't pay too much attention to the aches and pains.

Today is another day of laundry. I'm digging out some of our cooler weather clothes and even if they're clean they still smell..... stale.. dusty.. not fresh. So I'm washing them all. I'm not going to hang them out to dry because we have to mow the lawn later.

Sherm had his first physical therapy appointment last night. They aren't going to officially treat him for any one particular thing until they get the results of the MRI... maybe early next week they will know and they can get him going on the right track. He'll be going 3 times a week for now. He wants to cut it back already, but I don't want him to. We'll eat super cheap to afford the co-pays. He needs to get better! (hear that you old poop?? :P )

I'm off to knit.... any plans yet for the weekend? I'm thinking homemade pizza and a few evil games of UNO! Maybe rent a DVD or replay one from our collection. I think I'll pop in my Braveheart movie now to watch while I knit... laters!


Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Getting Old, Fall Cleaning and Knitting

Have you ever thought about your parents getting older?
I mean... really sat down and looked at them and thought
about their age, how they do things, how they see the world?
Ever get scared? I have.. a lot! More recently as I see my dad and step mom sometimes 4 or more times a day. There are days they scare the living crap out of me. I don't want Mikey in a car with either of them anymore which is hard because they want to take him places.... even an overnight up north this coming weekend. I asked him if he wanted to go and even he said he didn't want to be in the car with them. That's scary! My step mom gave him a pretty bad scare last week when he went with her to help her pick up KFC for dinner. I guess she pulled out in front of a big SUV. Just decided it was her turn to go.... she had waited long enough and just went! Yikes!

Over the past few days I've been at their house many times to help them with the simplest of things and then some things that just let me see how much older they are getting. Dad tipped out of his office chair yesterday and couldn't get up. He's still working and driving, but can't get up off the floor. My step mom is getting more and more grumpy too. She yelled at me the day before yesterday and then when she locked up her computer yesterday and I was once again called down to help... I got on the website she was trying to get to when she locked up her computer, the site asked for her email address (to register for a warranty) she refused to allow me to put it in.. "I get enough junk mail". The info was required and the only way to complete the warranty info was to supply an email address. I just used mine, but there was no explaining it to her as to why they needed her email address. She refused to listen to me about it. She's getting more stubborn than ever.

Of course my sister is hardly ever treated to this fun. Where is she right now? Well, she's in Reading, PA with the girls shopping, on their yearly mini vacation. That doesn't mean too much though as she makes it a point to not go near their house or talk to them for days, sometimes weeks on end. She lives around the corner from them too..... 6 houses away!

I don't know what's gotten into me lately, but I've been cleaning like a Momma squirrel getting ready for a long comfy winter of hibernating. Maybe it's my new earlier hours getting up with Mikey. Almost every day there's laundry running and the beds are usually made by 8am. I've even been making the beds on the weekends! Yesterday I tackled a task that has been a soar spot for over a year... the shoes! Because of the puppy we have to keep our everyday shoes in the hallway. Well it always looked like a shoe factory exploded and it never failed the shoes would pile up and fall out in the walking area. It was usually me that tripped on them. So I took down one of my soaping shelves in the kitchen and put it near Mikey's bedroom to keep the shoes on. Now things are neat and orderly and the hallway is wide again! Well that lead to cleaning up the laundry area.... opposite the old shoe are. Now I have to find a new place to keep the laundry hamper..... the old hamper area is where the shoe shelf is now. Closet space is sooooo limited in this mobile home! LOL

I also tackled another problem yesterday that had everyone going crazy here. For weeks now the puppy has been jumping over the hinged baby gate that leads blocks off the back of the house. Well I wanted to do the shoe thing and I kept having to get the puppy down off the gate. I was getting pretty frustrated. I hate to leash her to the inside of the front door just so I can go to the back of the house. She whines so bad when we do that to her. Well we had another baby gate here.... got digging in a coffee can out on the 3 season room and came up with an old door hinge.... some zip ties and a few long screws later we now have a double height hinged baby gate!!

Never under estimate the power of woman when she has zip ties on hand!! Yeah Baby!!

I finished Sherms house socks. I'll have to get a pic later today. They came out really nice and he's worn them quite a few times! I think he likes them too! My next project will be Mikey's fingerless gloves... I'm combining 2 patterns for them.... I'm far from an expert, but I'm finally getting so I can combine patterns or re-do a pattern to fit my needs.

Monday, October 03, 2005

Catching Up and Halloween Decorations

Not much has been going on around here. Seems like I just get a few minutes to jump on-line and someone wants something from me *sigh* oh well... someone has to keep things going around here... it might as well be me. I'm the one with the fewest aches and pains, though I have to say the knee I had surgery on a few years ago has a new pain.... a pain just like I had in it before, but this time it's on the other side. I hope I haven't torn the other side of the meniscus. :( Sherm finally went to see our Dr. on Friday afternoon and is now set up for an MRI on his back this Friday and he starts physical therapy Wednesday afternoon.

This past weekend's weather was perfect. Sunny and warm. We took advantage of the weather and put up our Halloween decorations.

Here's the graveyard.... Different this year from past Halloweens is the fence type thing around the back made of bamboo garden stakes painted splotchy white with black (purple) and orange lights strung between them and the arch in the front. Seems like we make it a touch bigger every year. We're thinking we need bigger grave markers next year. The ones we have now are store bought and they just don't have the needed touch for the new look with the arch and the fence. We'll be making some really neat looking ones for next year.

We have a good portion of the house lit up. Our 3 season room on the right (you can't see it very well here) has a flaming cauldron and lit pumpkin, flashing eye lights and orange lights. On the left side is the front porch and that has orange lights around the top, a lit wreath, 4 lit pumpkins, a rattle bones windchime that has flashing lights and is sound activated.
Here's a close up of the partial coffin in the back of the graveyard

And one last one of lights on the wreath on my front porch

After Halloween all I have to do is take the pumpkin and ghost lights off and I have a lighted fall leaf wreath on my porch :)