Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Getting Old, Fall Cleaning and Knitting

Have you ever thought about your parents getting older?
I mean... really sat down and looked at them and thought
about their age, how they do things, how they see the world?
Ever get scared? I have.. a lot! More recently as I see my dad and step mom sometimes 4 or more times a day. There are days they scare the living crap out of me. I don't want Mikey in a car with either of them anymore which is hard because they want to take him places.... even an overnight up north this coming weekend. I asked him if he wanted to go and even he said he didn't want to be in the car with them. That's scary! My step mom gave him a pretty bad scare last week when he went with her to help her pick up KFC for dinner. I guess she pulled out in front of a big SUV. Just decided it was her turn to go.... she had waited long enough and just went! Yikes!

Over the past few days I've been at their house many times to help them with the simplest of things and then some things that just let me see how much older they are getting. Dad tipped out of his office chair yesterday and couldn't get up. He's still working and driving, but can't get up off the floor. My step mom is getting more and more grumpy too. She yelled at me the day before yesterday and then when she locked up her computer yesterday and I was once again called down to help... I got on the website she was trying to get to when she locked up her computer, the site asked for her email address (to register for a warranty) she refused to allow me to put it in.. "I get enough junk mail". The info was required and the only way to complete the warranty info was to supply an email address. I just used mine, but there was no explaining it to her as to why they needed her email address. She refused to listen to me about it. She's getting more stubborn than ever.

Of course my sister is hardly ever treated to this fun. Where is she right now? Well, she's in Reading, PA with the girls shopping, on their yearly mini vacation. That doesn't mean too much though as she makes it a point to not go near their house or talk to them for days, sometimes weeks on end. She lives around the corner from them too..... 6 houses away!

I don't know what's gotten into me lately, but I've been cleaning like a Momma squirrel getting ready for a long comfy winter of hibernating. Maybe it's my new earlier hours getting up with Mikey. Almost every day there's laundry running and the beds are usually made by 8am. I've even been making the beds on the weekends! Yesterday I tackled a task that has been a soar spot for over a year... the shoes! Because of the puppy we have to keep our everyday shoes in the hallway. Well it always looked like a shoe factory exploded and it never failed the shoes would pile up and fall out in the walking area. It was usually me that tripped on them. So I took down one of my soaping shelves in the kitchen and put it near Mikey's bedroom to keep the shoes on. Now things are neat and orderly and the hallway is wide again! Well that lead to cleaning up the laundry area.... opposite the old shoe are. Now I have to find a new place to keep the laundry hamper..... the old hamper area is where the shoe shelf is now. Closet space is sooooo limited in this mobile home! LOL

I also tackled another problem yesterday that had everyone going crazy here. For weeks now the puppy has been jumping over the hinged baby gate that leads blocks off the back of the house. Well I wanted to do the shoe thing and I kept having to get the puppy down off the gate. I was getting pretty frustrated. I hate to leash her to the inside of the front door just so I can go to the back of the house. She whines so bad when we do that to her. Well we had another baby gate here.... got digging in a coffee can out on the 3 season room and came up with an old door hinge.... some zip ties and a few long screws later we now have a double height hinged baby gate!!

Never under estimate the power of woman when she has zip ties on hand!! Yeah Baby!!

I finished Sherms house socks. I'll have to get a pic later today. They came out really nice and he's worn them quite a few times! I think he likes them too! My next project will be Mikey's fingerless gloves... I'm combining 2 patterns for them.... I'm far from an expert, but I'm finally getting so I can combine patterns or re-do a pattern to fit my needs.


Blogger Lisanne said...

Terri, I'm TOTALLY in cleaning mode lately. I don't know what it is. I scrubbed our floors and vacuumed because Lucas is crawling now, and I wanted them to be clean. I want to reorganize my craft area soon. And about my parents, I just can't really imagine anything like that happening to them yet. In my mind, they're still SO young. It's hard to think about, but I know that day will come.

12:05 PM  
Blogger Terri said...

Lisanne, When you posted your Dad's birthday I had to laugh. He's only a few years older than my sister. You have many, many years before you have to worry about your parents age.

12:26 PM  

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