Friday, October 14, 2005

It's Friday...

and I can't seem to wake up again...
I went back to make the bed after Sherm left for work... layed across it to shut off my fan and fell asleep!
Woke up startled when I heard something being crunched in the livingroom by the puppy. One of Mikey's toy guns is now in the trash.... I just hope she didn't eat any of the lazer pointer that was taped to the top of it and is now shattered like a tree from the Golf Coast area *sigh*

I'm going to be doing some spiffy-ing up on this blog today, so if you've arrived here and things look a little out of place... no worries... I'll be tweaking things to make them pretty again.

So... to occupy some of your time why not check this out
On the quiz thingy I left the rating at that other site blank... you can leave whatever you want blank.
Have fun and happy friday..... I think I need a vacation *sigh*


Blogger Colleen said...

Hmmm, must be puppy chewing time. John lost a pair of gel knee pads to the puppy that he left on the porch. Doggy decided to have them for breakfast today! LOL, needless to say, thanks to the dog using them as a chew toy, and a wood pencil, the porch has finally been cleaned off!!!

10:04 PM  

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