Friday, October 21, 2005

It's Friday!

Yay! The weekend is here!
I want to thank everyone on their comments and emails regaurding my last post....which by the way is now deleted. I think it's best to delete it and leave it in the trash for now. I spoke my mind and now that I have I'm ready to get the goods on the freak and finally put him in his place. I'm having some panic type problems when I go to the store, but with some help from Sherm I'm sure I can get through it. I have to.... I won't let him win.

Please take a moment to fill out our poll! LOL I've always wanted to say that. Actually, I used to run polls on my blog. I called them F.T.P's (Fun Tuesday Polls) I'd post a new poll every Tuesday.. they were fun/funny questions with some pretty truthful answers. The service I was using changed and started adding popups in the coding and I hated it.. didn't want my readers to be forced into getting a popup from my blog... especially when I had a blog site without popups to begin with. So now I've found a new poll site that doesn't have popups. Now I just have to find out if you want me to run the polls again. It'd be cool to if you ran an FTP on your blog too.... it's be like a poll ring of sorts. We could all vote on each others poll..... *shrug* it's just a thought :)

This weekend is going to be rainy and cold here. They are calling for snow Mon, Tue and Wed of next week already mostly in the higher elevations, but it's going to be cold enough here to snow. I hope we can find some time to get a new roof over our small deck out front here before too much of winter shows up. I've also located and will be picking up this weekend the carb kit for our gas powered snow blower. I will not be busting my butt again this winter with that small electric snow shovel to do both driveways.

Sarhara showed up from Netflix the other day and we haven't watched it yet. It's on the list for this weekend though.... that and staying warm! Might even turn on the heater on the fireplace. Oh and getting a new furnace filter and firing up that bad boy.
What are your plans? Anything fun? Anything warm?


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