Thursday, October 06, 2005

Knitting and stuff

As promised here's a pic of Sherm's house socks. Fuzz and all from being worn already. The yarn is Lion brands Lumber Jack Black. I love their sock yarn and wish they'd put out new colors. I have all that they make and though there are plenty of other brands out there I think theirs is just as good as any other brand without costing me a family meal. Though I have to say I tried Opel and I wasn't happy with the feel as I was working with it and in fact gave up and it sits in my sock yarn tote waiting for me to do something else with it. Not sure what... perhaps catnip mice?? *hears a knitter scream somewhere over the thought* There simply is nothing like the feel of handknit socks. I love all of mine and I have plenty of sock yarn waiting to be knit to prove you just can't have too many pairs of home made socks!

Work is slowly progressing on Mikey's
fingerless gloves. Here's a pic of the first cuff. My hands are killing me! Every time I have to do rib stitch (k2 p2) I end up with my hands hurting. I'm sure it's early signs of that hand problem I refuse to spell out here (I'm in denial!! ok? :P lol) but as long as it's only when I do rib stitch I don't and won't pay too much attention to the aches and pains.

Today is another day of laundry. I'm digging out some of our cooler weather clothes and even if they're clean they still smell..... stale.. dusty.. not fresh. So I'm washing them all. I'm not going to hang them out to dry because we have to mow the lawn later.

Sherm had his first physical therapy appointment last night. They aren't going to officially treat him for any one particular thing until they get the results of the MRI... maybe early next week they will know and they can get him going on the right track. He'll be going 3 times a week for now. He wants to cut it back already, but I don't want him to. We'll eat super cheap to afford the co-pays. He needs to get better! (hear that you old poop?? :P )

I'm off to knit.... any plans yet for the weekend? I'm thinking homemade pizza and a few evil games of UNO! Maybe rent a DVD or replay one from our collection. I think I'll pop in my Braveheart movie now to watch while I knit... laters!



Blogger Colleen said...

Hehehe, does the bad word start with an "A"? I haven't been able to open a jar without a jar opener for a year now cause I can't grip the top. I also can't xstitch for too long before my hands cramp up. Joints hurt in my hands. Yeah, I'm in denial too!!!

10:40 AM  
Blogger Terri said...

No this word is actually 2 words... car... tun.. that's all I'm saying LOL Hurting muscles and numb fingers.

12:20 PM  

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