Monday, October 24, 2005

Project Report

Another project to mark as done! I finished these up before bed last night... wanted to wait 'til today to get a pic of them though. I had to do my nails :P

These started out for Mikey and once again a project for him has ended up with a different owner. This time they are mine. His pudgie little fingers would have no way fit in the fingers. A total over stight in my book. I could have made adjustments if I had been thinking when I first started the fingers, but it never crossed my mind until I had one glove completely done and at that point I wasn't going to rip the fingers out. He didn't seem too mad about it though. I'll find him some at a store before winter really flys. He wants them to look ragged anyway.... course I didn't find this out until I had started on them.
So without boring you anymore.... here they are...
Black fingerless gloves.... wool acrylic blend... pattern is half made up by me... half from Family Circle Easy Knitting Holiday 2004.


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