Saturday, October 15, 2005

Rest well camp

We closed up camp for the season today :(
Sleep well you wonderful camper.
It's sad to see it all closed up... It looks so lonely. Seems like only yesterday Mikey and Matt were helping open camp.... Matt you would have had fun today and we could have used the extra muscles. We have to tarp it still, but we can't do it until Tom's RV Service winterizes the pipes for us. We're going to spend more time up there next summer. We'll have to take Lucy with us, but we can handle it. I'm going to make it a point to go there more often during the week when Mikey is off school on summer vacation. Mikey was such a big help with everything today.... I'm so proud of him. He didn't mouth off to anyone or have any attitude about having to help out.

A note on my past few bad days.... this morning started out with feeling just as I did yesterday. I could feel my heart beating in my teeth. My anxiety hasn't been that bad in a long time, but I think I know what was going on. I was feeling sorry for myself.... I need a break so bad, but deep down I know it's not possible... I wanted so bad to have it possible though. I took a deep breath and made myself say it wasn't possible. I'll get a break one day..... I just have to be patient. There are other things that are more important. I have to focus on those things and not on me.

I may have just signed up a ton of spam mail.... DOH!!
I hate to admit this, but I clicked on one of those stupid banner ads... "Hit the mailbox and win a PSP..." Mikey wants a PSP so bad and I'm not sure if funds will allow it for Christmas so I thought maybe I could get one for free..... NOT! lol Once they reel you in with the offer of a free PSP they tell you all you have to do is take a survey and take up vendors on free offers and you'll get your free PSP. I went through all the vendors..... all but one of them had a hitch. "You can get a free trial of this if you just pay shipping" Yep well... every last one of these free offers became enrollments in month to month deals if you didn't cancel you free trial and return the product in 10 days!! And your credit card will automatically be billed... I think not! lol Of course I didn't find that out until after I signed up for Netflix through this site. Netflix was the only vender that didn't have a hidden fee. I was going to sign up with them anyway for the winter since we haven't found a decent video store to go to ever since our favorite place went out of business this past spring. I mean we've gone to BlockBuster in the past month, but the 2 times I went to rent a new release and the shelves were bare so I forked out the cash to buy the 2 movies. They were keepers anyway... we would have eventually bought copies after we rented them, but man... I bought them crossing my fingers all the way through the movies that they were really worth the money I put into them. I hate the little local store down the road and blockbuster is a bit further away than I care to travel in the winter.... the roads that lead there are not always the best maintained.


Blogger Colleen said...

Who closed? We've had Netflix for a while & they're great. Much cheaper than going to the video store.

6:33 PM  
Blogger Terri said...

Remember... USA Video?
I think you asked me before too LOL
I hope Netflix is everything I've heard they are.... I really don't want to have to travel if I don't have to this winter.

9:16 PM  
Blogger Colleen said...

Yeah, I remembered after I posted the ? I was thinking Movie Time, stuff closer to you. Silly me!

11:34 AM  

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