Wednesday, November 30, 2005

I gots the gook...

LOL Back from the Dr with narcotic cough stuff and a full run of samples of an antibiotic because they would have cost me an arm, leg and my first born! I'm not suppose to talk either so don't call me!!

I jumped on here real quick before the cough medicine kicks in to share an e-mail I received...
Normally I don't pay too much attention to parental advice... everyone has different opinions and of course the way I do things is usually wrong or bassackwards or I'm too easy on the kid, but this is some good advice that I'm at least going to run by Mikey for use in the future... He might see things in a different light...

Tough Love vs. Spanking

Most of America's populace thinks it very improper to spank children, so I have tried other methods to control our kids when they have one of "those moments". One that I found very effective is for me to just take the child for a car ride and talk. They usually calm down and stop misbehaving after our little car ride together. I've included the photo below of one of my sessions, with our son, in case you would like to use the technique. Its very effective


hehehehehehe..... I can't help but chuckle every time I look at that pic...

Laters Dudes and Dudettes

Squeekedy squeek

I'm not as squeeky as I was yesterday... just a little and I've got a quiet whisper going on, but what little voice I have is on it's way out quick. I'm staying off the phone as much as possible and when I need to get the dogs attention I clap my hands. They've been very good so far today and have spent a good part of the morning sleeping. I managed to get an apointment for the Dr. at 4pm today. Kathy, the lady who answers the phone, couldn't help but laugh at how squeeky and quiet I am and she warned me she's fitting me in and it could be quite a wait. That's fine with me... I can knit and cough on everyone in the waiting room LOL I like to knit in public. It makes time fly and I get lots of strange looks as I'm sitting there with 4 double pointed needles in my hand (sock knitting) just flying away as I look arourd the room and talk to Mikey.

I'll be doing some updating to my template for a good part of the day. I want to get my Dates-N-Things back up and I also want to put a few other lists on the sidebars.. I thought is might be cool to share my favorite on-line game sites and a few other cool little gizmos I ran into.

Have a great hump day!

Tuesday, November 29, 2005

I'm speachless

*Clears throat*
*Clears throat*
*sq sq sq u eeeek*

I have little to no voice today... my ears are plugged so bad they hurt when I'm around high pitched sounds and forget listening to any kids cartoon!! Ladies voices on TV have an echo in my right ear that's high pitched too. :P I started a tickly type cough a little while ago and unless I wake up feeling better I'm going to the Dr. tomorrow. I did a lot of running around today... put up lights at my dads house and had dinner at my sister while Sherm assembled her new electric fireplace. oh oh oh... funny thing that happened today. I'm on the phone attempting to talk to my Step Mom who is hard of hearing.... my cell phone rings... it's dad.. who is also... hard of hearing! I had both of them yelling "What" to me as I'm trying to tell them one at a time that I was on the other phone with the other one of them... Dad wanted me to call the Step mom and tell her that Emma across the steet here lost a tree in last night winds LOL He coudn't hear me telling him I was on the phone with the Step Mom and she already knew about the tree because I had just told her... the whole time I'm trying to talk to him I can hear her in my other ear saying "What who are you talking to???" ROFL!! Dad eventually got flustered and hung up!! ohhh and he on his cell phone driving!! YIKES!!
Ok I'm ready for sleep...
I'll type at ya tomorrow... I don't plan on going anywhere unless it's to the Dr.

Monday, November 28, 2005


I'm so freakin' tired. We went to bed while the news was still on... around 11:20, but I saw 12:30, then 1:00 and at about 1:10 I picked up my GameBoySP and played a few rounds of Super CollapseII which usually makes my eyes get heavy. Nope... didn't happen. I then got up out of bed and took a sleepy pill (TylonolPM) and I still saw 2:30, 3:00, 4:15, 4:30, 5:10, 5:30, and finally I got up out of bed for the morning at about 6:15ish. I'm zapped. Top it all off with the fact that I'm catching the crud from Mikey and I took some Dayquil to battle the gook.... I can't wake up!! I'm so darn tempted to set an alarm and try to take a nap. I'm dizzy.... the room is spinning and my vertigo is making me swim.

Ok an alarm clock is in order.... Have a great Monday everyone!

Saturday, November 26, 2005

It's beginning....

To look a lot like Christmas.
And sound a lot like Christmas too!
Yes boys and girls it's that time of year again. I've decorated the blog and that means it's time for a time honored tradition here that I've brought to you for the past 3 Christmas'.... ok I just give you the link, but this is a kick off to the holiday season for me! lol I'm easily entertained ok?.... so deal with it :P

Hold your seat....
Turn up your sound....
It's time once again for....
Ding Fries Are Done!! Do enjoy!
(let the video load)

Laters Dudes and Dudettes, I have sleep calling me.

Thursday, November 24, 2005

Wishing you a...


Wednesday, November 23, 2005

One day 'til turkey!

We woke up again to a beautiful wintry covering. The sun is out now and sparkling off everything. Gray sky's are looming in the background though and that makes the sparkling snow even prettier. We also had a red sky this morning. Could make for an interesting few days. The squalls have drifted to the north for now, but they look like they might be on their way back down. I can also see to the east that there is a huge squall reaching east of here. It's a huge band of snow.... it's a tall cloud. Bet Sherm is getting snow at the shop.

oh and Speaking of Sherm...
My poor hubby had a rough start to the morning. He needs an extra hug tonight when he gets home. Not only did he start out running a touch late, but the truck decided it was going to run really bad and he needed to come back and get my car because the truck wouldn't stay running. Well that was fine until I remembered I needed my car today to take my step mom to get her hair done. Any other day out of the week would have been fine, but I was stuck. Of course I remembered this *after* he left here with my car so I quickly called him and it happened he was at the gas station out in front of the park... seems he doesn't have a gas key to my car (DOH! I forgot to give him the extra). So I told him my situation... my one and only commitment during the week and how today Dad was in no way going to be remotely close to home to even think he might be able to take her... so he brought my car home and took the truck. I told him to call me when he got to work. He called at a little after 8... he made it to work. He had to pull the truck over though and it turns out that one of the plug wires was up against the manifold and was sorting out.... that would explain the cutting out and not running properly! Easy fix, but it made for one crazy 45 minutes or so this morning. Sherm has several spare plug wires for the truck so we're all set with a fix.... he'll just have to make sure the wire can't reach the manifold again. It melted the covering so the wires were touching metal creating a short and grounding out the wire. It helps to have electricity to all the spark plugs :P
oh and Sherm is going to get an extra hug anyways this evening because he remembered to get my dads paper and take it to their door.... even with the late start he still remembered without me asking him to get it (((squeezie hug)))

::Today's Plans::
Today will consist of getting things ready for tomorrow. I have to dig out the big turkey platter and find some of my mom's antique cut glass bowls to use for dinner(
NuCut label of the Imperial Glass Corporation). Like my Mom I love NuCut glass. Maybe because it was so much a part of my childhood or because of her love for it. I love going to garage sales and the flea market and finding the NuCut impression on pieces and being able to grab up deals for as little as .25 cents! I've paid up to $8.00 for a few pieces, but those were sold by people who knew they worth at least that much. I can usually spot a piece from across the room! I don't have any out yet, but here's a link to a site that is selling one of the bowls I have.

I have so many other things I have to do today. I have a new set of dishes we're going to use tomorrow and they need to be un-boxed and washed, I need to make some room in the fridge(don't know how, but I have to) I might try to make the stuffing and get that baked and I'm going to make the potatoes today and get them set to heat tomorrow in the crock pot, but those aren't all that important. I've made the whole meal before on Thanksgiving day... no reason I can't do it again. ohhh and I have to make the cranberry sauce. I think I'll let Mikey help with that. Mikey also wants to help with the turkey.... He really wants to help out this year and I kinda like the idea of it. Sherm usually helps out when I ask him to... lift the turkey or potato pot etc.... maybe we can all cook together and make this first Thanksgiving by ourselves a really special day.

I decided that because I'm having such a horrid anxiety time that I wasn't going to push myself too much so I bought a pumpkin pie. I wanted so bad to make my own pie recipe, but that would add about 4 hours to my prep time today and I simply couldn't even begin to think about adding that much work. Normally I could do it, but with my past weeks problems I can't even think 15 minutes a head of time let alone 4 hours into pie making. Shoots I'm having trouble getting through this post... my thoughts are so jumbled and the smallest of distractions are driving me nuts! A cough from the kid or a cat running through the living room or me hitting the wrong letter as I type this are enough to send my brain into overload and totally forget what I was doing. I hate feeling like this. I know I need a med change, but I couldn't think about it this week. I had too many things to do and I just didn't want to try and get used to a new medication this close to a holiday. I'll give the Dr a call next week and see what can be done. BTW today so far is starting out a good day...Keep good thoughts for me would ya?

ok enough of that.. Let's see.. I also have to get the table cloth on the table and get the silverware set and ready to go. Honestly I don't have much to do... it's just a bunch of little things.

Ok off for another cup of coffee before I have to run my step mom to the hair dresser.
Happy Wednesday everyone!

Tuesday, November 22, 2005


I'm headed out in a few minutes to grab a few things for our Thanksgiving dinner. I'm going to try and beat the snow. I don't think we're going to get a lot of snow, but I guess it's going to drop below freezing around rush hour so I want to be off the roads way before then. Besides I have to be at the school 15 minutes early to get Mikey today because they are having their sheltering drilltoday. I am no way ready for the traffic that will be at that school so I may get there long before I really have to. They have so little extra parking there and all of the buses will be there as well.

ok off for a few groceries!
Have a great Tuesday!

Monday, November 21, 2005


Ahhh yes... we're back to Monday and the start of a very busy week. It's laundry day and man.... do I have some catching up to do! I have mounds of the dirty stuff just waiting for me. I've already started to tackle it this morning with one load already in the dryer and the second load in washing.

I don't know about you, but I have a ton of things to do this week. Maybe it just feels like a ton of things... it's just a lot of little things I guess that makes it feel like a lot of work. I have a house to tidy up, groceries to get, pies to bake, gotta call the Dr. for my script refill.. hopefully he'll refill it without having to see me. I know there are other things I need to list here, but I can't think of them all right now.

We aren't having anyone over for Thanksgiving and we aren't going anywhere. It'll just be Sherm, Mikey and myself. My sister has decided to stay a pissy bitch(we got in a fight last weekend and haven't talked since)anyway she's going to go to her friends house... that's totally fine with me. She's drivng me nuts and I really need this extended break from her.... though the catholic/polish guilt is eating me alive. I did my part yesterday and when she was at Dads I walked down and once again extended the invite for dinner... she was snobby as usual in her "I'm right, you're always wrong" tone. Oh well.... I can't wait to have our little quiet dinner without all the comments.

I removed the poll from last week. I think it was causing my blog to bog! Ha! lol Anyway... I'll be going back to the other poll service starting tomorrow.

This is funny.. I Am We Todd Did... via google video of the day... make sure you have your volume up and little ears might try this at school and get in trouble so you might want to make sure Jr is well into a video game in another room before you play this. Course I wonder how many teachers wouldn't get the joke and need it explained like this lady did. I bet kids can pick up on this quicker than adults. It took me a few to really hear what the joke was.

Ok gang... I'm outta here. Too many things to do! Talk at ya tomorrow!
Happy Monday!

Friday, November 18, 2005


Yes!!! It's finally here! We're going to try and get into the new Harry Potter Movie tonight. If I had any money in the bank I'd buy our tickets on-line like we did before for the last Harry Potter movie, but alas... we're down to just dust in the our corner of the bank vault. We'll have to take our chances. If all else fails we'll have dinner at the food court and maybe buy our tickets for a later showing some time this weekend. We will see it this weekend for sure... it's just a matter of when.

We woke this morning to a snow covered winter wonderland. The tree branches are all snow covered and I've heard snow plows out on the main road. I'm not sure they have much snow to move... they're probably spreading salt. Our driveway sealing job seems to be doing it's job too of melting the snow nicely. Maybe well have less work this winter. Yeah right! LOL ok the work will be easier! :)

::In the news::
Oh yes... I went to school with some
winners...I don't get this. This guy was gorgeous and those of you who know me, know those words don't come easy either. I don't believe a married woman should talk like that about any man but her husband... it's just so disrespectful, but I don't know of a girl in school who didn't drool a little when he walked down the hall. He was a blonde Elvis and I mean he really looked like a young blonde Elvis... with muscles too! He was on the wrestling team and very smart. He could have gone on to do all kinds of things. His face could have made him millions. It's really sad. I believe this is the 5th person I went to school with That's had this sort of problem. The strange thing is... 3 of these people are tied in a way. Two of the guys went out with the same girl and are now in the same county lock-up! Then the girl that married one of them is in a Florida jail on the same type of charges.

::Moving On::
Guess what??? I'm going to do a
Friday Forum!
I haven't done one of these in *so* long. So here we go...
1. What do plan to do for Thanksgiving? (Are you cooking? Staying at home? Going to visit family?)
We're having dinner here at home. Mikey said he wants to help me cook everything. That should be fun. I'll have to pick out a few things that he can do on his own. Maybe the cranberry sauce could be one of them.
2. What are some Thanksgiving traditions that you have?

No real traditions other than the normal ones. Oh wait... at some point over the weekend we have to watch "The Christmas Story" It kicks off Christmas for us.
3. What is your favorite thing about Thanksgiving?
Being with family. And my Birthday. This year it falls on Thanksgiving. hehe :) Of course I hated it as a kid. I hated turkey for my Birthday dinner.
4. Do plan to start Christmas shopping after Thanksgiving or are you already finished?
I already started shopping... only have one gift so far, but compared to other years I've got a good start! LOL
5. Think about what you are blessed with and list them if you'd like.
I'm blessed in so many ways. Too many to list really, but even if I had only one... as long as I have my husband and son I'm happy. We could be living in a shack somewhere, but I'd still feel blessed to have them in my life.

Speaking of my son... We got his first report card from middle school yesterday... I'm pretty darn proud of him. He's got an 87 over-all average!! High five to the kid-O! You're doing good, man!

Have a great Friday!

Thursday, November 17, 2005

Welcome to...


Oh yes the white stuff is falling quite nicely here... 4-7 possible by morning. This is what happened in about 4 minutes. It's coming down quite fast. Mikey is already dreaming of a snow day. 4-7 will not be enough to close the schools, but I don't have the heart to tell him. It would take a good foot or more of snow to get them to even think about closing the schools. We're just too used to this stuff here I guess.

I had a post all set to go earlier today, but once again I lost it. UGH! One day I'll figure out what I'm doing wrong. It has something to do with when I go to change the font of my post. Maybe I should be doing that before I even start the post. *shrug*

Have a great night.... off to heat up the left-over stew.

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Red sky in the morning...

...sailors take warning.
The funky weather is on it's way so I'm in for a short post. The sky was bright red this morning when I walked past the bedroom window on my way to the potty hehe :) It's almost 70 degrees out and later today they say we're going to have snow! The winds are howling and we could see gusts over 50mph.
What do you get when you take??
3lbs beef stew meat
2lbs baby carrots
5lb white potatoes
a small can tomato sauce
salt pepper
fresh thyme from the garden (probably the last few sprigs for this year)
a few shakes of whatever is in reach in the spice cabinet..
3/4 of a coffee mug of water
3 packages of beef gravy (added at the end of the cook)
Well, you have beef stew for 2 nights dinners of course!!

I'm outta here... the storm has arrived with thunder!
I have to load the crockpot anyways!
Have a great Wednesday!

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

I should be...

Doing laundry
Making Christmas gifts
Cleaning out the fridge (It's national clean out your fridge day!)
Vacuuming the livingroom there's enough fuzz on it to make another pet!! lol
Sorting out some of my soaping stuff to put up on eBay
Making sterling silver stitch markers to sell on eBay

I'm not doing any of the above... instead I'm sitting here on the internet playing with a new blogpoll service (BTW it's Tuesday... time for another F.T.P [fun tuesday poll]), looking for old friends from school using Google (didn't find anyone lol) and watching a scrapbooking show on the DIY network. I can't get motivated. I had a killer headache when I woke up this morning. Sinuses I think, along with a little bit of that wondrous time of the month. The headache is gone now so maybe I should get moving on a few things that need doing.

Let me know if that new blogpoll service I'm using causes any problems for any of you. I don't want any popups or anything like suddenly appearing on my blog. I just wish I had the money to a domain again so I could host my own poll program and not have to rely on the free ones.

Darn... FedEx just went by and didn't stop! I'm not expecting anything... guess that would be a good clue as to why they didn't stop! ROFL sorry... that was totally cheesy and bad.

Ok off to do something that's listed above
Have a Happy Tuesday!

"Happy Tuesday... Happy Tuesday
Happy Happy Haaaap-py Tuesday
Happy Tuesday....Happy Tuesday...Happy Happy Haaaap-py Tuesday..."
She sang as she walked away from the computer

Monday, November 14, 2005

Sunny Monday

It's sunny here today, but it's cool and with a slight breeze that just takes away the warmth on your skin from the sun. Just enough to keep you thinking that really cold weather is lurking around the corner. They say we're to expect snow Wed - Sat of this week... I hope it stays away long enough for us to finish up our front deck roof.
We tried like heck to get a good part of the roof done on Saturday, but we got side tracked by a guy in the neighborhood who stopped by to chat.... twice! I think he was after a scrap piece of our plywood, but at the point he stopped by we had no idea what we were going to have for scraps. So he just kept talking... kept saying "If you need any help, I don't mind..." Then he'd go on about how he needed a small scrap of plywood, but didn't have anyway of cutting it once he got it and he couldn't see buying a whole sheet for a small patch in his floor. I think he chatted for over 2 hours!! We were polite and just chatted too. He's the father of 2 girls who are friends with Mikey. The family is always having a hard time of things we try to help them out when we can and we helped them out the Christmas before last when they didn't have any gifts for the girls. They're good people... they just have bad timing some times :)
Sherm only picked up 2 sheets of plywood... one whole sheet for the deck roof and the other to repair the bathroom floor. I think we have a 4ft x 2ft section left and I want Sherm to cut part of it to fit in by our toilet. I don't mind a plywood bathroom floor at all... it looks kinda neat, but I want it to all look the same. I can paint it with floor paint if I want. It really adds to the outhouse look I want in the bathroom anyway. We never got started on the roof until Sunday morning and I never got to the grocery store or any of my other running around. We did get to the bank and got Mikey's hair cut... the most important things on my list. Later in the day I grabbed pizza and wing makings... just for Saturday night.
Anyway... the roof is almost complete. Sherm doesn't think he can get up on the roof with the way his back and legs are acting... there's no way I get anywhere above 2 steps on a ladder so our cheap-o way of shingling it is going to have to change. Originally the roof had fiberglass panels over it and over time they get brittle and break down.... the reason we are putting on a new roof! The birds were loving them because they could get strands of the fiberglass off the top and use it to make their nests in the spring. They would peck and peck and make all kinds of noise up there driving all the animals and humans in the house crazy! lol Well out in the shed there were 8 short pieces of this fiberglass roof stuff... must be left over from 2 previous roofs on the deck... we couldn't afford to buy new so we thought we could back them with a sheet of plywood. Wrong... there's no way to put them up now without getting up on the roof. A slight over sight on our part. I was in a totally blonde mechanic yesterday too. Things were not making sense to me mechanically... which so not like me at all! (a pms thing must be... something new I'm running into as I get older... along with a blasted hot flash just the moment something starts! sorry.... T.M.I [too much information]) It must have been the handsome carpenter (Sherm) that had me distracted.. yeah... yeah... that was it! lol

You can see that the day was pretty gray all day which kinda had me worried that we were going to have build time cut short by rain, but it never happened. In fact when were cleaning up the clouds broke and the most beautiful sky appeared. I'm kicking myself I didn't slow down and get a better picture of it. I snapped a few and they were all blurry.. I was in too much of a hurry to get back to cleaning up. I'm sure we haven't seen the last of these beautiful fall skis. We face west and we see the most wonderful sunsets in the fall out our kitchen windows.

Saturday, November 12, 2005

Busy, Busy

It's a busy day here...
[Sherm 1] Gone to physical therapy already
[Me 1]Go to the bank - hopefully it's open
[Sherm 2] Home Depot for plywood for roof over our front steps and to repair the bathroom floor
[Me 2] Haircut for Mikey
[Sherm 3] Back home and wait for me to get back home
[Me 3] Stop at drug store for hair streaking kit.. I can't stand my new color. It's flat and non-dementional.. I look like I colored my hair LOL
[Sherm 4] You better be waiting for me you old poop! hehe love ya :P
[Me 4] Grocery Shopping
[Me 5] Home with groceries and to help Sherm with roof. Yes I can swing a hammer just as good as you :P You aren't doing this job by yourself!

Then dinner [perhaps pizza and wings or something munchy and easy]... watch Spanglish on HBO this evening and I want to do some spinning on my new spindle
Bye Now!
Have a great Saturday!

Friday, November 11, 2005

Sock pic's

Amanda put the call out for people who knit socks. I raised my hand. I admit it... I'm a sock knitter. It's almost a sickness! I might need a 12 step program lol. j/k I'm not that bad.
But I told her to stop over and take a look at some of the socks I've made. I only have a few pairs left... I've given several away and the puppy got a hold of another pair. That was heart breaking as it was my favorite pair... I'm picking up more of that yarn in the next week. I loved the colors.

Anyway... here are a few pic's

These are house socks I made for Sherm. They are low top and meant to be worn around the house in place of slippers.

I thought I had more pictures. Guess I need to take more picks before I give them away. I didn't even get a pic of the pair I was making for Mikey that I ended up giving to my sister. *shrug* I'm wearing the ones in the bottom picture today hehe :) They have a long top and are cuffed down. The ones at the top are medium top or ankle socks with no cuff to roll down... just a few rows of cuff like ribbing.

Thursday, November 10, 2005

Wind and...

Yes It's about ready to snow here.
Nevermind! scratch ready to snow.... I just glanced out the window... it's snowing! It's official... Winter has arrived in Baldwinsville!
Darn it all... I had a post all ready to go... jumped off line to go get my Step-Mom from the hairdresser and come back to half of it gone and makes no sense at all! All that made any sense to me is what's above. *shrug* lol
Guess I'm not suppose to post for today... I'm going to stay warm as old man winter is baring down on us something bad today. The wind is non stop and has popped open our screen door too many times.... the dogs are tired of it already as it's made both of them have the hair on their back stand right up in fear lol Wish I had my camera ready when the puppy got it... she was a lowrider with a Mohawk!! hehe :)

Wednesday, November 09, 2005


Yep it's Wednesday.... nothing major going on here. I could not come up with anything to blog about yesterday and by the time I remembered it was Tuesday and I needed to put up a new poll, well.... I was drifting off to sleepy land. Do forgive me, won't you? :)

There was an attempted home invasion right here in my township. That's a little scary to someone who's home alone for a good part of the day[oh that's good, I just announced it to the world ROFL]. I have to say though that if this is like our normal criminals out this way it is most likely someone who is younger and extremely stupid and they'll get caught soon enough. For now my door is deadbolted during the day.

I'm watching Good Morning America right now. Diane is in Chicago with Oprah. Oprah is getting ready for her day... hair and makeup .. the whole nine yards showing off her routine to Diane. Blah blah blah I've only caught part of the story, but I have to say it's nice to see that Oprah looks like normal Joe Schmoe without makeup and her hair up in rollers.

There are only 46 until Christmas!!!!!

Fun Tuesday Polls
So I'm a day late.... lol
This week I removed the voting from one IP number only once... I guess my guys here have wanted to vote too, but weren't able to because I had already voted and that blocked them from voting as well.

Well I better scoot... there's another water main break up here in the park and I have a feeling today is the day we'll be without water while they fix it. I better get at least one load of laundry done and some water drawn in case the fix drags on into the evening like it has before. The break is so bad the water was actually running fast down the road... I can't believe no one even paid attention to it.... there had to be many people go by it and just ignore it. I saw it at a little after 9 when I came back from voting so there had to be plenty of people out before that time. Even the lady who called the park manager about low water pressure should have seen it running under her car in front of her house. The path was over 6ft wide!! lol People amaze me sometimes.

Bye Bye now! Have a great hump day!

Monday, November 07, 2005

Yep, it's Monday

We had a really nice weekend. Sherm tried on a new toy for size.
You can check that out
here. From what I saw... it fit just perfect! and the smile it created... well only Christmas morning for an 8 year old brings bigger smiles! Mikey and I went out and about Saturday while Sherm played with his new toy. We went to the new Tractor Supply store that just opened up. I'd never been to one before, but from the road I knew they would have pet supplies. Yep, I was right... at great prices too. Picked up some really pretty purple collars for the girls and flea drops for everyone..... critters folks... not us humans too! Sheesh! I paid much less there that I would have at the pet store. While we were there I took a few minutes too look around. I finally found wooden snow fence! I can't wait to get some in the spring. I want to paint it white and install it where my small white fence is. It'll be the closest I can come to a picket fence and look much better than what's out here now. We then went to Wal-Mart and then got some groceries. My sister came over for dinner and we watched Saw. what a strange movie with an amazing twist at the end. At first I thought Mikey was going to be scared, but it wasn't all that scary. I can't wait until SawII comes out on DVD now.

In yesterdays newspaper there was a one day coupon for 50% off any regular priced item at Michaels craft store. Well, I'm not a big fan of Michaels.... at least not their yarn department BUT... A.C. Moore takes competitors coupons! So off to A.C. Moore my sister and I went yesterday. She picked up all kinds of yarns.... I picked to a
Knifty Knitter set. It's kinda neat. I grabbed up some odd ball worsted weight yarn I had laying around and started up a hat just to get a feel for the tool. Too bad the yarn I used is ugly baby yellow colored because the darn hat is coming out pretty darn cool! I'm almost done with it and as soon as I am I'll be making another with some better yarn because I need a winter hat! These work up so fast too. Who would have thought I'd like a knitting loom!

ok off to switch more laundry around...
Have a super Monday!!

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Changing the look...

It's that time again...
Time between holidays...
Time to change the look of this here blog...

Pardon any out of place things or colors that make you go cross eyed if you happen to stop by while I'm shuffling things around.

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Feeling better and bye bye Halloween

I'm feeling a ton better. Thanks for the comments and e-mails!
Now I just hope there is enough of this antibiotic to keep this bug gone cause if I need anything else I won't be able to take it for at least 10 days from today! :0 *DOH!*

I spent the morning taking down our Halloween display and cleaning up the yard a bit. What took a full day to put up for our Halloween display only took 35 minutes to take down! Why is it like that? I find the same thing with Christmas decorations, but those usually take 3 days to get totally in place! lol When it's time to come down they are gone and placed away in about an hour. *sigh* I want to make all kinds of changes next year to our Halloween display. It's getting boring with the store bought plastic head stones. Between now and next Halloween I'm going to make wood head stones so they will last and look more authentic. I shared pictures of our display back on
October 3, but I didn't get a picture of our crank ghost. I think the crank ghost came about a week after the rest of the display and it was originally out on our 3 season room and it was never totally to my liking. You could barely see it from the road and it kept breaking the fishing line I had it hanging from. It wasn't a true crank ghost either. It was my version.... a quick thrown together thing that kinda worked the right way, but required the use of our big standup room fan to operate the movement of the ghost so I the only place that I could feasibly keep this ghost in place for the Halloween season was out in our three season room. Well after it broke it's fishing line again on Sunday night I decided on Monday the ghost was going to get the viewing it deserved. After all... I was the one who engineered the thing so I was pretty darn proud of myself and I wanted to show off my creation. So I move the crank ghost to our kitchen window and I have to say it looked fantastic!! Here's a pic of it...

And a closer look

If you don't know what a crank ghost is here's a site that has the directions for building one... not like mine though... mine is a rough imitation that for the most part was pretty darn good. I have to confess that the only cost I encountered to make mine was $9.99 for the black light, $1.29 for a bottle of blue fluorescent tempra paint, and $2.79 for a bottle of laundry whitener/brightener. The fishing line was highjacked off Sherm's fishing pole, the fabric was actually 2 panels of sheer curtains, the head was an old Halloween mask. I hot glued the curtains to the back side of the mask and brought them to the front. Where the hands should be I just folded over the curtain, punched a hold in the fabric and ran my fishing line through to hook up the arm. (repeated for the other arm :) For the head I punched 2 holes in the top of the mask and ran a loop of carpet thread through to attach my fishing line through. In the ceiling I had 3 eye hooks.. one for the head and 2 for the hands. After I ran the fishing line up through the eye hooks I connected it to the sides of our large oscillating stand up fan. The head was on one side and the hands were both hooked to the other side. The head would go up and then hands would go down.. the hands would go up the head would go down... easy! The fan created just enough air movement in the room that the fabric would have a little bit of sway in opposite directions of the up and down movement.

It's also time for another F.T.P! (Fun Tuesday Poll) Check it out on the right.. this weeks is all about winter weekends.

Off to kick it back for a few before Sherm gets home from work. Hopefully he made it off the roof where he was working before it started raining.