Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Feeling better and bye bye Halloween

I'm feeling a ton better. Thanks for the comments and e-mails!
Now I just hope there is enough of this antibiotic to keep this bug gone cause if I need anything else I won't be able to take it for at least 10 days from today! :0 *DOH!*

I spent the morning taking down our Halloween display and cleaning up the yard a bit. What took a full day to put up for our Halloween display only took 35 minutes to take down! Why is it like that? I find the same thing with Christmas decorations, but those usually take 3 days to get totally in place! lol When it's time to come down they are gone and placed away in about an hour. *sigh* I want to make all kinds of changes next year to our Halloween display. It's getting boring with the store bought plastic head stones. Between now and next Halloween I'm going to make wood head stones so they will last and look more authentic. I shared pictures of our display back on
October 3, but I didn't get a picture of our crank ghost. I think the crank ghost came about a week after the rest of the display and it was originally out on our 3 season room and it was never totally to my liking. You could barely see it from the road and it kept breaking the fishing line I had it hanging from. It wasn't a true crank ghost either. It was my version.... a quick thrown together thing that kinda worked the right way, but required the use of our big standup room fan to operate the movement of the ghost so I the only place that I could feasibly keep this ghost in place for the Halloween season was out in our three season room. Well after it broke it's fishing line again on Sunday night I decided on Monday the ghost was going to get the viewing it deserved. After all... I was the one who engineered the thing so I was pretty darn proud of myself and I wanted to show off my creation. So I move the crank ghost to our kitchen window and I have to say it looked fantastic!! Here's a pic of it...

And a closer look

If you don't know what a crank ghost is here's a site that has the directions for building one... not like mine though... mine is a rough imitation that for the most part was pretty darn good. I have to confess that the only cost I encountered to make mine was $9.99 for the black light, $1.29 for a bottle of blue fluorescent tempra paint, and $2.79 for a bottle of laundry whitener/brightener. The fishing line was highjacked off Sherm's fishing pole, the fabric was actually 2 panels of sheer curtains, the head was an old Halloween mask. I hot glued the curtains to the back side of the mask and brought them to the front. Where the hands should be I just folded over the curtain, punched a hold in the fabric and ran my fishing line through to hook up the arm. (repeated for the other arm :) For the head I punched 2 holes in the top of the mask and ran a loop of carpet thread through to attach my fishing line through. In the ceiling I had 3 eye hooks.. one for the head and 2 for the hands. After I ran the fishing line up through the eye hooks I connected it to the sides of our large oscillating stand up fan. The head was on one side and the hands were both hooked to the other side. The head would go up and then hands would go down.. the hands would go up the head would go down... easy! The fan created just enough air movement in the room that the fabric would have a little bit of sway in opposite directions of the up and down movement.

It's also time for another F.T.P! (Fun Tuesday Poll) Check it out on the right.. this weeks is all about winter weekends.

Off to kick it back for a few before Sherm gets home from work. Hopefully he made it off the roof where he was working before it started raining.


Blogger me said...

Oh, boy, you've been sick, too? Yuck! That ghost looks cool! I should show that set up to Dennis, he would want to do something like that next year. Except we don't really have anywhere that we could put it. No indoor places that can be seen outdoors, I mean. Looks like you have a perfect spot.

10:56 AM  
Blogger Lisanne said...

Oh my gosh!!! Your decorations looked absolutely AMAZING!!! Can you come decorate our house next year? :) I *love* the ghost idea. Happy November!

1:50 PM  

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