Tuesday, November 15, 2005

I should be...

Doing laundry
Making Christmas gifts
Cleaning out the fridge (It's national clean out your fridge day!)
Vacuuming the livingroom there's enough fuzz on it to make another pet!! lol
Sorting out some of my soaping stuff to put up on eBay
Making sterling silver stitch markers to sell on eBay

I'm not doing any of the above... instead I'm sitting here on the internet playing with a new blogpoll service (BTW it's Tuesday... time for another F.T.P [fun tuesday poll]), looking for old friends from school using Google (didn't find anyone lol) and watching a scrapbooking show on the DIY network. I can't get motivated. I had a killer headache when I woke up this morning. Sinuses I think, along with a little bit of that wondrous time of the month. The headache is gone now so maybe I should get moving on a few things that need doing.

Let me know if that new blogpoll service I'm using causes any problems for any of you. I don't want any popups or anything like suddenly appearing on my blog. I just wish I had the money to a domain again so I could host my own poll program and not have to rely on the free ones.

Darn... FedEx just went by and didn't stop! I'm not expecting anything... guess that would be a good clue as to why they didn't stop! ROFL sorry... that was totally cheesy and bad.

Ok off to do something that's listed above
Have a Happy Tuesday!

"Happy Tuesday... Happy Tuesday
Happy Happy Haaaap-py Tuesday
Happy Tuesday....Happy Tuesday...Happy Happy Haaaap-py Tuesday..."
She sang as she walked away from the computer


Blogger Lisanne said...

My "to-do" list is endless, it seems! Glad you've done some relaxing and unwinding on the computer today. We need that sometimes! Hope you feel better, too.

3:09 PM  

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