Tuesday, November 29, 2005

I'm speachless

*Clears throat*
*Clears throat*
*sq sq sq u eeeek*

I have little to no voice today... my ears are plugged so bad they hurt when I'm around high pitched sounds and forget listening to any kids cartoon!! Ladies voices on TV have an echo in my right ear that's high pitched too. :P I started a tickly type cough a little while ago and unless I wake up feeling better I'm going to the Dr. tomorrow. I did a lot of running around today... put up lights at my dads house and had dinner at my sister while Sherm assembled her new electric fireplace. oh oh oh... funny thing that happened today. I'm on the phone attempting to talk to my Step Mom who is hard of hearing.... my cell phone rings... it's dad.. who is also... hard of hearing! I had both of them yelling "What" to me as I'm trying to tell them one at a time that I was on the other phone with the other one of them... Dad wanted me to call the Step mom and tell her that Emma across the steet here lost a tree in last night winds LOL He coudn't hear me telling him I was on the phone with the Step Mom and she already knew about the tree because I had just told her... the whole time I'm trying to talk to him I can hear her in my other ear saying "What who are you talking to???" ROFL!! Dad eventually got flustered and hung up!! ohhh and he on his cell phone driving!! YIKES!!
Ok I'm ready for sleep...
I'll type at ya tomorrow... I don't plan on going anywhere unless it's to the Dr.


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