Wednesday, November 23, 2005

One day 'til turkey!

We woke up again to a beautiful wintry covering. The sun is out now and sparkling off everything. Gray sky's are looming in the background though and that makes the sparkling snow even prettier. We also had a red sky this morning. Could make for an interesting few days. The squalls have drifted to the north for now, but they look like they might be on their way back down. I can also see to the east that there is a huge squall reaching east of here. It's a huge band of snow.... it's a tall cloud. Bet Sherm is getting snow at the shop.

oh and Speaking of Sherm...
My poor hubby had a rough start to the morning. He needs an extra hug tonight when he gets home. Not only did he start out running a touch late, but the truck decided it was going to run really bad and he needed to come back and get my car because the truck wouldn't stay running. Well that was fine until I remembered I needed my car today to take my step mom to get her hair done. Any other day out of the week would have been fine, but I was stuck. Of course I remembered this *after* he left here with my car so I quickly called him and it happened he was at the gas station out in front of the park... seems he doesn't have a gas key to my car (DOH! I forgot to give him the extra). So I told him my situation... my one and only commitment during the week and how today Dad was in no way going to be remotely close to home to even think he might be able to take her... so he brought my car home and took the truck. I told him to call me when he got to work. He called at a little after 8... he made it to work. He had to pull the truck over though and it turns out that one of the plug wires was up against the manifold and was sorting out.... that would explain the cutting out and not running properly! Easy fix, but it made for one crazy 45 minutes or so this morning. Sherm has several spare plug wires for the truck so we're all set with a fix.... he'll just have to make sure the wire can't reach the manifold again. It melted the covering so the wires were touching metal creating a short and grounding out the wire. It helps to have electricity to all the spark plugs :P
oh and Sherm is going to get an extra hug anyways this evening because he remembered to get my dads paper and take it to their door.... even with the late start he still remembered without me asking him to get it (((squeezie hug)))

::Today's Plans::
Today will consist of getting things ready for tomorrow. I have to dig out the big turkey platter and find some of my mom's antique cut glass bowls to use for dinner(
NuCut label of the Imperial Glass Corporation). Like my Mom I love NuCut glass. Maybe because it was so much a part of my childhood or because of her love for it. I love going to garage sales and the flea market and finding the NuCut impression on pieces and being able to grab up deals for as little as .25 cents! I've paid up to $8.00 for a few pieces, but those were sold by people who knew they worth at least that much. I can usually spot a piece from across the room! I don't have any out yet, but here's a link to a site that is selling one of the bowls I have.

I have so many other things I have to do today. I have a new set of dishes we're going to use tomorrow and they need to be un-boxed and washed, I need to make some room in the fridge(don't know how, but I have to) I might try to make the stuffing and get that baked and I'm going to make the potatoes today and get them set to heat tomorrow in the crock pot, but those aren't all that important. I've made the whole meal before on Thanksgiving day... no reason I can't do it again. ohhh and I have to make the cranberry sauce. I think I'll let Mikey help with that. Mikey also wants to help with the turkey.... He really wants to help out this year and I kinda like the idea of it. Sherm usually helps out when I ask him to... lift the turkey or potato pot etc.... maybe we can all cook together and make this first Thanksgiving by ourselves a really special day.

I decided that because I'm having such a horrid anxiety time that I wasn't going to push myself too much so I bought a pumpkin pie. I wanted so bad to make my own pie recipe, but that would add about 4 hours to my prep time today and I simply couldn't even begin to think about adding that much work. Normally I could do it, but with my past weeks problems I can't even think 15 minutes a head of time let alone 4 hours into pie making. Shoots I'm having trouble getting through this post... my thoughts are so jumbled and the smallest of distractions are driving me nuts! A cough from the kid or a cat running through the living room or me hitting the wrong letter as I type this are enough to send my brain into overload and totally forget what I was doing. I hate feeling like this. I know I need a med change, but I couldn't think about it this week. I had too many things to do and I just didn't want to try and get used to a new medication this close to a holiday. I'll give the Dr a call next week and see what can be done. BTW today so far is starting out a good day...Keep good thoughts for me would ya?

ok enough of that.. Let's see.. I also have to get the table cloth on the table and get the silverware set and ready to go. Honestly I don't have much to do... it's just a bunch of little things.

Ok off for another cup of coffee before I have to run my step mom to the hair dresser.
Happy Wednesday everyone!


Blogger Colleen said...

My brother is coming up tomorrow. I've already made the rolls and squash. That seemed to take all day! I'm saving the potatoes for tomorrow. I've got cleaning left & Miss A is not feeling well so I've got to clean around her!

That bowl looks familiar. I might have to dig thru some of my grandma's old things to see if I have any pieces.

Have a great day tomorrow!!!

3:41 PM  
Blogger Terri said...

Thank and you too! Have a good visit with your brother.

12:05 AM  

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