Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Red sky in the morning...

...sailors take warning.
The funky weather is on it's way so I'm in for a short post. The sky was bright red this morning when I walked past the bedroom window on my way to the potty hehe :) It's almost 70 degrees out and later today they say we're going to have snow! The winds are howling and we could see gusts over 50mph.
What do you get when you take??
3lbs beef stew meat
2lbs baby carrots
5lb white potatoes
a small can tomato sauce
salt pepper
fresh thyme from the garden (probably the last few sprigs for this year)
a few shakes of whatever is in reach in the spice cabinet..
3/4 of a coffee mug of water
3 packages of beef gravy (added at the end of the cook)
Well, you have beef stew for 2 nights dinners of course!!

I'm outta here... the storm has arrived with thunder!
I have to load the crockpot anyways!
Have a great Wednesday!


Blogger Colleen said...

Dinner sounds yummy! We're getting crappy weather here today too, thunder storms. Try to have a good day!

8:56 AM  
Blogger Terri said...

Dinner was great! Gotta adjust the recipe I posted though... I left out a few things lol

8:23 AM  

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