Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Squeekedy squeek

I'm not as squeeky as I was yesterday... just a little and I've got a quiet whisper going on, but what little voice I have is on it's way out quick. I'm staying off the phone as much as possible and when I need to get the dogs attention I clap my hands. They've been very good so far today and have spent a good part of the morning sleeping. I managed to get an apointment for the Dr. at 4pm today. Kathy, the lady who answers the phone, couldn't help but laugh at how squeeky and quiet I am and she warned me she's fitting me in and it could be quite a wait. That's fine with me... I can knit and cough on everyone in the waiting room LOL I like to knit in public. It makes time fly and I get lots of strange looks as I'm sitting there with 4 double pointed needles in my hand (sock knitting) just flying away as I look arourd the room and talk to Mikey.

I'll be doing some updating to my template for a good part of the day. I want to get my Dates-N-Things back up and I also want to put a few other lists on the sidebars.. I thought is might be cool to share my favorite on-line game sites and a few other cool little gizmos I ran into.

Have a great hump day!


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