Monday, November 14, 2005

Sunny Monday

It's sunny here today, but it's cool and with a slight breeze that just takes away the warmth on your skin from the sun. Just enough to keep you thinking that really cold weather is lurking around the corner. They say we're to expect snow Wed - Sat of this week... I hope it stays away long enough for us to finish up our front deck roof.
We tried like heck to get a good part of the roof done on Saturday, but we got side tracked by a guy in the neighborhood who stopped by to chat.... twice! I think he was after a scrap piece of our plywood, but at the point he stopped by we had no idea what we were going to have for scraps. So he just kept talking... kept saying "If you need any help, I don't mind..." Then he'd go on about how he needed a small scrap of plywood, but didn't have anyway of cutting it once he got it and he couldn't see buying a whole sheet for a small patch in his floor. I think he chatted for over 2 hours!! We were polite and just chatted too. He's the father of 2 girls who are friends with Mikey. The family is always having a hard time of things we try to help them out when we can and we helped them out the Christmas before last when they didn't have any gifts for the girls. They're good people... they just have bad timing some times :)
Sherm only picked up 2 sheets of plywood... one whole sheet for the deck roof and the other to repair the bathroom floor. I think we have a 4ft x 2ft section left and I want Sherm to cut part of it to fit in by our toilet. I don't mind a plywood bathroom floor at all... it looks kinda neat, but I want it to all look the same. I can paint it with floor paint if I want. It really adds to the outhouse look I want in the bathroom anyway. We never got started on the roof until Sunday morning and I never got to the grocery store or any of my other running around. We did get to the bank and got Mikey's hair cut... the most important things on my list. Later in the day I grabbed pizza and wing makings... just for Saturday night.
Anyway... the roof is almost complete. Sherm doesn't think he can get up on the roof with the way his back and legs are acting... there's no way I get anywhere above 2 steps on a ladder so our cheap-o way of shingling it is going to have to change. Originally the roof had fiberglass panels over it and over time they get brittle and break down.... the reason we are putting on a new roof! The birds were loving them because they could get strands of the fiberglass off the top and use it to make their nests in the spring. They would peck and peck and make all kinds of noise up there driving all the animals and humans in the house crazy! lol Well out in the shed there were 8 short pieces of this fiberglass roof stuff... must be left over from 2 previous roofs on the deck... we couldn't afford to buy new so we thought we could back them with a sheet of plywood. Wrong... there's no way to put them up now without getting up on the roof. A slight over sight on our part. I was in a totally blonde mechanic yesterday too. Things were not making sense to me mechanically... which so not like me at all! (a pms thing must be... something new I'm running into as I get older... along with a blasted hot flash just the moment something starts! sorry.... T.M.I [too much information]) It must have been the handsome carpenter (Sherm) that had me distracted.. yeah... yeah... that was it! lol

You can see that the day was pretty gray all day which kinda had me worried that we were going to have build time cut short by rain, but it never happened. In fact when were cleaning up the clouds broke and the most beautiful sky appeared. I'm kicking myself I didn't slow down and get a better picture of it. I snapped a few and they were all blurry.. I was in too much of a hurry to get back to cleaning up. I'm sure we haven't seen the last of these beautiful fall skis. We face west and we see the most wonderful sunsets in the fall out our kitchen windows.


Blogger Colleen said...

Cool pic, I like the purple part of the sky. Sounds like you had a busy weekend! Reading your post I kept thinking you were gonna say someone had fallen off a ladder. Glad I was wrong! LOL!

8:33 PM  
Blogger mrsgeno said...

isn't there a piece of plywood over next to the tree behind my old shed

10:06 AM  
Blogger Terri said...

No not anymore! The new people have moved their shed/closet like thing behind the shed and they are storing all kinds of things back there. They took a bunch of assbutts stuff and tossed it back in his yard too!! LOL I love it! They also moved stuff up even with the back of the house behind their shed so he can't take it back over. You still can't hardly walk behind his shed... too bad Barb doesn't make him move those sheds. She told she was mad about them, but I think that's as far as that went. *shrug*

10:51 AM  

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