Wednesday, November 09, 2005


Yep it's Wednesday.... nothing major going on here. I could not come up with anything to blog about yesterday and by the time I remembered it was Tuesday and I needed to put up a new poll, well.... I was drifting off to sleepy land. Do forgive me, won't you? :)

There was an attempted home invasion right here in my township. That's a little scary to someone who's home alone for a good part of the day[oh that's good, I just announced it to the world ROFL]. I have to say though that if this is like our normal criminals out this way it is most likely someone who is younger and extremely stupid and they'll get caught soon enough. For now my door is deadbolted during the day.

I'm watching Good Morning America right now. Diane is in Chicago with Oprah. Oprah is getting ready for her day... hair and makeup .. the whole nine yards showing off her routine to Diane. Blah blah blah I've only caught part of the story, but I have to say it's nice to see that Oprah looks like normal Joe Schmoe without makeup and her hair up in rollers.

There are only 46 until Christmas!!!!!

Fun Tuesday Polls
So I'm a day late.... lol
This week I removed the voting from one IP number only once... I guess my guys here have wanted to vote too, but weren't able to because I had already voted and that blocked them from voting as well.

Well I better scoot... there's another water main break up here in the park and I have a feeling today is the day we'll be without water while they fix it. I better get at least one load of laundry done and some water drawn in case the fix drags on into the evening like it has before. The break is so bad the water was actually running fast down the road... I can't believe no one even paid attention to it.... there had to be many people go by it and just ignore it. I saw it at a little after 9 when I came back from voting so there had to be plenty of people out before that time. Even the lady who called the park manager about low water pressure should have seen it running under her car in front of her house. The path was over 6ft wide!! lol People amaze me sometimes.

Bye Bye now! Have a great hump day!


Blogger Colleen said...

There were about 7 or 8 houses near my in-laws that got broken into within the last couple months. I think it was a homeless guy living out on Sixty Rd. STUPID! My doors are always locked when I'm home alone.

10:44 AM  
Blogger Lisanne said...

I saw "Good Morning America" this morning, too, and I thought the same thing ~ Oprah looks just like the rest of us, with no makeup and her hair not done! LOL! :) It made me feel good! :) Gosh, it was hard deciding which part of Thanksgiving is my favorite. I've always been all about the cranberries! :)

5:44 PM  
Blogger mrsgeno said...

where was that home invasion at????
didnt see anything on syr news...lmao at water main,, no one noticed it cause they are so use to tons of water running down the road normally...well at least down primrose....

8:46 PM  

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