Saturday, December 31, 2005

A career move?

While out driving in the neighborhood yesterday it hit me that I needed a career move. It would be perfect and I could make tons at what I decided I should do. You see yesterday was trash day in our neighborhood and it was a heavy recycling day as well, being just after Christmas and all. It hit me as I passed a house that had a new computer box folded up out for the recycle men that I could be become a pretty successful burglar... I knew which neighbors got expensive goodies for Christmas... there was a computer, big coffee maker, DVD surround sound system, toolbox, saw, vacuum, a nice set of pans and a security lock box(they might have valuables locked in it)

No, I'm not going to become a burglar... there's a reason for this post....

If you live where you have to recycle your cardboard and boxes, remember to fold the boxes down and inside-out so criminals don't target your new goodies!!!

Happy New Years Eve to everyone! We're staying home watching the ball drop. Homemade pizza and wings for dinner... maybe we'll invite my sister over. If your going out and have a few a drinks of the midnight bubbly please remember not to drive home... get a room or a non-drinking driver to take you home. Be safe... stay safe and I'll see you next year.

Thursday, December 29, 2005

A trip to the city

Hello??? anyone out there???

Ok, so Syracuse isn't the Big Apple, or Chicago or L.A. but it sure seemed like it today. I took my sister up to Community Hospital today to pick a prescription (she needs to have a test for kidney stones) anyway.... she also needed to go to the federal building in downtown Syracuse to fill out the paperwork for a replacement social security card. I drove so she could just run into these places without having to deal with parking. No big deal really, but I got a really good flash of why I do not go into the city unless I absolutely have to. We left Community Hospital up on Onondaga Hill and drove up South Salina street to downtown Syracuse.... yikes! That was totally scary! In broad daylight it was scary to be down there. It seems like every year our gang activity gets worse. A day doesn't go by that there isn't' someone being shot and all day long gun shots can be heard all over the city, but mostly from the south and west side.... we drove up the heart of the south side. Yikes again! Once at the federal building Mikey and I sat parked in a no parking zone (yes we were bad... deal with it!) while my sister ran in to do her stuff and I watched people driving. Now, I'm not sure which was scarier. Being in the heart of the south side or watching people drive! Honestly. The next time you have a few minutes to kill and your in a city, stop and watch people fight over parking spots and drive like no one else is on the road with them. Especially around places like buildings where people would go for welfare or government help. Don't get me wrong... there is nothing wrong with these programs, but it just seems these agencies have little to no parking available to the people who need to visit them. Anyway...... I watched 3 drivers all pull "U" turns to grab a parking spot of the other side of the street. None of these drivers signaled, slowed down or even cared if there were cars coming from the other direction!! They just turned their wheel and aimed for the parking spot. One lady pulled 2 "U"turns and when she finally got her BIG suv parked she got out and started yelling at someone on the other side of the street. YEESH Gimme a slow village street over a city street anyday!!! Oh and while we were parked there a young boy... maybe 17ish was walking by on the sidewalk and noticed my window was down a little... he came over and asked if I could spare a dollar saying he was trying to get home... ok. ....I felt for the kid.. he wasn't dirty or anything and he might have been telling the truth, but it made me uneasy so I told him "sorry man I don't" and as he walked away I rolled up my window. I'm not like that normally, but it was strange and I didn't have a good feeling about him. An old homeless man could have gotten a five dollar bill out of me, but this kid wasn't getting a penny to "get home". Ok maybe he lost his money... he should have said that... I would have given him busfare had he said something like that... it was just odd is all. You know... I don't remember a time ever going down city that I didn't have someone try to panhandle off me. *shrug*

So how has your week been so far?
I so want one of these cool purses! That price though is a bit much.

Tuesday, December 27, 2005

From the kitchen

I finally stopped surfing the net and decided it was time to post... from my kitchen! This is so cool!! hehe :) anyway... there really hasn't been much going on. We've had funky weather all day. A little bit of rain mixed with snow, then it tapered off to gook and now it's snowing now again. I was sure it was suppose to be nice today, but it's upstate NY and the weather can change while you're looking at it.

The net has been so slow and dead this past week. Blogs I read haven't been updated in a days, forums I read haven't been posted to in days and if they have had posts it seems like the posts are from kids who can't talk right... UGH!! It drives me nuts that one of my favorite crafting forums is getting filled with kids.... teens I should say. Some of the crafts they post are just... well... so teen-ish. Maybe I'm showing my age, but there are only so many Babrie doll shoe earrings that need to be posted Zzzzzz. Paper clip rings.... the thing would have put someones eye out or scratched you really bad. Don't get me wrong... all crafters have to start somewhere, but the fourm is getting over run almost. Maybe it's just that the kids are out on break for holiday or something. One good thing is that one of the areas on the forum I read only seems to have adults in it and they can talk properly... a few off words here or there are for the most part are from posters from other countrys.

Ok enough of that. Mikey received a hotdog machine from my Dad and step Mom for Christmas and he's cooking dinner tonight! Guess we should head to the grocery for some hotdogs and a side dish of some sort.

Have a great Tuesday everyone!

Monday, December 26, 2005

Posting from...

My living room!
Ok no biggy right?
You all know my computer is in the living room so what gives huh? Well... I'm in the recliner.... on... my new laptop!!!
OMG!!!! This is so friggin' cool!!
My sweetie wheeled and dealed, did some extra cash type outside jobs at work for extra cash to get it for me. That little sneak had been working on the deal back in October or November. That is so not like his usual go out at the 11th hour for Christmas gifts ROLF!! He's gettin' tons of hugs and kisses let me tell you!!! Maybe even a meatloaf with mashed taters!!!<3 XXOO
Now all 3 of us can be on the net at the same time. All I can say is HOLY SHEET!!! hehe :)
Oh and the cool part is....I'm wireless too!!! I can go in the bedroom and blog away from football games or when spring gets here I can go blog from the garden. Sooooo drool!!!I can't wait for warmer weather now. Melt damn snow.... MELT! LOL

Friday, December 23, 2005

Have yourself..

A Merry Little Christmas..

From all of us to all of you.....

Have a Happy and Safe Christmas!

I'll be off line for the next few days spending time with my family.

Please remember that if you partake in the holiday eggnog to designate a driver. Don't put yourself and others in harms way. Stay safe!

Terri, Sherm and Mikey

Wednesday, December 21, 2005

A time of change

Happy Winter Solstice!
Happy Yule!

The longest night of the year... The shortest day of the year.

::Some links for the day::
This is a great site that compares the old ways with
modern Christmas traditions.

The Unconquered Sun

Winter Solstice at
The School of the Seasons

Yule log screensaver

I'll be working on some Christmas gifts today. Some sterling and bead earrings for my sister. Several pairs I think will fill in her bag of gifts nicely. I still have to pick up her main gift, but up until the other day I wasn't exactly sure what she really wanted. She finally gave me 411 after I hinted at some gifts that were way out of our price range. It's a sure way to get to say what she really means :)
I'm just about done for Sherm... I only have to pick a few small items. Then I have to finish up Mikey. Oh and the card table for my Dad and step Mom. (Thank god they don't read my blog) All in all I should be able to finish up in just a few hours on Friday evening. I don't want to have to go anywhere on Saturday.

Laters Dudes and Dudettes!

Monday, December 19, 2005


No, I don't have a cold. I'm sick over an incident with the puppy. Friday morning while Mikey and I were out getting rid of the mounds of snow and ice we received, the puppy got a hold of my knitting bag. Not my whole bag, but the bag I had just one project in. What totally makes me ill over this is the fact the project was gift for someone and I'm pretty sure I could have had this done over the weekend and in the mail today or tomorrow!
I could just scream!! She chewed the points right off 2 of the needles and ripped one right out of the stitches. I'll have to make a special trip into Syracuse for more needles because none of the craft stores carry size 2 double points. There are several stitches that have ran too. It's right after the heal so I'm not sure if I'll be able to rip it back and be able to know where I am or not. I'm not a good ripper backer when it comes to a project like this. Not that I'm a newbie sock knitter, but I've never really had to do much ripping in a major way like I'll have to with this. I'll probably have to rip it back to before the "turning the heal" stitches. UGH!! This is so my fault too... we know she can get to things hanging on our coat hooks.. she'll leave our coats alone, but we can't leave too much of anything else hanging up there. I should have never hung it up there the night before. I thought though that I'd be knitting all day the next day... not playing snowplow!

On another note I'm also sick over some missing camera lenses. I can't find them anywhere. They were in my camera bag the last I knew and now the little box they were in is gone. I can't imagine I'd take them out of there. I thought the camera book was missing too, but I found that and remember I had it out last week looking at some setting info. This has me baffled. They're close-up lenses so I'd have to take them out for very close work and I don't remember the last time I took anything close-up, but I know the lenses were in there a few weeks ago.

Ok... that was my weekend and now my Monday. It totally sucks!! LOL j/k it's not that bad. Guess I'm more upset than I am sick over it all... upset I didn't think to puppy proof! I'm off to work on laundry (the usual Monday stuff) and I have to do some digging for those lenses.

Laters Dudes and Dudettes!

Friday, December 16, 2005

Sharing Pictures

You may remember a picture I shared of the bicycle with the basket on the front that I plant flowers in during the Summer....

well .... I have a use for the same bike during the holidays.... in the basket are 3 lit gift boxes. I light the whole thing with a blue spot light. I know it must drive some people errr neighbors nuts :)

This morning after a pretty good snow storm over night there was no room at the diner...

My new bird feeder is squirrel proof, but......

Not chipmonk proof!!
It takes the little guy/gal a few tries, but it makes it onto the feeding area. Squirrels are too heavy and fall right off the roof. I watched it try to get up and in the feeder, but I don't think there is enough room between the front glass and the inside of the cover... it tried like heck though. I'm sure if I were to put it back together after filling the wrong way that there would be plenty of room for it to get up and in. The little thing is brave too. This second picture was taken about 3 feet from the feeder. It stayed up as Sherm was shoveling out my parking area. It only got spooked when I talked to it at first... then it's little tail got all poofy and it raced up the to the top of the tree.

Tomorrow I'm off to do some Christmas shopping with my sister. Mikey's going with us for the day too. First stop is the Little Gem Diner for breakfast. That was Mikey's pick since the last time we had breakfast at the Seneca Knolls diner he had onions in his pancakes....the poor kid... they were aweful! Then it's off to the Christmas Tree shop. From there I'm not sure where we'll end up. We're going to take our time and not let the crowds bother us. Maybe we'll make our way down Rt11 to the new Lowes and the Walmart super center. I really need to find something else for Sherm and it wouldn't hurt to come up with something else for my Dad. Maybe I'll run into the craft store and grab a block of M&P soap... I'm all out and there is no time to order any on-line before Christmas. I could always make up a little soap and lotion basket for my Dad and Step Mom.

Mikey kicked back the recliner and is now snoring.... guess I better hit the post button and get him into bed so he's well rested for tomorrow.
Laters Dudes and Dudettes!

Thursday, December 15, 2005

Wishy washy, rambles and a rant

It's a wishy-washy day. I don't know what to get into first. I had a heck of a time finding something to post about and then I decided that I should post about this. I hate days like because I never feel like I get much accomplished except for thinking about what I should have done. It's an anxiety thing. Which.... sorry this might be too much info, but the anxiety is being helped along by PMS. PLEH! I had a horrid headache when I woke up this morning and of course getting up was no easy task. I was wide awake this at 3:35 this morning because there was something, most likely a mouse, going through something in our bedroom. I'll have Sherm look into that this evening. I'm pretty sure I know what it was into... a gift bag on a table in the corner of our room. While I'm on the mouse topic here we have a mouse in the house for sure now. I saw it yesterday.... TWICE!! As I sat making some bookmarks for Christmas gifts yesterday at the kitchen table I could hear things rattling in the cabinet. Now that cabinet door doesn't close all the way because my crock pot keeps the door popped open just a smidge, but it was enough for me to see a little pointy nose and brown fur looking out at me!!! I screamed the first time which set all the animals in house into full alert mode! LOL Of course I couldn't keep my eyes off that door for the rest of the day. Every time I went in the kitchen I would look... making sure nothing was going to come out and run across my foot. I had a tough time cooking dinner lastnight. When I picked Mikey up from school I stopped at Dollar General and grabbed some mouse traps. I set on in the cabinet. Just waiting now to hear the snap! <: )~

Breakfast today consisted of 2
oranges and a Little Debby brownie. I have to remember to check the milk before the gas station closes at night. Mikey used all the milk this morning. *sigh* no cereal for me today, but at least there was enough for his breakfast. Oh and the peels from those oranges? Well I'll et them dry out a bit, pop them in a sauce pan with a few shakes of cinnamon and ground cloves and put it on a slow burner to scent the air. Yum! This can be saved and used a second day. I'd throw it out after that... strain the peels out and dump any liquid down the sink. This can be done with any food spice to make the house smell yummy. I might add some vanilla to it this time too. Major YUM!

Lets see...
What can I type about next?
Random Ramblings I guess...
Today is
Lemon cupcake day
Firefighters Day
Maybe you could make some lemon cupcakes and drop them off at your local fire house! hehe :)

Including today there are 10 shopping days left until Christmas!!

If I had the
money I'd love to take Mikey to see the Trans-Siberian Orchestra
I saw them do major rock yesterday on a one of the morning shows and just about freaked. I never knew how rock they were and never saw them. They look like old rockers. What a hoot!! I told Mikey about them and he thought it would be really cool to see them. *sigh* I don't think it will be possible at the prices they are asking for the tickets. hmmm I wonder if they have a DVD? or if they are going to be on any of the holiday specials so Mikey can get a look at them.

I'm sorry... sooooo sorry, but there is no way you could *pay* me one milion dollars to own this car. VW has launched it's Bugatti at a cost of 1million dollars.
It's sooo friggin' ugly!!

Be sure to look at the other pictures of if it on the site I linked to.




Baldwinsville School District Explores Ways to Cut Energy Costs
Maybe they could look into teachers washing their cars using school water!! I watched as someone washed their car by a service entrance at Ray Middle school the other day when I was picking up Mikey. Or perhaps they should look into teachers putting wet paper towels on the thermostats in their room to make the temp go up, Mikey keeps telling me how his homeroom teacher keeps doing that. His homeroom was 95 yesterday!! I know where his homeroom is and it's one of the farthest rooms away from the boiler, but 95 degrees?? No wonder kids get sick. Warm them up that much and then send them out into single digit temps *sigh*
End rant

ok off to get into something.
Laters Dudes and Dudettes

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

::Insert your own title here:: lol

Woo Hoo!!
Today is....
Take your ass for a walk day!
I don't know about you, but no matter which ass they are talking about I'm not leaving the house until I have to today...
It's quite chilly here this morning. 9 degrees Fahrenheit.... brrrr. The sun is out and the sky is that beautiful winter blue that we get here. Furnaces are pushing up straight streams of billowy poof and the snow crunches under your feet. Yes... Winter is here, in it's finest. The puppy finally discovered we have an electric blanket on the bed, settled into a spot that my butt normally nestles into and didn't move all night! The furnace was crankin' all night. I heard it running and running and running. I have it turned down this morning though and I'm running the electric fireplace instead, heating the front part of the house more than back. Natural gas prices have risen 35% over the 2% increase in electric prices so it makes sense to run the electric during the day and try to save on the gas for heating the house at night. It's going down to zero tonight... this is January weather! I can't wait to see what will happen come January!! Sarcasm people... sarcasm!!
While my sister and I were out shopping yesterday we were in Sam's Club and I ran into a dreamy gardening tool that I'd just about kill to have... ok kill is kinda harsh... I'd give my left arm for.
It's a neat greenhouse... ohhh the garden I could have... Drool!!!!
Got a dog? Here's a holiday song just for them... this might even freak out your kitty if you so choose....
Mp3 format... Dogs bark "We wish you a merry Christmas"..... this made Miss Lucy turn her head all sideways at the computer speaker :)
Laters Dudes and Dudettes... I'm being called by a mound of laundry and if I don't pay some attention to it I'm afraid it might take over the back of the house. That and I think my guys would like some clean clothes for school and work tomorrow.

Monday, December 12, 2005


Boy my title lines are getting boring-er and boring-er. Monday... what kind of title is that??? Hello??? If you're alive in the this hemisphere you already know it's Monday and don't need some freaken' blog weird-o to tell you what day of the week it is. .. it's sad I tell ya... just sad *sigh*
I really need to get more fricken' creative....
Yo.. it's Monday
Hey.. it's Monday
2nd day of the week!
Day before Tuesday
Day of football night
Yeah... what EVER! ROFL
I guess I could say something like, "Christmas shopping, and the after dark muncher"
Title this entry....

"Christmas shopping and the after dark muncher"

So.... I went Christmas shopping today.... I got a few gifts for Mikey and one for Sherm. I also picked up something for my sister... she was with me and knows what it is, but we do that sort of thing a lot with each other. She'll have other gifts to open and she'll have no idea what they are. This was a fun "toy" type gift.... I'd tell ya what it is, but it's gotta be a surprise to someone LOL

When Sherm gets home from work it's dark out... usually is this time of year. Tonight he got home around 6:45. A bit later than I'd like on a school night, but now that Mikey is becoming quite the responsible 6th grader and get his a good majority of his homework done in study halls and in extended core lab I don't freak over the later work hours... too much. Don't you get no idea Mr..... I know you'll be reading this and this is no permission to work late... got me?? Love ya hunny!! XOXOXOX LOL ((((squeezy hug))))
So anyway..... When he came in the house tonight our motion light kicked on. I glanced out in the front yard while the light was still on and I saw the snow moving under my bird feeder. I called Mikey over to the window and Sherm followed. We had us an after dark chipmonk visitor. I didn't know they came out at night.... maybe we have us a freak chipmonk LOL Something is telling me he/she has set up house in the ground under the tree right there by the feeder..... which means I'm gonna have to watch my hands when I plant flowers there in the Spring and snip lavender all summer! I love chippys though. They are so neat to watch. I keep glancing out the window to see if it's back out, but I haven't seen it in a few hours. Our older dog Abby spotted it and sat watching it. She looked so cute. I wanted to snap a pic of her, but the batteries for my camera are charging :(
Oh well... the winter is long and I'm sure I'll have a few more chances to get a pic of her looking out the window. She's been doing it quite a bit lately... watching for daddy to come home is her latest.... she looks so cute and has a young dog look about her as she watches out the window. Ears on alert and a stare that could find any critter within a mile.... or two. She's getting up there in years.... showing quite a bit of gray around her nose and eyes and doesn't have the same spring in her jump that she used to, but it's not gone completely..... she can bring that pup in her back out as quick as need be if something is going on or she thinks she's going to get a treat. She prances around the livingroom a few times a day playing with the puppy too... jumping, barking and sort of running.

Ok.... Sherm said he's ready for bed... me too. I didn't sleep well lastnight. I think something happened in the neighborhood around 3:45 that woke me up and then I couldn't get back to sleep. My sister was wide awake at the same time too. I wonder if a fire truck went by or something. *shrug*
Laters Dudes and Dudettes!

Friday, December 09, 2005

Random Thoughts

~ While out shoveling/snow-blowing I realized I could be a heck of a writer if I could only make the words find my fingers for either writing or typing. *sigh*

~ Cleaned out 2 driveways... that's enough for this morning and I hope Sherm can get that bigger snow-blower running. It took me 2 hours to do 2 driveways.

~ I want pizza and wings tonight for dinner while we watch Herbie:Fully Loaded

~My gloves suck..... the suede on the palms and fingers turned my thumbs black!!! Just my thumbs?? weird! and it dosen't wash off! I'm going to look like I'm a criminal who was just finger printed!! LOL

~It's been forever since I did one of my "Things Found" posts... haven't found anything lately. Need to look harder.

~The checking account still has money in it and it's Friday!!!! WOo HOo!

~Have to pay some bills^

~I really want to get the rest of the inside decorations up this weekend.

~I am truly blessed to have my family right here in the neighborhood... after watching other neighbors care for someone who got injured yesterday... running errands, shoveling etc, because their kids live way off in another county (though I think they want it that way so they don't have to deal with Mom and Dad) But I like helping my Dad and step Mom... as much as a pain in the butt they can be from time to time I hate to think of what they would do if they had to have neighbors do things for them and I simply couldn't live with myself knowing I was fully capable of caring for them, but didn't or chose not to... darn it.. you just can't do that to family.
~ahfguiaefbajfngruirphbnjkfahuirepirrnhpruiuirhfparinduncuhrerunjfheu;a ... this sentence was removed

~Bet my husband knows what that sentence said

~I want new slippers for Christmas

~Warmed up coffee sucks!!

~It's still snowing

Off to dig up something for lunch.... tomatoe soap? salad? there might be a frozen burrito in there.. hmmm and the winner is......peanut butter and fluff!! Mmmmm :)
Maybe I'll heat up the soup too... just not eat the soup and sandwich at the same time hehe :)

Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Snow day or delay?

This mornings conversation with a kid who wants a snow day really really bad...
Him "This isn't fair."
Me "What isn't fair?"
Him "North Syracuse has a 2 hour delay, they were in the 4 inch zone on the weather."
Me "What do you mean?"
Him "They were only going to get 4 inches of snow. We're in the 8 inch zone, we should be closed"
Me " Well at this point in time it must be snowing hard enough there for them to delay the opening of school"
A few minutes pause as he continues to get ready for school
Him "Where's A-P-W?" (Altmar, Parish, Williamstown-3 towns in one district)
Me "North and way East of here.. I point in that direction"
Him "Ohh *long pause*..... where's Redcreek?"
Me "West of here" I point to the west"
Him "It's not fair that North Syracuse has a delay... they're right over there"
Long pause in conversation as he watches the ticker on the bottom of the TV screen reading all the same schools that were on there before with no changes...
I go on to explain that the band of heavy snow must have split and there are now 2 bands.. one west of us and the other to the north and east.
Him "Where's Minetto?"
Me "North, between Fulton and Oswego"
Him "Oh... their daycare is now closed"
a bit of excitement was in his voice because originally the daycare had a one hour delay... there's still a chance for his school then!
Him "I still think it isn't fair that North Syracuse gets a delay"
Me "ummm Dude? have you looked out the window?"
Him "No"
Me "There isn't a flake on the car at all... we didn't get any snow... that might be a good reason you have school and no delay"
Him "Oh yeah...Good point!"
We both chuckle as he puts on his coat and finishes getting ready to leave.

Man oh man those were the days... I remember the waiting... the wanting of a snow day. We've all done it. We've all wanted a snow day. I just think it's funny he never thought to look out the window to see if he was even in the running for a snow day or delay. That used to be the first thing I'd do... run to window to see how much snow fell during the night. Then I'd sit and listen for our school to be read off on the radio. If we were lucky they would read them off on TV, but if there were too many schools closed they wouldn't have time to read them all. Then if one radio station didn't read your school name, well... then they must not have gotten the call so we'd tune into another station in hopes the other station was forgotten about or just overlooked your school!
It's snowing pretty good out right now so I'm going to keep the local TV station on instead of turning on the satellite for my normal morning of HGTV and DIY networks.

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Cold feet

No I'm not getting cold feet over doing something. I have cold feet. So cold they hurt! I feel like I was outside with wet socks and boots on like I did when I was a kid out sledding, but havong so much fun I didn't want to stop sledding to come in and get on dry socks and boot. Chances were if I went in I'd be told I couldn't go back out, so suffering was in order! lol Actually I think I have something funky going on with my feet. This started last winter and just started back up today. They only hurt on the tops in a spot about the size of a silver dollar. Last winter I got so I was putting Icy Hot on the tops of my feet to make them stop hurting. My dad has trouble like this with his hands.... an old Navy accident causes him to have extreme pain in his hands when they get cold. Could I be going through arthritis? Is this a result of me staying out as a kid? Who knows... all I know is that my handknit wool socks and slippers aren't taking the pain away... think I'll be dabbing on some Icy Hot before bed. *sigh*

Sherm put the new parts in my snowblower carb... he needs to get some new gas line tomorrow on his way home from work and I should be all set. I so want a bigger machine, but if this one works and acts reliable I'll go with it for this year. There is no way I'm going back to useing the electric snow shovel again... at least not for the whole driveway action like I've been doing the past 4 winters.

There's a new poll over in the left sidebar and if you scroll down to the bottom of the page you'll see some adoptions in the left side bar. I"m not sure how long I'll keep them on there as they are bigger than the side bar, but I jsut couldn't resist them... they're just too darn cute.

Laters Dudes and Dudettes...
I'm off to look at the inside of my eyelids for a few hours.

Monday, December 05, 2005

Not much time

I don't have much time to post this morning. I'm off to get the carb parts for my snowblower and then I'm gonna hit the grocery store for a few days worth of eats. I think the family might enjoy food at the end of the day this week :) I also think I'll enjoy having a snowblower around when the snow really starts to fly. We only got about 8 or so inches here at the house over the weekend, but the airport recorded 11 inches. Either way it wasn't that hard to move by hand, but any more than that would have been a bit harder. I also had 2 helpers here which helped! I don't want to be too long without a good snowblower though... I have a feeling this winter is going to be a doosey (sp)!

Ok off for shopping!
Laters Dudes and Dudettes!

Friday, December 02, 2005


Thank God Friday is finally here! Even though we have to be up semi-early Saturday morning to get the dogs to the rabies clinic for their booster shot we can still sleep in a little. This cough medicine is really making me droopy eyed. My eyes are crossing as I'm trying to type this.

Last evening as Sherm and I were watching ER across the bottom of the screen is an Amber Alert ticker about a 16 year old girl missing from near by Geneva NY. A few minutes later I get a text message on my phone. The system works! When I signed up for the Amber Alerts on my cell phone I visioned getting messages days later like I was getting for the Nascar subscription program I signed up for.... the Nascar subscription sucks BTW! Well I was wrong.... it only took a few minutes to reach me. It's a good thing and something you might want to think about signing up for. The girl was found safe not too far from here! is the Amber Alert Portal where you can find all kinds of ways to get alerts that are set up in your area. It's free so there's no reason not to sign up. Some states have cell phone alerts like NY... you can have it emailed to you.. sent to your pager.. or set up a ticker on your blog or homepage. (I did below)

::Holiday Fun::
Decorate the Christmas Tree
(didn't work in my Firefox, but we haven't installed all the little extras yet... works in IE)
Xmas Fun

Thursday, December 01, 2005


Will someone please tell me what part of "she can not talk, so don't call her tomorrow" means to call and see how I feel?? I had Mikey call my Dad and step Mom last night specifically to tell them the Dr. told me not to talk and only call me if it's totally necessary. So what does the step Mom do first thing this morning??? Call to see how I was feeling!!! *SiLeNt ScReAm* *sigh*

I'm always amused at the lengths some people will go to get cash. Thieves are now breaking into Syracuse homes to steal the plumbing! Unreal. Funny, but unreal!

Oh if you plan on doing any holiday shopping on-line you really should check out this site ( again). They have a list sites for secret codes to save money at on-line shops.

ok off to relax a little
Laters Dudes and Dudettes!