Saturday, December 31, 2005

A career move?

While out driving in the neighborhood yesterday it hit me that I needed a career move. It would be perfect and I could make tons at what I decided I should do. You see yesterday was trash day in our neighborhood and it was a heavy recycling day as well, being just after Christmas and all. It hit me as I passed a house that had a new computer box folded up out for the recycle men that I could be become a pretty successful burglar... I knew which neighbors got expensive goodies for Christmas... there was a computer, big coffee maker, DVD surround sound system, toolbox, saw, vacuum, a nice set of pans and a security lock box(they might have valuables locked in it)

No, I'm not going to become a burglar... there's a reason for this post....

If you live where you have to recycle your cardboard and boxes, remember to fold the boxes down and inside-out so criminals don't target your new goodies!!!

Happy New Years Eve to everyone! We're staying home watching the ball drop. Homemade pizza and wings for dinner... maybe we'll invite my sister over. If your going out and have a few a drinks of the midnight bubbly please remember not to drive home... get a room or a non-drinking driver to take you home. Be safe... stay safe and I'll see you next year.


Blogger Mike said...

lol!:)you are right about that perfect time

12:30 PM  

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