Tuesday, December 27, 2005

From the kitchen

I finally stopped surfing the net and decided it was time to post... from my kitchen! This is so cool!! hehe :) anyway... there really hasn't been much going on. We've had funky weather all day. A little bit of rain mixed with snow, then it tapered off to gook and now it's snowing now again. I was sure it was suppose to be nice today, but it's upstate NY and the weather can change while you're looking at it.

The net has been so slow and dead this past week. Blogs I read haven't been updated in a days, forums I read haven't been posted to in days and if they have had posts it seems like the posts are from kids who can't talk right... UGH!! It drives me nuts that one of my favorite crafting forums is getting filled with kids.... teens I should say. Some of the crafts they post are just... well... so teen-ish. Maybe I'm showing my age, but there are only so many Babrie doll shoe earrings that need to be posted Zzzzzz. Paper clip rings.... the thing would have put someones eye out or scratched you really bad. Don't get me wrong... all crafters have to start somewhere, but the fourm is getting over run almost. Maybe it's just that the kids are out on break for holiday or something. One good thing is that one of the areas on the forum I read only seems to have adults in it and they can talk properly... a few off words here or there are for the most part are from posters from other countrys.

Ok enough of that. Mikey received a hotdog machine from my Dad and step Mom for Christmas and he's cooking dinner tonight! Guess we should head to the grocery for some hotdogs and a side dish of some sort.

Have a great Tuesday everyone!


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