Tuesday, December 13, 2005

::Insert your own title here:: lol

Woo Hoo!!
Today is....
Take your ass for a walk day!
I don't know about you, but no matter which ass they are talking about I'm not leaving the house until I have to today...
It's quite chilly here this morning. 9 degrees Fahrenheit.... brrrr. The sun is out and the sky is that beautiful winter blue that we get here. Furnaces are pushing up straight streams of billowy poof and the snow crunches under your feet. Yes... Winter is here, in it's finest. The puppy finally discovered we have an electric blanket on the bed, settled into a spot that my butt normally nestles into and didn't move all night! The furnace was crankin' all night. I heard it running and running and running. I have it turned down this morning though and I'm running the electric fireplace instead, heating the front part of the house more than back. Natural gas prices have risen 35% over the 2% increase in electric prices so it makes sense to run the electric during the day and try to save on the gas for heating the house at night. It's going down to zero tonight... this is January weather! I can't wait to see what will happen come January!! Sarcasm people... sarcasm!!
While my sister and I were out shopping yesterday we were in Sam's Club and I ran into a dreamy gardening tool that I'd just about kill to have... ok kill is kinda harsh... I'd give my left arm for.
It's a neat greenhouse... ohhh the garden I could have... Drool!!!!
Got a dog? Here's a holiday song just for them... this might even freak out your kitty if you so choose....
Mp3 format... Dogs bark "We wish you a merry Christmas"..... this made Miss Lucy turn her head all sideways at the computer speaker :)
Laters Dudes and Dudettes... I'm being called by a mound of laundry and if I don't pay some attention to it I'm afraid it might take over the back of the house. That and I think my guys would like some clean clothes for school and work tomorrow.


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