Monday, December 12, 2005


Boy my title lines are getting boring-er and boring-er. Monday... what kind of title is that??? Hello??? If you're alive in the this hemisphere you already know it's Monday and don't need some freaken' blog weird-o to tell you what day of the week it is. .. it's sad I tell ya... just sad *sigh*
I really need to get more fricken' creative....
Yo.. it's Monday
Hey.. it's Monday
2nd day of the week!
Day before Tuesday
Day of football night
Yeah... what EVER! ROFL
I guess I could say something like, "Christmas shopping, and the after dark muncher"
Title this entry....

"Christmas shopping and the after dark muncher"

So.... I went Christmas shopping today.... I got a few gifts for Mikey and one for Sherm. I also picked up something for my sister... she was with me and knows what it is, but we do that sort of thing a lot with each other. She'll have other gifts to open and she'll have no idea what they are. This was a fun "toy" type gift.... I'd tell ya what it is, but it's gotta be a surprise to someone LOL

When Sherm gets home from work it's dark out... usually is this time of year. Tonight he got home around 6:45. A bit later than I'd like on a school night, but now that Mikey is becoming quite the responsible 6th grader and get his a good majority of his homework done in study halls and in extended core lab I don't freak over the later work hours... too much. Don't you get no idea Mr..... I know you'll be reading this and this is no permission to work late... got me?? Love ya hunny!! XOXOXOX LOL ((((squeezy hug))))
So anyway..... When he came in the house tonight our motion light kicked on. I glanced out in the front yard while the light was still on and I saw the snow moving under my bird feeder. I called Mikey over to the window and Sherm followed. We had us an after dark chipmonk visitor. I didn't know they came out at night.... maybe we have us a freak chipmonk LOL Something is telling me he/she has set up house in the ground under the tree right there by the feeder..... which means I'm gonna have to watch my hands when I plant flowers there in the Spring and snip lavender all summer! I love chippys though. They are so neat to watch. I keep glancing out the window to see if it's back out, but I haven't seen it in a few hours. Our older dog Abby spotted it and sat watching it. She looked so cute. I wanted to snap a pic of her, but the batteries for my camera are charging :(
Oh well... the winter is long and I'm sure I'll have a few more chances to get a pic of her looking out the window. She's been doing it quite a bit lately... watching for daddy to come home is her latest.... she looks so cute and has a young dog look about her as she watches out the window. Ears on alert and a stare that could find any critter within a mile.... or two. She's getting up there in years.... showing quite a bit of gray around her nose and eyes and doesn't have the same spring in her jump that she used to, but it's not gone completely..... she can bring that pup in her back out as quick as need be if something is going on or she thinks she's going to get a treat. She prances around the livingroom a few times a day playing with the puppy too... jumping, barking and sort of running.

Ok.... Sherm said he's ready for bed... me too. I didn't sleep well lastnight. I think something happened in the neighborhood around 3:45 that woke me up and then I couldn't get back to sleep. My sister was wide awake at the same time too. I wonder if a fire truck went by or something. *shrug*
Laters Dudes and Dudettes!


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