Monday, December 26, 2005

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My living room!
Ok no biggy right?
You all know my computer is in the living room so what gives huh? Well... I'm in the recliner.... on... my new laptop!!!
OMG!!!! This is so friggin' cool!!
My sweetie wheeled and dealed, did some extra cash type outside jobs at work for extra cash to get it for me. That little sneak had been working on the deal back in October or November. That is so not like his usual go out at the 11th hour for Christmas gifts ROLF!! He's gettin' tons of hugs and kisses let me tell you!!! Maybe even a meatloaf with mashed taters!!!<3 XXOO
Now all 3 of us can be on the net at the same time. All I can say is HOLY SHEET!!! hehe :)
Oh and the cool part is....I'm wireless too!!! I can go in the bedroom and blog away from football games or when spring gets here I can go blog from the garden. Sooooo drool!!!I can't wait for warmer weather now. Melt damn snow.... MELT! LOL


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