Friday, December 09, 2005

Random Thoughts

~ While out shoveling/snow-blowing I realized I could be a heck of a writer if I could only make the words find my fingers for either writing or typing. *sigh*

~ Cleaned out 2 driveways... that's enough for this morning and I hope Sherm can get that bigger snow-blower running. It took me 2 hours to do 2 driveways.

~ I want pizza and wings tonight for dinner while we watch Herbie:Fully Loaded

~My gloves suck..... the suede on the palms and fingers turned my thumbs black!!! Just my thumbs?? weird! and it dosen't wash off! I'm going to look like I'm a criminal who was just finger printed!! LOL

~It's been forever since I did one of my "Things Found" posts... haven't found anything lately. Need to look harder.

~The checking account still has money in it and it's Friday!!!! WOo HOo!

~Have to pay some bills^

~I really want to get the rest of the inside decorations up this weekend.

~I am truly blessed to have my family right here in the neighborhood... after watching other neighbors care for someone who got injured yesterday... running errands, shoveling etc, because their kids live way off in another county (though I think they want it that way so they don't have to deal with Mom and Dad) But I like helping my Dad and step Mom... as much as a pain in the butt they can be from time to time I hate to think of what they would do if they had to have neighbors do things for them and I simply couldn't live with myself knowing I was fully capable of caring for them, but didn't or chose not to... darn it.. you just can't do that to family.
~ahfguiaefbajfngruirphbnjkfahuirepirrnhpruiuirhfparinduncuhrerunjfheu;a ... this sentence was removed

~Bet my husband knows what that sentence said

~I want new slippers for Christmas

~Warmed up coffee sucks!!

~It's still snowing

Off to dig up something for lunch.... tomatoe soap? salad? there might be a frozen burrito in there.. hmmm and the winner is......peanut butter and fluff!! Mmmmm :)
Maybe I'll heat up the soup too... just not eat the soup and sandwich at the same time hehe :)


Blogger Colleen said...

Maybe it's just me again, but the stuff on the right side of the blog flashes on the page as the page loads but then disappears. POOF!

Great post, kind-of what I've been thinking about for a bit now. Got me some serious thinkin' to do. :)

2:23 PM  

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