Friday, December 16, 2005

Sharing Pictures

You may remember a picture I shared of the bicycle with the basket on the front that I plant flowers in during the Summer....

well .... I have a use for the same bike during the holidays.... in the basket are 3 lit gift boxes. I light the whole thing with a blue spot light. I know it must drive some people errr neighbors nuts :)

This morning after a pretty good snow storm over night there was no room at the diner...

My new bird feeder is squirrel proof, but......

Not chipmonk proof!!
It takes the little guy/gal a few tries, but it makes it onto the feeding area. Squirrels are too heavy and fall right off the roof. I watched it try to get up and in the feeder, but I don't think there is enough room between the front glass and the inside of the cover... it tried like heck though. I'm sure if I were to put it back together after filling the wrong way that there would be plenty of room for it to get up and in. The little thing is brave too. This second picture was taken about 3 feet from the feeder. It stayed up as Sherm was shoveling out my parking area. It only got spooked when I talked to it at first... then it's little tail got all poofy and it raced up the to the top of the tree.

Tomorrow I'm off to do some Christmas shopping with my sister. Mikey's going with us for the day too. First stop is the Little Gem Diner for breakfast. That was Mikey's pick since the last time we had breakfast at the Seneca Knolls diner he had onions in his pancakes....the poor kid... they were aweful! Then it's off to the Christmas Tree shop. From there I'm not sure where we'll end up. We're going to take our time and not let the crowds bother us. Maybe we'll make our way down Rt11 to the new Lowes and the Walmart super center. I really need to find something else for Sherm and it wouldn't hurt to come up with something else for my Dad. Maybe I'll run into the craft store and grab a block of M&P soap... I'm all out and there is no time to order any on-line before Christmas. I could always make up a little soap and lotion basket for my Dad and Step Mom.

Mikey kicked back the recliner and is now snoring.... guess I better hit the post button and get him into bed so he's well rested for tomorrow.
Laters Dudes and Dudettes!


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