Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Snow day or delay?

This mornings conversation with a kid who wants a snow day really really bad...
Him "This isn't fair."
Me "What isn't fair?"
Him "North Syracuse has a 2 hour delay, they were in the 4 inch zone on the weather."
Me "What do you mean?"
Him "They were only going to get 4 inches of snow. We're in the 8 inch zone, we should be closed"
Me " Well at this point in time it must be snowing hard enough there for them to delay the opening of school"
A few minutes pause as he continues to get ready for school
Him "Where's A-P-W?" (Altmar, Parish, Williamstown-3 towns in one district)
Me "North and way East of here.. I point in that direction"
Him "Ohh *long pause*..... where's Redcreek?"
Me "West of here" I point to the west"
Him "It's not fair that North Syracuse has a delay... they're right over there"
Long pause in conversation as he watches the ticker on the bottom of the TV screen reading all the same schools that were on there before with no changes...
I go on to explain that the band of heavy snow must have split and there are now 2 bands.. one west of us and the other to the north and east.
Him "Where's Minetto?"
Me "North, between Fulton and Oswego"
Him "Oh... their daycare is now closed"
a bit of excitement was in his voice because originally the daycare had a one hour delay... there's still a chance for his school then!
Him "I still think it isn't fair that North Syracuse gets a delay"
Me "ummm Dude? have you looked out the window?"
Him "No"
Me "There isn't a flake on the car at all... we didn't get any snow... that might be a good reason you have school and no delay"
Him "Oh yeah...Good point!"
We both chuckle as he puts on his coat and finishes getting ready to leave.

Man oh man those were the days... I remember the waiting... the wanting of a snow day. We've all done it. We've all wanted a snow day. I just think it's funny he never thought to look out the window to see if he was even in the running for a snow day or delay. That used to be the first thing I'd do... run to window to see how much snow fell during the night. Then I'd sit and listen for our school to be read off on the radio. If we were lucky they would read them off on TV, but if there were too many schools closed they wouldn't have time to read them all. Then if one radio station didn't read your school name, well... then they must not have gotten the call so we'd tune into another station in hopes the other station was forgotten about or just overlooked your school!
It's snowing pretty good out right now so I'm going to keep the local TV station on instead of turning on the satellite for my normal morning of HGTV and DIY networks.


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