Friday, December 02, 2005


Thank God Friday is finally here! Even though we have to be up semi-early Saturday morning to get the dogs to the rabies clinic for their booster shot we can still sleep in a little. This cough medicine is really making me droopy eyed. My eyes are crossing as I'm trying to type this.

Last evening as Sherm and I were watching ER across the bottom of the screen is an Amber Alert ticker about a 16 year old girl missing from near by Geneva NY. A few minutes later I get a text message on my phone. The system works! When I signed up for the Amber Alerts on my cell phone I visioned getting messages days later like I was getting for the Nascar subscription program I signed up for.... the Nascar subscription sucks BTW! Well I was wrong.... it only took a few minutes to reach me. It's a good thing and something you might want to think about signing up for. The girl was found safe not too far from here! is the Amber Alert Portal where you can find all kinds of ways to get alerts that are set up in your area. It's free so there's no reason not to sign up. Some states have cell phone alerts like NY... you can have it emailed to you.. sent to your pager.. or set up a ticker on your blog or homepage. (I did below)

::Holiday Fun::
Decorate the Christmas Tree
(didn't work in my Firefox, but we haven't installed all the little extras yet... works in IE)
Xmas Fun


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