Wednesday, December 21, 2005

A time of change

Happy Winter Solstice!
Happy Yule!

The longest night of the year... The shortest day of the year.

::Some links for the day::
This is a great site that compares the old ways with
modern Christmas traditions.

The Unconquered Sun

Winter Solstice at
The School of the Seasons

Yule log screensaver

I'll be working on some Christmas gifts today. Some sterling and bead earrings for my sister. Several pairs I think will fill in her bag of gifts nicely. I still have to pick up her main gift, but up until the other day I wasn't exactly sure what she really wanted. She finally gave me 411 after I hinted at some gifts that were way out of our price range. It's a sure way to get to say what she really means :)
I'm just about done for Sherm... I only have to pick a few small items. Then I have to finish up Mikey. Oh and the card table for my Dad and step Mom. (Thank god they don't read my blog) All in all I should be able to finish up in just a few hours on Friday evening. I don't want to have to go anywhere on Saturday.

Laters Dudes and Dudettes!


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