Thursday, December 29, 2005

A trip to the city

Hello??? anyone out there???

Ok, so Syracuse isn't the Big Apple, or Chicago or L.A. but it sure seemed like it today. I took my sister up to Community Hospital today to pick a prescription (she needs to have a test for kidney stones) anyway.... she also needed to go to the federal building in downtown Syracuse to fill out the paperwork for a replacement social security card. I drove so she could just run into these places without having to deal with parking. No big deal really, but I got a really good flash of why I do not go into the city unless I absolutely have to. We left Community Hospital up on Onondaga Hill and drove up South Salina street to downtown Syracuse.... yikes! That was totally scary! In broad daylight it was scary to be down there. It seems like every year our gang activity gets worse. A day doesn't go by that there isn't' someone being shot and all day long gun shots can be heard all over the city, but mostly from the south and west side.... we drove up the heart of the south side. Yikes again! Once at the federal building Mikey and I sat parked in a no parking zone (yes we were bad... deal with it!) while my sister ran in to do her stuff and I watched people driving. Now, I'm not sure which was scarier. Being in the heart of the south side or watching people drive! Honestly. The next time you have a few minutes to kill and your in a city, stop and watch people fight over parking spots and drive like no one else is on the road with them. Especially around places like buildings where people would go for welfare or government help. Don't get me wrong... there is nothing wrong with these programs, but it just seems these agencies have little to no parking available to the people who need to visit them. Anyway...... I watched 3 drivers all pull "U" turns to grab a parking spot of the other side of the street. None of these drivers signaled, slowed down or even cared if there were cars coming from the other direction!! They just turned their wheel and aimed for the parking spot. One lady pulled 2 "U"turns and when she finally got her BIG suv parked she got out and started yelling at someone on the other side of the street. YEESH Gimme a slow village street over a city street anyday!!! Oh and while we were parked there a young boy... maybe 17ish was walking by on the sidewalk and noticed my window was down a little... he came over and asked if I could spare a dollar saying he was trying to get home... ok. ....I felt for the kid.. he wasn't dirty or anything and he might have been telling the truth, but it made me uneasy so I told him "sorry man I don't" and as he walked away I rolled up my window. I'm not like that normally, but it was strange and I didn't have a good feeling about him. An old homeless man could have gotten a five dollar bill out of me, but this kid wasn't getting a penny to "get home". Ok maybe he lost his money... he should have said that... I would have given him busfare had he said something like that... it was just odd is all. You know... I don't remember a time ever going down city that I didn't have someone try to panhandle off me. *shrug*

So how has your week been so far?
I so want one of these cool purses! That price though is a bit much.


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