Thursday, December 15, 2005

Wishy washy, rambles and a rant

It's a wishy-washy day. I don't know what to get into first. I had a heck of a time finding something to post about and then I decided that I should post about this. I hate days like because I never feel like I get much accomplished except for thinking about what I should have done. It's an anxiety thing. Which.... sorry this might be too much info, but the anxiety is being helped along by PMS. PLEH! I had a horrid headache when I woke up this morning and of course getting up was no easy task. I was wide awake this at 3:35 this morning because there was something, most likely a mouse, going through something in our bedroom. I'll have Sherm look into that this evening. I'm pretty sure I know what it was into... a gift bag on a table in the corner of our room. While I'm on the mouse topic here we have a mouse in the house for sure now. I saw it yesterday.... TWICE!! As I sat making some bookmarks for Christmas gifts yesterday at the kitchen table I could hear things rattling in the cabinet. Now that cabinet door doesn't close all the way because my crock pot keeps the door popped open just a smidge, but it was enough for me to see a little pointy nose and brown fur looking out at me!!! I screamed the first time which set all the animals in house into full alert mode! LOL Of course I couldn't keep my eyes off that door for the rest of the day. Every time I went in the kitchen I would look... making sure nothing was going to come out and run across my foot. I had a tough time cooking dinner lastnight. When I picked Mikey up from school I stopped at Dollar General and grabbed some mouse traps. I set on in the cabinet. Just waiting now to hear the snap! <: )~

Breakfast today consisted of 2
oranges and a Little Debby brownie. I have to remember to check the milk before the gas station closes at night. Mikey used all the milk this morning. *sigh* no cereal for me today, but at least there was enough for his breakfast. Oh and the peels from those oranges? Well I'll et them dry out a bit, pop them in a sauce pan with a few shakes of cinnamon and ground cloves and put it on a slow burner to scent the air. Yum! This can be saved and used a second day. I'd throw it out after that... strain the peels out and dump any liquid down the sink. This can be done with any food spice to make the house smell yummy. I might add some vanilla to it this time too. Major YUM!

Lets see...
What can I type about next?
Random Ramblings I guess...
Today is
Lemon cupcake day
Firefighters Day
Maybe you could make some lemon cupcakes and drop them off at your local fire house! hehe :)

Including today there are 10 shopping days left until Christmas!!

If I had the
money I'd love to take Mikey to see the Trans-Siberian Orchestra
I saw them do major rock yesterday on a one of the morning shows and just about freaked. I never knew how rock they were and never saw them. They look like old rockers. What a hoot!! I told Mikey about them and he thought it would be really cool to see them. *sigh* I don't think it will be possible at the prices they are asking for the tickets. hmmm I wonder if they have a DVD? or if they are going to be on any of the holiday specials so Mikey can get a look at them.

I'm sorry... sooooo sorry, but there is no way you could *pay* me one milion dollars to own this car. VW has launched it's Bugatti at a cost of 1million dollars.
It's sooo friggin' ugly!!

Be sure to look at the other pictures of if it on the site I linked to.




Baldwinsville School District Explores Ways to Cut Energy Costs
Maybe they could look into teachers washing their cars using school water!! I watched as someone washed their car by a service entrance at Ray Middle school the other day when I was picking up Mikey. Or perhaps they should look into teachers putting wet paper towels on the thermostats in their room to make the temp go up, Mikey keeps telling me how his homeroom teacher keeps doing that. His homeroom was 95 yesterday!! I know where his homeroom is and it's one of the farthest rooms away from the boiler, but 95 degrees?? No wonder kids get sick. Warm them up that much and then send them out into single digit temps *sigh*
End rant

ok off to get into something.
Laters Dudes and Dudettes


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