Wednesday, January 04, 2006

(another boring title)It's..... Wednesday!

::Today is::
Wednesday January 4th 2006
It's also...
Spaghetti Day
Blender Day
Spaghetti smoothie anyone??
Chicken and biscuits here for dinner. Non-blended!! lol

No major things going on. It's a good hump day! Now if only Lost was on tonight instead of football *sigh* I don't mind totally. Most of the bowl games we've watched so far have been good. How about last nights game? Sherm and I finally gave up watching at about 12:30 when it was tied up at the end of the 4th and went to sleep. I like the games that are really close like it was last night.

We had another shooting in the city of Syracuse yesterday afternoon. I'm going to keep a running total for the year as these shootings take place. This time it was a
17year old high school football player.
Keep in mind that this running total of shootings is only shootings and not a running total of shootings and gun shots heard throughout the city on a daily basis. 1 sensless shooting in the city of Syracuse NY so far for 2006

I think I'll keep another total too... number of deaths as a result of these shootings... this one will probably lead to another and then another and another and....

1 shooting
0 deaths
(I'll move this to my left sidebar later)

Happy Hump Day everyone!
Laters Dudes and Dudettes!


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