Thursday, January 05, 2006

The gun "went off"

...."I'm facing him. I pull the gun out and point it at him and tell him to back up. He backs up a step or two," Pennyfeather, 18, said in his statement. He said the gun then "went off" and fired one shot, and Butler fell to the ground."

Ahhhh HA! It's the old... "I don't know what happened.. the-gun-just-went-off-cry-for-any-sympathy-I-can-get-plea" Then to top it off our courts here are so friggin f-d up they almost let the thug go because of insufficient paperwork UGH!!!
No wonder we have shootings going on... come on you can shoot anyone you want.. if you get caught there's a chance the court will let you go because other offices can't do their jobs correctly!
This happens all the time here!

This back and forth battle between the courts and the DA's office really looks good to the criminals. Come on Syracuse... get your heads out of your butts and look as professional as you say you are!! I wish I was a voter in the city... these goofs would out QUICK!
1 shooting
0 deaths
Yep and I'm feeling a tad bit more anxious about this today as Mikey is on a field trip to the city with school today!! I gave him the talk this morning before he left... "Don't talk to anyone... be careful what you say to even your friends... don't say anything to anyone that can be overheard by a stranger..."He got a bit ticked at me and in a slightly elevated tone said "I KNOW MOM!" Yep.. I know he knows, but I had to do my Mom thing and make sure he had it refreshed before going :)

Boy am I tied today... Sherm and I stayed up and watched the Rose Bowl. Good game... worth the loss of sleep, but I'm feeling it this morning.*yawn*

oh yes I don't think I've mentioned the addition we have here at the "house of many critters". We have a mouse!! It's an uninvited mouse!! It's been here for a few weeks now. Discovered a few days before Christmas because it ate a whole package of dog treats I had picked up for the dogs for Christmas and I had them in on our dresser. Gone!! In less than 24 hours! Not even a crumb left for the doggies. Since then it has managed to avoid all traps we've set for it. It ate part of a bar of my homemade soap (mice love homemade soap). Has been spotted by the puppy in the kitchen cabinet (made the puppy bark at the cabinet for hours yesterday! lol) and has driven our older dog nuts. This is the house of 3 cats and not a one of them is even making an attempt to mouse hunt. I bet they don't even know there' a mouse in the house! The dogs on the other hand are the ones that are interested. Abby(our older dog) is really wanting to hunt the thing. She's so silly. We think it might be living behind the washer or under the drier. Abby will lay at the puppy gate watching down the hall for hours and if she hears or sees it she'll get all excited. I made the mistake of letting her down the hall yesterday... I jumped and screamed when I heard the mouse behind the washer and Abby was trying to get in behind the dryer! lol I don't do mice!

::Today is::
Thursday, January 5th 2006
It's also
Get on the computer day
Turn up the heat day
Bird day

One more day until the weekend... woo hoo!!!

Laters Dudes and Dudettes!


Blogger Colleen said...

Where's Mikey going in the city? There's a town about 45 minutes from us that is like Syracuse as far as the shootings go. Seems like every other day someone gets shot or killed there!

10:29 AM  
Blogger Terri said...

Mikey went, I think, to the Salt City Playhouse to see The Sound of Music. I hate the city... hate it with a passion. It's dirty, smells and the people there are just scary.

11:53 AM  

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