Sunday, January 01, 2006

Happy New Year

How do you go outside to get your paper on New Years Day??Brrrrrr!!

We set up my laptop (that still sounds cool!) for my camera software just a little while ago. My first picture of the year had to be of my sweetie and it's the first picture off my camera on my new laptop (yep.. cool sounding again!)

My sister came over lastnight to ring in the new year and we all had a great time. Mikey and Sherm played video and or computer games while my sister and I surfed the net in the kitchen on my laptop(way cool again)

Dinner was pizza and calzones... calzones for Mikey and I and pizza for Sherm and my sister. My sister and I had gone to the store in the afternoon yeaterday and bought all kinda of snack type foods and the makings for dinner... we only got into the dinner makings. We have a ton of snack makings here... guess I better dig into something and lay out some food so it doesn't go to waste. So it can go to waist instead! lol (ok that was bad)

Laundry is about to crawl out the rafters too... guess I better get busy and start something other than playing on my laptop (coolness! hehe :)
Happy New Year everyone!


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