Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Holy robin(?) batman!

Can it be? I think it is! *blink* *get closer to the window.. move the curtain more* I squinted my eyes.The sun isn't fully up yet and this is the time of day that almost seems the darkest.I cupped my hand around my eyes to block the light from the room and I put them up agianst the window. Yes it was... one, two, three, four? yes! it was 4 of them! Four robins in my neighbors front yard! Still not believing what I think I saw, I watched them for a few minutes longer. Emma across the street came out to get her paper and she must have thought I was nuts standing in my window the way I was. The robins heard something and darted up into a near-by tree. Then back to the ground again. It was then that I truely knew they were robins for sure. That fast fast walk they do without moving their heads. Almost a run and then that hop as they take flight again. Yep, they are robins for sure. But aren't robins suppose to go South for the winter? A good 90% of the winter we don't see grass. What do they eat if the ground is covered with snow? Well that just got me to thinking. I'm not sure I really know where robins go in the winter or what they eat besides worms. So off to google I went and this is what I found out.

Some robins stay in central New York all winter! Read the story here.

To sum it up... as long as a robin can find a constant source of food they will stay put in the winter. Robins also eat berries not just worms. There are woods across the street from my house that are full of berry bushes, there is a running stream and a good amount of uncovered ground. Who'd-a-thunk!

Pardon the look of this blog throughout the day... I'm going to be messing with some new colors and maybe I'll be trying out a background image for something new. It's time for a change and I simply can not stand that blury header image any longer!

Laters Dudes and Dudettes!


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